Diet for hemorrhoids

Since you decided to read this article, there is hardly any need to tell you about all the prospects and beauties of hemorrhoids. While some diseases allow you a few days to rest from work, snuffling snotty noses on the couch, surrounded by caring relatives and a roller coaster, hemorrhoids leave you in a less advantageous position. Nevertheless, even this disease can be cured, good, there is a whole complex of medicines, exercises and even methods of surgical treatment. We will try to tell you about how to eat, i.e. what should be a diet for hemorrhoids.

Is there a connection?

Perhaps among our readers there are people who doubt that the onset and aggravation of hemorrhoids is associated with the use of one or another food. In fact, there is a strong connection – there are a number of products that can provoke an exacerbation of hemorrhoids. First of all, this includes food, whose composition can increase blood flow in the pelvic area.

This "forbidden" food for hemorrhoids is most often a variety of national dishes, whose recipes include the use of spicy spices and various acids. Thus, if your body is prone to hemorrhoids, try to refrain from pickled vegetables, as well as various dishes of Indian and Chinese cuisine, as pepper in them is almost the basis.

Also, alcohol consumption should be reduced, since alcohol is very helpful in raising blood pressure, and being consumed in large quantities, provokes a diarrhea with which it leaves the body without being completely digested, as a result of which the hemorrhoids come into direct contact with it.

Highlights of nutrition in hemorrhoids

So, what kind of diet should be observed with hemorrhoids? In addition to the aforementioned acute, acidic and alcohol-containing foods, large amounts of fatty and meat foods should be excluded from the diet, as it does not contain fiber and only contributes to the appearance of constipation, which in turn has a very unfavorable effect on the condition of hemorrhoids.

In general, the prevention of constipation is one of the most important places in the preparation of a diet for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Accordingly, the first thing you need to do with your diet is to add to it the maximum amount of foods that contain fiber. Of course, the simplest solution to this issue is to consume enough vegetables. Thus, you can not only achieve the most gentle consistency of feces, but also help to optimize the work of the intestine and its microflora.

The second important point is liquid. Try to consume as much liquid as possible. The purpose of this procedure is understandable – more fluid – less density. Accordingly, the least strain will not create an additional burden on the hemorrhoids and will reduce the likelihood of the appearance or deterioration of hemorrhoids.

Permitted products

The diet with hemorrhoids and cracks does not represent something out of the ordinary. It is enough for you to observe only a small list of recommendations that you can find in the second half of this article. In order not to strain you with the need for an independent compilation of a complex diet menu for hemorrhoids, we compiled two small lists, one of which contains the recommended products for hemorrhoids, and the other, respectively, forbidden.

Of course, it is allowed to eat practically any vegetables except those that promote increased gas production and are capable of provoking diarrhea (a list of them you will find in the next section). Also it is necessary to eat bread, moreover, it should be baked from flour of coarse grinding. If you are used to eating exceptionally white bread, then try to prepare it beforehand. To do this, it should be slightly dried, which is easy to achieve, using a sandwich, toaster or simply a frying pan on which slices of white bread are slightly roasted.

As the main dish you can prepare lean meat or fish, however, try to refrain from frying – heat treatment should be done only when cooking (both in water and steam) or baking. The same vegetables can serve as a garnish for a dish, which can be eaten both raw and stewed.

Finally, drinks. The diet for exacerbation of hemorrhoids does not imply any tight restrictions on this issue, however, it is worth noting (as previously mentioned) from alcohol-containing beverages, preferring ordinary water, as well as mussel and weak tea.

Prohibited products

Particularly strict limitations of the diet for hemorrhoids does not imply. Just want to notice: even if you ate or used to eat anything from the banned list, you can quickly correct the situation by using tablets to improve digestion (for example, mezimom). However, this rule does not work with the use of significant amounts of alcohol – there is no pill to help, so if you allowed yourself to relax during the feast, be prepared for the next few days to "strain" while walking and sitting on a chair .

In general, the list of prohibited products for hemorrhoids includes: vegetables that cause fermentation (beans, radish, radish, turnip and white cabbage, as well as potatoes), fatty fried foods, as well as confectionery products containing fatty creams (for example, based on margarine or whipped cream). Do not abuse white bread, as well as strong tea, coffee, kissels or cocoa.

