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Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that causes severe liver damage and is caused by ingestion of a particular virus. Often it becomes chronic and requires long-term treatment. This is due to the fact that the restoration of basic liver functions, to which hepatitis C causes damage, is very slow. Proper nutrition is important in this.

Doctors recommend to adhere to a special diet. Its main goal is to ease the burden on the liver, but at the same time with the food in the body must come vitamins and the necessary nutrients:

You should give up fried and heavy food. There is a need more often, but portions should be small. In the diet, you can include vegetable soups, buckwheat and oatmeal. Meat – the main source of protein, which must be present in the menu, but for patients with hepatitis C only low-fat varieties will do. It can be baked, cook cutlets or meatballs for a couple. Meat dishes are alternated with fish. However, fish should also be low-fat varieties.

Dairy products are rich in calcium and protein. Of these, preference should be given to cheese, non-acid curd, kefir. It is necessary to choose dairy products of low fat content. Mayonnaise, sharp sauces are replaced with sour cream. It is recommended to eat more vegetables, but they should be wiped, but from fresh berries and fruits prepare juices, fruit drinks and compotes. From the diet it is necessary to exclude smoked products and pickles. In addition, we will have to give up spinach, beans and sorrel. Sweets, coffee, ice cream, baked goods – all these products are also banned. In chronic hepatitis C, the dishes should be wiped and crushed.

The diet should be balanced, and a third of the daily intake of fats should be of vegetable origin. You should not abandon them altogether. After all, it is the fats that allow the normalization of the metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins. Enough should be and animal protein. It is necessary for the synthesis of the protein of the blood and tissues that is carried out in the liver. The source of animal protein is lean meat and fish. Such varieties as lamb, goose, pork and all dishes prepared from them, will not benefit patients with hepatitis C.

Negatively affect the liver pickled mushrooms and vegetables, chocolate and sweet buns. To the body does not accumulate excess fluid, you should limit the intake of salt. You can cook an omelet, while the eggs need to clean the yolks. Lovers of sweet are recommended to eat jam, jam or honey. However, you should not abuse these products. It is better to eat fruit or jelly made from them for dessert.

If the patient's condition does not improve, you should reduce the daily intake of fat and give up honey, milk and jam. Carbohydrates are recommended to choose complex. These include whole grains, oatmeal, pasta from durum wheat. Such products provide energy for a long time, and they are more useful than simple carbohydrates, which are contained in sweets, baked pastries, chocolate and sweets.

Recipes of dishes useful for hepatitis C

To make this simple, but tasty and nutritious dish, it is better to use chicken breast. It should be boiled and cleaned from the skin. Finely chopped carrots, cauliflower and onions to put out in a small amount of butter. Breast the crust in a blender and put it in a mold. On top of the meat put the stewed vegetables, which must first be mixed with egg white, and bake in the oven.

Cauliflower and potatoes should be boiled, chopped in a blender, and then put out in vegetable broth. Separately prepare rice. It needs to be wiped and added to the vegetable puree together with a small amount of butter and warm milk. After this, the dish can be served to the table.

Slice the cabbage in milk with a tablespoon of butter. When she is ready, fill up the mango and cook a little more. The resulting mixture is ground in a blender, cooled and add egg whites to it. From this vegetable forcemeat you need to form cutlets and cook them for a couple. Serve them with a table, seasoned with low-fat sour cream.

Due to the presence of dried fruits in the composition of this dish, it will be especially useful for patients suffering from constipation. Pumpkin should be finely chopped and put out in milk. When it is almost ready, add semolina to it.

Prunes without pips boil, and then chop. Add dried fruits to the resulting mixture of pumpkin and semolina, there also pour the egg whites. You can put some honey to make the dessert sweeter. The mixture is baked in the oven, poured into a non-stick coating and anointed with low-fat sour cream.

Another option is a tasty and useful dessert for patients with hepatitis C. Peeled from the skin and seeds, apples and zucchini should be put out in milk until they become soft, and then add semolina to them. The resulting mixture should be cooled and mixed with eggs. Cooking dish should be steamed. For sweetness, you can put a little sugar in the mixture, but it's best to add natural jam or honey to the pudding.

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Breakfast: curd casserole, tea without sugar

Second breakfast: apple

Lunch: vegetable borscht with sour cream, lean fish with steamed vegetables, freshly squeezed juice

Afternoon snack: unsweetened yogurt

Dinner: toast from dried white bread with cheese, vegetable salad, tea without sugar

Breakfast: cottage cheese with nuts and honey, berry jelly

Second breakfast: cabbage casserole

Lunch: vegetable soup, chicken breast with buckwheat, tea without sugar

Afternoon snack: unsweetened cookies with kefir

Dinner: macaroni from durum wheat, berry juice

Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, with vegetables and herbs, tea with milk

Second breakfast: cottage cheese with baked apples

Lunch: cabbage patties, mashed potatoes, tomato soup, fruit jelly

Afternoon snack: yoghurt with natural fruit

Dinner: casserole with buckwheat and chicken, a glass of whole milk

Breakfast: squash pudding, carrot juice

The second breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits, tea

Lunch: steamed chicken cutlets, stewed vegetables, cream soup, freshly squeezed juice

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese casserole, kefir

Dinner: homemade noodles, chicken breast, a glass of whole milk

Breakfast: dessert of pumpkin with prunes, tea without sugar

Second breakfast: rice porridge on milk

Lunch: vegetable borsch, cabbage and boiled rice, mineral water without gas

Supper: fish cutlets, vegetable salad, kefir

Breakfast: apple puree, dried fruit, carrot juice

Second breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with dried apricots

Lunch: steamed meatballs, steamed buckwheat, vegetable soup, tea without sugar

Afternoon snack: yogurt with unsweetened cookies

Dinner: sour cream with sour cream, steamed, fruit jelly

Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits, tea without sugar

Second breakfast: albumen omelette

Lunch: low-fat fish, mashed potatoes, vegetarian borsch, fruit juice

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese casserole with apples

Supper: milk soup with vermicelli, kefir

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One of the features of hepatitis C is the absence or short-term icterus of the integument. The icteric (icteric) sclera of the eyes, the skin – is a symptom of liver damage, or rather a symptom of an increase in the concentration of bile pigment in the blood.

Acute viral liver damage is Botkin's disease. Currently, the disease is identified as hepatitis A. The main symptoms of the disease: weakness, fever, chills, profuse sweating, icteric staining of the skin and visible mucous membranes, urine of dark beer color, colorless feces.

Group B hepatitis can be infected only by contact with the biological material of a sick person. In most cases, infection occurs unnoticed for the patient, so this disease is detected either during a laboratory examination, or when a characteristic symptomatology occurs.

Chronic hepatitis C is a complex infectious disease. In medical circles, this diffuse disease of the liver was called "affectionate killer." This is due to the fact that very often hepatitis of group C proceeds asymptomatically (from 6-ти months and more) and is revealed only at carrying out of complex clinical researches of blood.

Alcoholic hepatitis does not develop immediately: with regular use of critical doses of ethanol, the patient first develops fatty liver disease and only then alcoholic steatohepatitis. At the final stage, the disease flows into cirrhosis of the liver.

At the moment when a person falls ill with hepatitis, other pressing problems for him go into the background. The main task of the patient is a speedy recovery and a return to the habitual way of life. Human infection with the hepatitis B virus can occur not only on contact with the patient's biological material.

With any liver disease in folk medicine, there is a universal remedy. And the main thing is that it is available to everyone and it's safe – it's fresh carrot juice! The fact is that vitamin A, which is found in carrots, has a beneficial effect on the liver, gently cleansing it and restoring its cells.

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