Diet for hair: the best solution to grow gorgeous hair!

Our appearance depends on how we eat. After all, along with food, useful and not very useful substances penetrate into our body, which are absorbed by it and distributed to all organs and tissues in equal parts.

Naturally, if the body receives only useful substances, then it will work better, and this will contribute not only to good health and the appearance of an excellent mood, but also to the improvement of skin and hair. Therefore, if you dream of a dense and attractive view of the surrounding head of hair, you need to adhere to a special diet that excludes from the diet all harmful.

What is good for hair?

Human hair on 90% consists of protein. But this does not mean that we must give up all food and lean only on those in which it is contained in huge quantities. Not at all. After all, the hair also contains other elements. Let them not so much, but they play an important role in their formation and growth.

Therefore, if you dream of a thick head of hair, a hair diet will help you realize your dream. It involves a rational and balanced diet, which takes into account all the needs of the body.

Hair Diet: what is it?

You probably will be surprised, but there is no special diet for hair. There is a diet that helps improve the functionality of the body and all its internal organs. As soon as they start working for all 100%, the result will not take long. And what is needed for this? That's right, a balanced diet.

But before starting to improve the body, it is required to exclude from the diet harmful foods that contain substances that negatively affect the health status in general. This is fast food, the oil on which they are made is probably not the freshest, and as is known, during frying it starts to produce enzymes that contribute to the formation of blood clots in the vessels. And imagine, when the oil was used more than once, but two, or even three times? Can you imagine how many of these enzymes are there?

Therefore, fast food should be banned not only during the maintenance of the diet, but throughout your life. In addition, this food helps to increase body weight. This is another reason to abandon it.

Fatty and fried dishes – giving up completely from them is difficult, but here you can still reduce the amount of their consumption to a minimum. To eat them is allowed 1 once a week and only in small portions.

Carbonated drinks and alcohol also do not have a very good effect on the hair condition (contribute to their cross-section and fragility), so they are also recommended to refuse.

And still it is necessary to reduce the amount of consumed fats of animal origin. They generally negatively affect the body, worsening the work of the liver, pancreas and many other organs.

But vegetable food is what is needed for the normal functioning of the body. It is not necessary to completely refuse meat. Simply follows it is 1-2 times a week or simply replace it with dietary (chicken fillet, turkey, lean beef, rabbit, etc.).

However, unlike animal fats, vegetable fats are better absorbed, and therefore better affect the condition of the body and hair. In addition, cereals, vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, without which the body simply can not exist.

In addition, the deficiency of these elements leads to the fact that the condition of the hair deteriorates sharply. After all, when there is a shortage of them, the body tries to saturate them with vitally important organs (heart, liver, lungs, etc.), but, unfortunately, hair does not get any more.

Particularly badly damaged locks in people who regularly "sit" on a variety of strict diets that exclude the consumption of most foods. With their maintenance, the hair also begins to lose weight, like the human body. They become thinner, become dull and lifeless.

Diet with hair loss will help fix the current situation. After all, it involves the consumption of a large number of vegetables and fruits, resulting in minerals and vitamins will suffice for the entire body "from the crown to the toe."

Products useful for hair

There are special foods that allow hair to restore its former beauty and strength. It:

All these foods simply need to be included in the diet of a person who wants to have a chic hair. Here for example salmon – this fish is rich in valuable elements – fatty acids and omega-3. They are just needed to restore hair and maintain their beauty.

And in vegetables, dark green colors are excellent sources of vitamin A and C, which are involved in all metabolic processes occurring in our body. Including the allocation of sebum, which is a kind of conditioner for the hair – prevents their dryness and brittleness. In addition, these vegetables contain a lot of iron and calcium. And they are also necessary to maintain the beauty of the hair.

Nuts contain a huge amount of selenium, alpha-linoleic acid, omega-3, fatty acids and many other equally important elements. They all contribute to excellent scalp health and hair growth. However, nuts are very high in calories, so if you do not want to add a few pounds in weight, do not overdo it.

But the beans, as well as all other legumes, contain a lot of protein, which contributes to the rapid growth of hair. The same goes for eggs, but in addition to protein, they still contain a lot of vitamin B-12, which is the main beauty of curls.

Whole grains have in their composition a lot of zinc, iron and copper. But dairy products are an excellent source of calcium and protein. Among other things, they are often used to prepare various cosmetic masks.

Oysters are a source of zinc, which is a powerful tool that allows you to maintain the beauty of your hair. If you can not eat oysters, do not despair, they can easily be replaced with lamb or beef. According to the content of zinc, they are equal, but that's only the caloric content of the latter is very high and can contribute to the appearance of extra kilograms.

But carrots belong to unique products. It helps not only to restore the beauty of hair, but also improves eyesight! And all because it contains a lot of carotene, B vitamins and vitamin A.

Such a diet for beautiful hair will help you in the shortest time to grow chic and thick hair, which will not leave indifferent any person. Therefore, do not over tighten with a power change. The sooner you start to eat properly and include the above products in your diet, the faster you will achieve the desired results.

If the hair even after the diet continues to fall out or is still poorly growing, we advise you to consult a specialist. He will help to identify the cause of this and select for you a special treatment that will help quickly get rid of this problem.


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