Diet for giardiasis

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Giardiasis is a parasitic invasion caused by the same microorganisms. This is a fairly common and well-studied disease, but getting rid of it sometimes is not as easy as it seems. However, do not immediately panic to buy all the drugs in the pharmacy, because it can be very detrimental to your health. Diet for giardiasis is of great importance, so it should not be neglected.

The lamblias can be worn as pets (cats, rodents, dogs), as well as household items of the patient with a human lambliosis. It is often possible to meet these dangerous parasites in various urban water bodies, and even in tap water, which some people drink directly from the tap. It is impossible to fully protect against Giardiasis, even if you will always strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene.

The most difficult lambliasis is tolerated by children and adults with weakened immunity. In this case, the disease will be accompanied by vomiting, fever and diarrhea. If you start a timely correct treatment, then recovery is guaranteed in a week.

The main symptoms of giardiasis in adults are irritability, dizziness, sleep disturbance, fatigue, and serious abnormalities of the digestive tract (constipation, diarrhea, bloating). Since all these symptoms can be attributed to a variety of other intestinal diseases, the feces are analyzed, which immediately shows the presence of lamblia in the intestine.

When treating Giardia, you can not give up prescribed medications, but you can not do without a diet. The fact is that lamblia has a peculiar gastronomic predilection. For a comfortable existence they need simple carbohydrates. If you refuse sugar and sweet foods for the period of treatment, this will lead to the fact that parasites will no longer have favorable conditions for reproduction, and as a consequence, the disease will be defeated much faster and easier.

What is it worth to give up with giardiasis?

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First of all, it is necessary to refuse any flour products, that is from bread, pasta and any baking. Also you will have to refrain from eating sweets. Even natural honey will be forbidden for some time. If you want to follow the diet carefully, then you should give up all sweet fruits, for example, from melons or bananas.

Milk is rich in lactose, so it should also be removed about a week from your diet. If you are a fan of semi-finished products, they also have to be excluded for the duration of the diet, since almost all the semi-finished products include starch, which is so loved by Giardia.

In order to reduce the significant irritation of the digestive tract, you should exclude from your daily diet various canned foods, as well as smoked, fried, salted and pickled dishes. For soda, fast food and spicy dishes, too, is taboo. If beans cause you flatulence, then they should also be abandoned, based on the fact that they will not bring much benefit to your gastrointestinal tract either.

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Acidic environment is extremely unfavorable for the development of lamblia, so in your diet must be sour-milk products. Drink more compotes and fruit drinks without sugar, which are made from sour fruits and vegetables. In addition, in its raw form, fruits and berries are also mandatory, as they significantly increase acidity in the stomach and help to cope with Giardia much more quickly.

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Use stewed vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and carrots. They will also be very useful for giardiasis. There are no restrictions on the use of acidic fruits (lemons, kiwi, oranges, sour apples). If you are a lover of berries, you can safely eat berries such as cherry, viburnum, blackberries, red currants, blueberries and cranberries. If you can not live without the sweet, then consult a doctor to advise you a modern sweetener without carbohydrates.

It should be noted that you can eat lean fish in boiled form daily, as well as low-fat meat, different types of cottage cheese (not sweet), cheeses and natural yoghurts. Porridges that are cooked on the water are very useful for patients with Giardiasis. However, remember that they too must be completely sugar-free.

Eat with such a diet you need 4-6 once a day, but in small enough portions. In advance, indicate at what hours you will be eating. Such a diet perfectly normalizes the intestinal microflora, which is an important factor for a quick recovery. Since giardiasis is very often accompanied by a dysbacteriosis, such a diet will be very useful for your overall well-being. This diet should be observed during 3-5 months, gradually changing to the usual menu.

Also do not forget about the rules of hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly before meals and always before each preparation. All foods must be washed and subsequently heat treated. It is advisable to purchase a water filter to protect yourself against repeated infection with Giardiasis.

If you have someone at home with a lambliasis, then be sure to clean all household items so that none of the other members of your family are infected.

Author of the article: Danilova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna, infectious disease doctor, specially for the site

Giardiasis is an invasive disease caused by protozoal parasites and characterized by the defeat of the small intestine. The main manifestations of Giardiasis are allergic and pathological neurological reactions. The causative agent of giardiasis is the simplest flagellate microorganism – lamblia (Giardia).

Giardiasis refers to parasitic infections. Its causative agent is a parasite of the genus flagellates from the family of protozoa. Infection with Giardia is often found in children with a decreased immune status, beginning with the age of newborns, as well as in adults. The parasite carries out its vital activity mainly in the small intestine.

Any signs of the presence of giardiasis in the body (cysts, antigens to them in the feces of the patient, vegetative forms) are indications for the beginning of therapy of this disease. It begins even in the absence of negative symptoms. Treatment of giardiasis is carried out only by a specialist, since the medicines used are high.

Many people are sure that if at least once there is infection with Giardia, then get rid of them in the future is almost impossible. However, doctors say that lambliasis should be treated, but the effect of competent therapy will not keep you waiting. There are drugs that quickly rid the human body of these parasites.

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