Diet for escherichiosis

The diet that is used to prevent escherichiosis is number 4. It is prescribed for acute and chronic diseases of the intestine during a period of exacerbation of the disease, accompanied by severe diarrhea and marked dyspepsia.

The diet is aimed at limiting the amount of fat consumed, lowering carbohydrates to the lower limit of the physiological norm, but at the same time the norm of the consumed protein remains. Along with this, the dose of salt intake decreases, as well as chemical and mechanical pathogens of the mucous membrane of the receptor apparatus of the gastrointestinal tract. From the diet completely exclude foods and ready meals that can enhance the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestines. In addition, those products that contribute to stimulation of bile secretion, gastric and pancreatic secretion, and those substances that are capable of irritating the liver are subject to removal from the ration.

Energy value: approximately 2000 Kcal

carbohydrates – 250 g

Fluid: 1,5-2 liters

Table salt: 6-8 g

Weight of daily ration: 3 kg. The temperature of cold dishes should not be less than 15 ° C, and hot dishes – about 57-62 ° C.

With this diet, cooking takes place by steaming or by boiling. Dishes in this diet should have a consistency of liquid, semi-liquid or wiped.

With such a diet, they feed from 5 to 6 once a day.

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Dishes and Foods in the Treatment of Escherichia Diet

You can drink tea without adding milk, but you can drink cocoa with the addition of a small amount of milk. It is not forbidden to drink juices made from fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, while the juices must be warm and, preferably, half diluted with tea or water. You can make a decoction of wheat bran or hips.

Bread should be wheat, yesterday's baking, you can eat cookies and buns and white breadcrumbs. Milk and dairy products should be present in the diet. These include acidophilus milk, freshly prepared and low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, a small amount of sour cream as a dressing and a mild cheese without spices. The oil content in the dishes should not be more than 5 g, the oil should be olive, creamy or melted. Eggs should not be excluded from the diet, but not more than one egg per day. It can be cooked soft-boiled or eaten as an omelet, but you can simply add it to different dishes.

You can cook soups, broth for soup should be low-fat – cooked on low-fat meat or fish. In the soup, add boiled cereals, semolina or rice, grated boiled meat or home-made noodles.

Meat, namely low-fat veal, beef or fish, should be boiled or cooked for a couple, then skipped in a meat grinder. You can fry, but not much and without using breadcrumbs for breading. From meat and fish you can cook homemade pate, it is allowed to prepare various dishes from minced meat.

Morning can begin with porridge. But here there are features. Rice, oatmeal and buckwheat groats can only be used. They must be in the garbled form. Cook them on water or low-fat broth. Of these cereals, you can cook not only cereals, but also baked puddings and patties without crust. Not prohibited and pasta.

In any diet should be vegetables. This is also the case with this diet. You can eat all sorts of vegetables, but only in the prepared form. From vegetables do cutlets, but without crust, puddings and mashed potatoes. Young pumpkins, zucchini and cauliflower can be boiled or stewed. In any of the listed dishes you can add finely chopped greens.

From mushrooms and fruits prepare mousses, jams, jellies, jelly and mashed potatoes.

If you are a sweet tooth, then you can eat sugar and sweets, but there must also be a measure: do not overeat.

Dishes and foods prohibited in the treatment of escherichiosis by diet

It is forbidden to eat different kinds of fatty meat, fish and sausages. This list is also supplemented with canned meat and fish. You can not eat all kinds of smoked products, marinades and pickles. Strangely enough, but raw vegetables and fruits are also not recommended. All mushrooms and leguminous crops are also prohibited.

Forbidden irritants of the mucous membrane, they include horseradish, pepper, mustard, carbonated drinks. Of cereals do not eat pearl, millet and barley. It is forbidden to drink cold drinks, as well as coffee with milk and ice cream, chocolate and various sweets with the addition of cream, baking from warm or dough.

Escherichiosis is caused by so-called diarrhea serovars. The disease belongs to the class of acute infectious diseases, which are transmitted by the fecal-oral mechanism. The disease manifests a general intoxication of the body, fever, inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, diarrhea.

In folk medicine, there are such recipes that can calm pain and cramps in the abdomen, and also contribute to the cessation of diarrhea. They include a decoction of marshweed. To do this, brew in 150 g of boiling water, one tablespoon of this herb.

Enteroinvasive escherichiosis is most common in children under the age of three. Among all varieties of escherichosis, the clinic of enteroinvasive escherichiosis has been studied most fully. A feature of such an escherichiosis is that it is able to penetrate the epitheliocytes of the large intestine, and there it is.

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