Diet for hemorrhoids – how to eat?

Hemorrhoids are a disease that causes a person a lot of unpleasant sensations and arises because of the expansion of the veins of the lower segment of the rectum. Pain, discomfort, difficulties during the act of defecation, bleeding nodes – all this violates the quality of life of the patient, causing suffering, both morally and physiologically.

There is a theory of the relative fact that hemorrhoids develop due to the use of spicy and spicy dishes. This theory is not proven, however, disagree that the nature of food affects the course of the disease is difficult. Observance of a diet with hemorrhoids is a guarantee that the exacerbation of the disease will occur with a lesser degree of probability. Therefore, a proper diet is the prevention of hemorrhoids.

How does nutrition affect the course of the disease?

Incorrectly selected menus, non-observance of the dietary regime become additional trigger factors that affect the exacerbation of the disease. Often patients begin to adhere to dietary nutrition only at a time when there is an exacerbation of the disease. Although the right menu can prevent the very development of the pathological process.

A certain food set, for example, smoked, spicy, spicy dishes, alcohol-containing drinks, will strengthen the venous blood flow to the vessels of the small pelvis. Their systematic overflow naturally overloads the vessels, eventually leading to the formation of hemorrhoids.

Also, an exacerbation of hemorrhoids can occur due to the prevalence of heavy, fatty foods in the menu. Such a diet contributes to a regular delay in the emptying of the intestines, and constipation has a negative effect on the course of the disease. The situation is aggravated by an insufficient drinking regime.

The basic principles of a diet for hemorrhoids, constipation

Uninterrupted bowel functioning. To the intestines worked in the system and did not give failures, he needs products that are of vegetable origin. They contain coarse indigestible fiber, which helps soften the stool and works like a brush, naturally releasing the intestines. The process of emptying is timely and without any difficulties. In this case, if the nodes are already available, they will not be severely injured and cause painful sensations during the act of defecation. In addition, cellulose helps maintain normal intestinal microflora.

Compliance with the drinking regime. The normal flow of fluid into the body provides softening of the stool. Dense feces stay longer in the intestine, and to get rid of it, a person will need to make efforts. In the presence of hemorrhoids, this is strictly prohibited. The more the patient is tied, the higher the load on the walls of the intestine, which means that the risk of traumatizing hemorrhoids is higher. Often, straining leads to a complication of the disease, like an anal fissure. This slows down the healing process, and the therapy makes it more difficult.

The principle of fractional nutrition. If a person will eat at certain hours, then his intestines will eventually get used to the routine and adjust to a given time regime.

Refusal of wheat bran. Wheat bran is a useful product, however, when hemorrhoids should be taken, they should be limited if they contribute to the development of adverse symptoms. Bran can be replaced with dried fruits, but they should be soaked beforehand.

Lactulose preparations can have a positive effect on the functioning of the intestine. They are taken as prescribed by the doctor, and they are often a supplement to dietary nutrition. It can be such means, as: Medulak, Dufalak, Laktusan, Normate, Goodluck.

When hemorrhoids are important, monitoring the hemoglobin level, because due to the limitation of meat products, it is possible to develop iron deficiency anemia. In this case, the intake of iron preparations is necessary.

Permitted products for hemorrhoids

The base of nutrition of the patient with hemorrhoids consists of vegetables, cereals, dried fruit and fresh fruit.

Bread is desirable for eating in a slightly dried form. It is good, if it will be made from a flour of a rough grinding or with inclusion of bran.

Cereal dishes are all kinds of porridge (oatmeal, pearl barley, buckwheat, barley). It is possible to include bran in the menu, but in an amount not exceeding 60 g per day.

Pasta in the menu should not be present often, besides it is necessary to choose those products that are made from hard sorts of grain.

You should enrich your diet with sea kale, which can be added to salads or used as a side dish.

Vegetable dishes should be subjected to gentle treatment, that is, steamed, baked or extinguished. Preference should be given to such vegetables as: beets, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower and broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Dry fruits are also useful – dried apricots and raisins. It is worth using fresh fruit: bananas, plums, apples, apricots, citrus fruits.

Gentle processing should be subjected to all meat and fish dishes, and the products of animal origin should be low-fat varieties.

Daily include in the menu follows sour-milk products.

All vegetable oils (linseed, sunflower, olive) are useful.

In the morning, immediately after awakening, you need to drink a glass of water. Other drinks that the patient can quench his thirst during the day are teas, juices, fruit drinks.

Prohibited products with constipation

With hemorrhoids there is no threat to the life of the patient, but the periods of exacerbation involve the exclusion of the following products from the menu:

Kissels, cocoa and chocolate.

