Diet for Gallbladder disease

Diet with gallbladder disease is based on the exclusion from the patient’s menu of all irritating mucous membranes and slowing the withdrawal of bile from the body of foods.

Diet involves the rejection of many products

You will have to give up a lot, but you must agree that health is worth it. The most common disease of the gallbladder is cholecystitis, and it can occur because of cholelithiasis, which develops due to dyskinesia (motor disorders in the gallbladder).

Diet in diseases of the gallbladder. What can you eat, and what products should you refuse?

Radish is contraindicated in case of disease

Diet for diseases of the gallbladder is prescribed by a doctor in conjunction with effective medicines. The main rule of such a diet is that food should enter the stomach to the patient evenly in small portions. Weight portions, which can be eaten at a time, should be no more than 300-350 grams. It is necessary to adhere to the diet for at least six months.

Preference is given to protein foods and foods with a low fat content.

But fat should be plant, not animal. Too carbohydrate foods should be excluded from their diet, because carbohydrates slow the outflow of bile from the gallbladder. A diet for pain in the gallbladder is prescribed for cholecystitis and for cholelithiasis. It is able to reduce pain and improve the motor skills in the bladder and with dyskinesia. And it is based on products that have a powerful choleretic effect.

Here what products can be eaten at disease of a cholic bubble:

  1. milk, it has a good choleretic effect;
  2. sour cream;
  3. chicken eggs boiled soft-boiled;
  4. any cabbage;
  5. fresh fruits;
  6. from vegetables it is necessary to give preference to beets, carrots and cucumbers;
  7. from berries it is better to choose a strawberry.

What you can not eat with gallbladder disease

  1. Soups cooked on meat, fish or mushroom broth;
  2. pepper;
  3. horseradish;
  4. radish;
  5. radish;
  6. sorrel;
  7. smoked products;
  8. salty meals;
  9. ice cream;
  10. soda;
  11. bread from rye flour;
  12. beans;
  13. nuts;
  14. chocolate;
  15. cocoa;
  16. coffee;
  17. confectionery.

Sample menu for a day for a diet with gallbladder pain

Based on the list of allowed products, we want to offer you an approximate nutrition plan that is designed for one day. You can stick to it daily or if you want to make a variety in your menu, you can cook some interesting dish on the basis of the “white” list of products.

But remember that the portions you should be small, and food intake should occur every 2-3 hours.

What to eat for breakfast? In the morning we offer you to eat cottage cheese, as well as oatmeal without milk on vegetable oil. And you can quench your thirst with herbal decoction.

He must have a choleretic effect. Of the herbs, the most suitable for this drink are calendula and elecampane. You can drink also the juice from blueberries, diluted with water, it is also able to strengthen the passage of bile.

In a break between breakfast and lunch, you can chew apples and carrots.

At lunch, eat a soup, cooked with vegetables and with the addition of vegetable oil. And also you can boil a chicken or beef. If you prefer a fish, you can cook it for a couple or boil it.

For an afternoon snack, you can afford to drink a decoction of rose hips and eat fresh fruits or vegetables. The latter should be chosen precisely those that have the greatest choleretic effect. The most powerful of them in this sense are cabbage, carrots and lemons with oranges.

In the evening for dinner, cook for yourself a boiled fish with buckwheat porridge or mashed potatoes on milk. Drink can also be a decoction of cholagogue grass.

If you are attacked by hunger late at night, then do not refuse the body in food – drink a glass of kefir.

This menu for a diet with gallbladder disease will make you feel great, even though there is a disease of the bile duct or gallbladder (cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, etc.). You need to start treatment at its earliest stage, then you will not have to use the services of a surgeon, and your gallbladder will remain unscathed.

So you got acquainted with the diet in case of gallbladder disease. We wish you as soon as possible to get rid of the disease of your bile excretory organ, no matter how heavy it may be. Be healthy and do not forget that health is the most valuable thing in your life!


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