Diet after removal of hemorrhoids

If during your struggle with hemorrhoids you had to resort to surgical help, then you should pay attention to a special diet after the operation for hemorrhoids. Speaking about this diet in a nutshell, it only implies very strict adherence to the above lists. Simply put, if you can sometimes afford to relax with ordinary hemorrhoids, calming the body with a tablet with enzymes, then during a diet after removing hemorrhoids, there can be no talk of any relief.

In addition, the diet after hemorrhoids must necessarily include products that, even without digestion, are a completely soft substance. First of all here are crumbly porridges, for example, buckwheat or wheat. Also, you should add to your diet various yogurts and kefir – sour-milk products are very beneficial for the intestines, allowing it to work more steadily and confidently. Again, do not forget about the liquid. In this case, it is better to drink green tea, fruit drinks, as well as ordinary filtered water – the volumes are not limited.

If you do not want a relapse, but do not imagine lunch and dinner without meat, give preference to meat soufflé, meatballs or cutlets Рthese dishes do not contain large and hard fragments, so they can be consumed without any special consequences.

Finally, we recommend that you read the following video, which contains enough information about the causes of hemorrhoids, as well as how to proceed if it is detected:

Reviews about a diet with hemorrhoids

Girls, it's very difficult to talk about this, but yes, I also had hemorrhoids and yet I had to follow a diet that I could not refuse, but everything was useless. I started to gain weight again, because the diet was not raschityana at this turn. But really I was helped by a special diet, already new, a diet with hemorrhoids. I was glad, because the harm to the body was applied to my diet, and even I managed to lose weight well.

It is not pleasant to talk about this, but I also faced this problem (

I observed a diet, which is laid with hemorrhoids: did not eat fat, did not eat cabbage, potatoes, peas. Completely abandoned tea and coffee, sometimes once a day allowed a cup of chicory. Of course, completely eliminated possible meetings with alcohol). The diet was very helpful in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and for general weight loss.

The subject, of course, delicate, but I will tell.

Hemorrhoids my whole life suffered from my mother, and after childbirth for a while this problem visited me. Ointments, candles, pain – well, many women will understand me. And what is most interesting, the problem did not go away at all. While mother did not enlighten me, that the main thing in this business is food. And if, really sorry))), eating, thinking about the pope, then you can forget about the sore forever.

Since then, cookies, fatty, fried for me taboo. But vegetables and fruits are always full. And everything is OK))) I do not remember about this anymore, and after the birth, it's already passed 7 years.

My mother constantly complained of hemorrhoids! I, of course, felt sorry for her as a daughter, but it was not familiar to me!

What is the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids I learned after giving birth! Treated for a long time, suffered and suffered! It would seem all over, but breastfeeding also has its consequences! First of all I thought that the baby's tummy did not hurt! In the end, what I ate, then with difficulty and went out. Then it began . One by one! I started to look for diets, so that they suited me and the baby's belly was not sick! I ate buckwheat, fish, bananas! Cereal, cabbage and other vegetables and ruled out as they are gas-forming! In general, not the best time, but I managed and painful discomfort passed!

Very delicate topic, which probably none of us do not want to say. After giving birth to the problem of hemorrhoids, every second woman is sure to come across. And I had to face this. When breastfeeding, avoiding discomfort with hemorrhoids is especially difficult. So I had no choice but to watch what I was eating. The field of how I ruled out fermenting foods, fat fried foods, white bread, strong tea, coffee, cocoa, I felt relieved.

The problem of hemorrhoids is familiar for most women giving birth and proper nutrition in its treatment, hardly, not the most important thing. And if this diet can also lose weight, then there is no such a diet! I know what I'm talking about, because not one diet has been tested in an optimal way for me and my health problems. The diet for hemorrhoids came up to me in all respects. This is the rejection of coffee, white bread and from hot and sour . Plus, the weight also decreased, there was lightness throughout the body and a comfortable sensation in the morning toilet.

I did not even know that everything was so complicated! First, I did not know that food was so important in this delicate matter. I'll have to tell my husband! Secondly, that alcohol can not also not know. And the diet is not so simple, all the delicious is not allowed. I thought gymnastics is the most important, and here is the food. It is not clear how I can exclude coffee and all fried, it will be a sacrifice for the sake of salvation!


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