Diet for gout feet. The right menu

Gout is a rare joint disease, in which there is a buildup of uric acid in the joint tissues. It is accompanied by pain syndrome, edema of soft tissues and an increase in their temperature (by touch, the skin above the inflamed joint can be much higher than the temperature of the entire body).

In the treatment of gout, it is very important to observe the diet correctly. Absolutely all meals must occur at the same time at regular intervals. In this case, you need to eat this way throughout your life, and not just in moments of exacerbation of the disease.

A patient with gout should carefully consider his diet, while the number of basic meals should not be less than 4-5 times. To eat should be small portions. Overeating is not permissible, but it is also not necessary to limit your body to nutritional elements.

Remember that extra pounds negatively affect your health. However, a sharp decrease in weight is also very dangerous. Therefore, the process of weight loss with gout should occur gradually.

Once again, we recall that a diet for gout is not a temporary measure, but a lifestyle that aims at normalizing health.

The first thing a patient with such a disease should reduce the amount of consumption of food, with the content of purines, and it is better to exclude them altogether. These substances are involved in the synthesis of uric acid, the accumulation of which leads to an inflammatory process in the joints.

If a healthy person has a daily intake of purines of 700-800 mg, then in a gouty patient this amount should not exceed 150 mg. Foods with high purine content include:

In all these foods contain a lot of purines, so when developing gout from them it is better to abandon forever. However, it should be noted that purines, which are contained in cocoa, coffee and black tea do not provoke active production of uric acid. But they have a diuretic effect, releasing all the moisture from the cells, thereby increasing the amount of uric acid in them.

With gout you can drink sweet compotes. Only sweeten them followed by ordinary sugar, and not honey. The latter with this disease is contraindicated, since it contains oxalic acid, which can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

The therapeutic diet for gout leg also prohibits the use of salty and spicy food. Also, once and for all, give up drinks that contain alcohol. They have a very high content of purines, but in addition they also lead to dehydration of cells of the body and its intoxication. Therefore, it is impossible to combine alcohol and gout, even in very small quantities.

With gout, you should eat foods with a low purine content, but “rich” with nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc.).

It is believed that when gout is most useful foods that are high in fiber. They contribute to the normalization of the digestive tract and the weight of the patient. Such products include various cereals, wholemeal flour products, bread and muesli.

Vegetables, fruits and nuts should be the main part of the patient’s diet. After all, they contain not only vitamins and minerals, but also antioxidants, which contribute to strengthening the defenses of the body and help it resist various negative factors.

In addition, with this disease, green is also useful (only sorrel is forbidden). It should also be consumed in large quantities. In the diet of the patient, food products such as:

All these products contain an insignificant amount of purines, but fiber, vitamins and other substances necessary for the body are very numerous.

What can I eat with exacerbation of gout and remission phase?

At times of exacerbation of the disease, it is required to completely abandon meat and fish dishes. In such periods it is useful to arrange unloading days. It is necessary to completely abandon food products and replace them with liquid food, for example, juices, kissel, water or alkaline mineral water.

When the patient’s condition is normal, meat and fish may appear in his diet. Only they must be necessarily dietary. You can eat:

  • turkey fillet;
  • fillet of chicken;
  • rabbit (with gout it is better to use the tibia of this animal).

In addition, cheese and cottage cheese are also allowed, since they also contain a minimal amount of purines. On the patient’s table, eggs must be placed daily. Their protein generally does not contain purines, but the yolk is very small. Eat eggs better in boiled form.

However, the most useful for gout are tomatoes. They contribute to reducing pain syndrome and saturating the body with various vitamins and minerals. At the same time they have low calorie content and are great for weight loss.

Classic diet for gout legs

There are many diets, the observance of which is prescribed in the treatment of gout. All of them are aimed primarily at eliminating excess weight and providing the body with all the necessary substances.

The most popular diet for gout is classic. It is easily executable and has a few simple rules:

The use of protein foods should be limited (meat, fish, beans, etc.). At the same time, a large part should be accounted for a vegetable protein.

It is required to limit the consumption of refractory fats (they are found in lamb, pork, beef).

The diet should contain vegetable oils and melted cream.

Do not eat foods containing oxalic acid.

It is forbidden to eat mushroom, meat and fish broths.

Reduce daily intake of salt until 1

In the absence of pathological processes in the heart and kidneys, it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of ordinary drinking water per day.

This diet for gout allows eating their soy foods, for example, tofu cheese. It is soy helps to remove uric acid from the body. Therefore, its daily use is considered simply a necessity.

You can also eat garlic, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, and also lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood.


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