Diet for giardiasis

Giardiasis is a parasitic disease, the causes of which can become both domestic animals, objects of use of the vector of infection. It is impossible to fully protect yourself from this disease, even if you strictly observe all the rules of hygiene.

The treatment of this disease in children is difficult, there is vomiting, fever, diarrhea. But with proper treatment, recovery is guaranteed in a short time.

Diet in the treatment of Giardiasis

It is important to remove from the diet products that create a favorable environment for the dwelling of parasites. It:

  • sweet and bakery products;
  • spicy, smoked, pickled and fatty foods;
  • sausages and pasta of all sorts;
  • sweet fruit;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • vegetables – radish, onion, horseradish, radish and garlic.
  • sour fruits and berries;
  • rice;
  • vegetables – zucchini, carrots, cucumbers;
  • porridge on the water;
  • secondary broths and soups.

Diet in the treatment of giardiasis in children

In order to avoid allergens, you need to abandon berries and citrus fruits, for infants breast milk is changed to artificial. For older age it is possible to prepare porridges and flat cakes from corn or rice, introduce into the diet poultry meat, kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk, fresh compotes and fruit drinks.

The allowed products can be combined with each other, making puree from a green apple and cottage cheese, pancakes from corn flour, a pear and chicken meat salad. Such a diet for giardiasis in children can last up to 90 days, the menu completely excludes carbonated drinks, marinades, condiments, spices, and the dishes are steamed or stewed, without the addition of fat.

What is the most effective diet for liver lambliasis?

First of all, it is necessary to abandon flour products, as well as sweets and confectionery. Even natural honey is included in the list of banned products. Milk should be removed from the diet for a week, as well as semi-finished products and all products that contain starch.

To reduce irritation of the intestinal wall, we exclude the use of spicy dishes, fastfoods, fatty fish, smoked foods and pickled dishes. It is useful to eat vegetables in stews, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beetroot.

Diet for the lambliasis menu

Eat 4-6 once a day in small portions, for breakfast you can make rice porridge with unsweetened fruit, then grab some cottage cheese, cook vegetables for dinner, boil poultry, make a salad of cucumbers and coats, fill with lemon juice. For dinner, cook puree from apple and cottage cheese, a few corn fritters, fresh compote. Before going to bed, drink a low-fat kefir.

Results of the diet with giardiasis

  • improves the patient's well-being;
  • cleanses the body of harmful radicals;
  • the level of intoxication of internal organs decreases.

For the prevention of disease recommended to adhere to the basic rules of hygiene:

Regularly wash your hands, do not eat raw unwashed vegetables and fruits, change clothes and clean in a room, drink clean boiled water. You can buy a filter for water, in order to protect yourself from re-infection. More rest in the fresh air, play sports, avoid stressful situations and strengthen the immune system at any time of the year.

Take care of yourself and be well! Clean hands – the guarantee of perfect well-being!

Video about giardiasis

Video about the diet with giardiasis

Reviews of the diet for giardiasis

Diet with giardiasis . Even the word is something terrible. Conclusion: you have to be careful with pets, and street parties in general to avoid.

But if you read the menu and allowed products, then nothing essentially different from the usual diets. You can not have fizzy, flour, fried, smoked – directly the basis of a healthy diet. Yes, and now the season of vegetables and fruits is something that can and should be even on this diet.

A couple of years ago, I was sick with this disease. If not for this diet, I do not know who would be now. When I went to the doctor (I did not know what exactly I had), he told me about this disease. At first I was shocked !! HOW could I get it through my pet? Fortunately, he said that the curable does not happen and advised this article. I immediately forgot about all the forbidden products (of course from the sweet it was hard to refuse). But soon I began to feel the result of + -4 kilograms per week !! I was very happy, but on this I did not stop and extended the diet for another couple of weeks. The article really helped. Thank you so much!

Girls! I never thought that I could get such a nasty sore! The doctor told me that giardiasis can be obtained even after a bath in the river. I prescribed a long list of medicines. And I on the Internet also found this article. Diet with giardiasis. It will not be worse, thought. Before that I sat on a fruit diet. In short, for a couple of weeks-5 kg, the skin has become much better looking, has become more velvety and the color has changed. Plus the intestine has become much better to work with. The tests showed "clean", the scales showed -8 kg. This is exactly what I wanted. Even my husband noticed the change.

Instead of poisoning with pills, you can try to adhere to a diet for giardiasis. When I was little, I had such a problem, I did not think that adults could have a lambliasis, but tests showed that they could ((But I decided to resort to such a diet, especially since I did not follow food at all recently. Days through 10 began to feel better, and then the problem itself was gone 🙂 Be beautiful and healthy!))

I personally felt very bad after the Albendazole type tablets. constantly nauseated, that's why I stopped taking pills and started using Biomedis. I set it up against all parasites and it struck me that I gained weight, although I could not even gain a kilogram earlier.


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