Diet for fatty liver hepatosis

What is fatty hepatosis? This is a serious dystrophic liver disease, in which working tissue of the organ dies, and the liver begins to cope badly with its functions. The malaise develops against the background of alcoholism, obesity, severe poisoning, endocrine diseases and diabetes.

Principles of a diet at a fatty hepatosis

It is important to stabilize the patient's condition, work on eliminating the cause of the disease, provide medicinal support, change the norms and diet, and observe the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

What diet for fatty liver hepatosis is necessary for the patient? The first task is to unload the liver, create favorable conditions for its functioning, stimulate the production of bile, and follow the dietary table №5. This diet is high in proteins and other lyotropic substances.

One of the best sources of protein invariably remain dishes from dietary (low-fat) turkey and chicken, young veal and rabbit, sea or river fish, as well as low-fat cottage cheese.

It is worth taking into account the usefulness of low-fat varieties of cheeses, to drink non-fat milk and yogurt. However, the most valuable protein is the egg white protein, due to the fact that it completely disappears into the human body without any damage to it. While the body has received a significant portion of protein, it begins to function more efficiently and remove water and harmful toxins, as a result of which the restoration of liver function takes place.

Diet for fatty liver hepatosis – an approximate one day menu

Two hard-boiled eggs, 200g skim (no more than 5%) cottage cheese.

  • Dinner:

    300g boiled chicken without skin. A glass of kefir with a low percentage.

  • Afternoon snack:

    250g skim yogurt. After 15 minutes 1 the average grapefruit.

  • Dinner:

    150g grated carrot without sugar and sweeteners. 200 of cottage cheese.

  • The essence of a diet with fatty hepatosis has several rules:

    1. Full ban on alcohol.
    2. Fat in the diet is no more than 20%.
    3. Not less than 100 g of proteins.
    4. Two-thirds of proteins of animal origin.
    5. Fractional power.
    6. Reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and preservatives.

    It is important to drink at least a liter of free liquid per day. Brew herbal teas and decoctions, strengthen the immune system, tone up the body.

    In the treatment of fatty liver hepatosis, the diet should contain useful and varied dishes.

    The first recipe: rice with vegetables. In a pan with a high bottom place the washed rice, pour water on one part of the cereal three parts of the liquid, add a little salt and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. When the rice is half welded, place frozen vegetables, corn, peas, carrots, beans in the container. The dish is ready.

    The second recipe: steam fish. Lay the peeled peeled peeled fish, salt, pour lemon, add greens.

    The third recipe: baked meat. Prepared pork or turkey meat rubbed with a mixture of herbs and bake in the oven for one hour. The dish is perfectly suitable for vegetables – eggplants, potatoes, zucchini, carrots. You can also make sour cream sauce low fat.

    Thanks to this diet, you can improve the appearance, part with several kilograms, improve the body and most importantly – reduce the symptoms of the disease and restore the liver.


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