Diet for gastritis with low acidity. Foods to eat and avoid

Over the past dozens of years, gastritis, along with the ulcer, occupies a leading position among diseases that affect the functioning of the digestive tract. The known types of gastritis can be treated only if all the recommendations of endocrinologists, nutritionists, and therapists are observed. The article will deal with the elimination of symptoms of gastritis with low acidity. The main danger of acidity is the violation of the production of enzymes. This leads to poor digestibility of food. This form of the disease is dangerous complications, sometimes leading to gastric cancer. Diet for gastritis with a low acidity will be revealed in the text in detail.

The causes of low acidity:

  • Use of hot dishes, alcohol;
  • Chronic inflammation of the stomach;
  • Eating difficult to digest food.

What products can be used at low acidity

The variety of the disease requires special attention from patients. The disease requires careful and individual treatment. Patients should clearly understand that if the recommendations of endocrinologists and nutritionists are not respected, the chances of getting complications in the form of cancer, other serious pathologies increase tens of times.

An exemplary treatment algorithm:

  • Determination of methods aimed at eliminating the symptoms of reduced acid.
  • Application of stimulant therapy.
  • The appointment of antibiotics, other medications to relieve inflammation and activate the protective mechanisms of the stomach.
  • Diet, the purpose of which is the elimination of gastritis with a decreased acidity.

Diet with gastric acid with low acidity plays a decisive role in the treatment process. By observing the regime, it will be possible to improve the patient’s condition much.

Low acid content provides therapy, the goal is to resume secretory function.

The diet includes products:

  • vegetables fruits;
  • lean meat products;
  • lean fish products;
  • natural juices from sour fruit varieties;
  • coffee of low concentration.

Initially, gastric acid therapy with reduced acidity is aimed at eliminating pathology in inflammation of the mucosa. Then it is desirable to direct the methods of treatment to stimulate the secretory function of the stomach.

Principles of diet:

  1. The food is served warm, not hot.
  2. It’s better if the food is cooked or cooked for a couple.
  3. Food is better slightly nedosalivat than transplant.

The diet includes various soups, and are prepared on a weak broth, cereals, pasta, steam cutlets and fish. Fresh bread is best replaced with breadcrumbs or bread of yesterday’s baking.

From drinks juices, compotes, jelly, prepared on the basis of sour varieties of berries and fruits are recommended. It is useful to drink cocoa, where you add a spoonful of milk, and not strong coffee. The daily norm of coffee does not exceed a cup.

Judging by the listed food, the impression is created that the diet of a patient with gastritis does not contain any restrictions. Visibility is wrong. A list of unwanted products is provided.

What can not be used with this form of gastritis:

  • It is extremely undesirable to take a fresh baking, leading to excessive fermentation in the stomach.
  • Meat, canned fish of any quality.
  • Any grapes.
  • Fatty yogurt and sour cream.
  • Vegetables with a lot of fiber.
  • Berries with thick skin.
  • Bread is coarse.
  • Spicy spices, for example, any kinds of pepper.

If you do not follow the recommendations, the acid will go down more strongly. Excluding these types of products from the diet, you can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

What diet is provided at low acidity

Nutrition for gastritis with a low acidity consists of a diet that will provide the body with the right ingredients, without damaging the stomach and intestinal mucosa.

For more information on food restrictions:

  • Bread – yesterday’s baking from wheat flour.
  • From meat to give preference to gentle varieties – veal, rabbit meat. Grades are prepared by slices, previously rid of skin and tendons. Fillet, low-fat pork, beef for digestion can be processed into minced meat.
  • It is permissible to fry lean types of fish, not deep-fried.
  • Eggs cooked soft-boiled are allowed. Before using steep eggs, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • From dairy products are allowed all.
  • Soups are prepared on the basis of broths of “moderate fortress”.
  • Cereals are prepared on water, broth, milk. In individual cases, the use of crumbly porridges is allowed.
  • Vegetables filled with fiber are ground with a blender. Method of cooking vegetables – boiling, stewing, baking. Particularly useful are: potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, fresh herbs. But the greens before consumption should be crushed well.
  • Of fruits, bananas and pears are valuable for the table. The rest of the fruit and berries are better to wipe on grater. Apples should be baked in the oven or cooked compote.
  • Desserts are suitable for jujube, mousse, honey, jelly, jam and jams.
  • It is allowed to drink different drinks, except for carbonated drinks.

Among the prohibited products – smoked products, fresh pastries, pearl barley and millet porridge, beans.

Mustard and horseradish, fatty sauces should be excluded from the diet. It is better to refuse animal fats. From berries that have a rough skin, it is also better to refuse, for example, from gooseberry.

Salad of sliced ​​fruit can injure the mucous. But the salad of baked apples with the addition of honey will be beneficial. Sharp cheese will cause harm to health, it is required to replace with a gentle cream cheese, which is easy to smear on bread.

If you use certain products, monitor your body’s reaction. If the stomach reacts painfully to a specific product, exclude the irritant from the diet.

  1. On the first day for breakfast, cook pudding with semolina, tea with cheese and honey. Between breakfast and lunch, eat a banana. Lunch contains soup, baked fish, boiled rice. For dinner – curd casserole, herbal tea. Shortly before sleep – to drink kefir.
  2. Breakfast of the second day can consist of mashed potatoes, herring, bread, butter, tea. Snack – compote. Lunch – soup, baked potato with meat, tomato juice. Dinner includes lazy curd vareniki, sour cream, tea. Before you go to sleep, you can eat a baked apple with honey.
  3. Breakfast of the third day consists of rice and apple casserole and cocoa with milk. Snack – a jelly from blueberry berries. Lunch: soup, cooked on a weak broth, cutlets from meat with vermicelli, berry compote. Dinner includes boiled potatoes with baked low-fat fish, cocoa. At night – drink curdled milk.
  4. The Thursday breakfast menu consists of pasta with cheese, low-fat ham, coffee with milk. Between breakfast and lunch it is shown to eat a baked apple. Lunch contains rice soup, buckwheat porridge with bitlets. On the third you can drink jelly. Dine with fried fish and mashed potatoes. To drink with compote. At night, according to tradition, we drink curdled milk.
  5. On Friday for breakfast prepare mannish pudding, bread, buttered and tea. Between breakfast and lunch you can eat a banana. For lunch, eat soup with shredded vegetables, for example, cauliflower and carrots. On the second – mashed potatoes, steamed meatballs, steamed. On the third you can drink compote. You can have supper with a vegetable stew. For dessert – marshmallows and tea. Before they fall asleep, they traditionally drink kefir.
  6. On Saturday for breakfast you can make pancakes with cottage cheese. From drinks – coffee or tea. Between breakfast and lunch – a banana. For dinner – beetroot soup with sour cream, mashed potatoes with boiled sausage, tea. For supper – cabbage rolls, tea with crackers.
  7. A breakfast of the seventh day of a diet can consist of a liquid porridge, for example porridge, eggs, boiled soft-boiled, cheese, tea. Between breakfast and lunch, have a bite of mousse or smoothies. For lunch, eat vermicelli soup, baked chicken in sour cream. The third – jelly. Dine with rice and boiled meat. For dessert there are two marmalade with black tea. Before we fall asleep, we drink kefir.


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