Strong tea, strong coffee.

Fresh pastries, confectionery.

White cabbage, turnip, radish, radish.

Limit should be rice, mango, potatoes.

How to eat after surgery for exacerbation of hemorrhoids and cracks?

Observance of a proper diet with hemorrhoids is a prerequisite, especially after a surgery to remove hemorrhoids. This will minimize the risk of complications and is the prevention of exacerbation of the disease. Its tasks are to normalize the process of digestion and to achieve regular evacuation of the intestine.

In the first day after the operation, the patient should only drink, completely refusing to eat.

The second day after surgery, the following rules are envisioned:

Separation of food intake by 5-6 times.

Exclusion of products that cause excessive gassing and processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestine. This cabbage, turnip, legumes, citrus, carbonated drinks, whole milk drinks, confectionery, black bread.

Under the absolute prohibition of alcohol, marinades, spicy and spicy dishes, products that have been smoked.

It is useful to eat crumbly porridges, on the second you can prepare meat dishes from meat of low-fat varieties. The way of cooking is important, so, products should be baked, boiled, stewed or steamed. Meat should not contain coarse fibers. It should be ground into minced meat and cooked in the form of meatballs, soufflé, etc.

Fry food is prohibited until the patient completely recovered from the operation.

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During the exacerbation of the disease should adhere to a menu that would help delay the stool, as for several days the inflamed areas need to be protected from mechanical irritation. The dietary table under the number 3 is the base for patients suffering from constipation.

Stewed vegetables, soft-boiled egg, dressing from any vegetable oil.

Weak tea (up to 4 glasses per day).

Boiled potatoes with greens and butter.

Lenten borsch, baked meatloaf.

Fish for a couple, vegetables.

Kefir before bedtime.

Oatmeal with butter.

Compote and mors (up to 4 glasses per day)

Vegetable soup, boiled chicken or turkey.

Pate from chicken liver.

Yogurt before bedtime.

Salad of cucumbers with greens.

Omelette steamed with cheese.

Tea (up to 4 glasses per day).

Shchi with sour cream without meat.

Ragout of vegetable, cottage cheese.

Ryazhenka before going to bed.

Approximate menu for one day

Omelette without yolk.

Broth based on meat. The meat itself should be grinded.

Rice with butter boiled.

White bread crumbs.

Sufficient fluid intake throughout the day.

Before going to bed, herbal decoctions (licorice, coriander, yarrow, senna, etc.).

The menu is not fundamental. In it, you can add certain dishes that are suitable for a particular patient.

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Hemorrhoids in men – this is a common disease, which brings a lot of trouble and significantly reduces the quality of life. Faced with such an ailment, men, unlike women, constantly postpone the visit to the doctor and thereby only aggravate the situation. Most men suffering from hemorrhoids are in the age group from 30 to 50 years.

Hemorrhoids in women are a disease that occurs in the rectum and the area of ​​the anal opening, which appears due to the widening of varicose veins. The extent to which the treatment of this illness and its duration will be effective depends only on the timely application to the doctor. There is an opinion that hemorrhoids are purely masculine, but it is not.

Hemorrhoids are not as terrible a disease as modern medicine thinks. At all times, hemorrhoids were treated very simply and quickly. In the villages, hemorrhoids were generally considered a natural disease and were easily treated with folk remedies. It is known that people who, sedentary work, most often suffer from hemorrhoids, they can very well help the next folk prescription from the nettle.

The main goal in conservative therapy is to reduce the frequency of annual exacerbation of the disease, its severity, duration. With the radical treatment of hemorrhoids, the emphasis is on surgical intervention, it all depends on the stage of the development of the disease. Indications for conservative therapy are the initial stage of the chronic course of hemorrhoids and the acute stage.

Bloody discharge coming from the rectum is a common symptom of hemorrhoids. The intensity of bleeding depends on the degree of inflammation of the hemorrhoids. Temporarily stop it yourself, but it's worth to see the doctor. Cold is the first remedy that should be addressed in an attempt to stop blood from hemorrhoids in the home.

Hemorrhoids – pathology of cavernous bodies of the rectum. Stagnation of the blood in them leads to the formation of a hemorrhoidal node. Additional factors provoking hyperplasia of cavernous bodies are congenital peculiarity of connective tissue, its insufficiency, increase of pressure on.

Hemorrhoids – one of the pathologies of the circulatory system, manifests discomfort and pain in the rectum and near the anus due to the formation of hemorrhoids. The most unpleasant symptoms are burning, itching, bleeding from damaged nodes, prolapse from the rectum, the formation of thrombi in the late stages of the disease.

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