Diet for kidney stones


At any age there may be various health problems in which it will be necessary to take the medicine and most likely to eat right. And not an exception is a disease that is associated with kidney stones. With such an unpleasant disease, you need to diet and eat only right.

Kidney stones can cause very unpleasant pains and sensations, some are given special operations, but there are people who have stones taken out of the body by themselves.

The essence of the diet with kidney stones is the following nutrition:

We remember that in all diseases, it is necessary to take a large amount of liquid, which will help the body maintain the necessary water balance. A person daily needs to drink about 3 liters of fluid, but more can be done. Be sure to drink one or two glasses of water before eating. This will allow you not to overeat and better digest food. You can also drink absolutely any liquid in the form of juices, tea, water, coffee.

Kidney stones – diet and nutrition

Diet for kidney stones

It is necessary to include in your diet a large number of sour-milk products that are rich in various vitamins and beneficial properties. But if you have calcite stones, it is necessary, on the contrary, to reduce the amount of food consumed in your diet.

Diet with oxalate kidney stones

We exclude from our diet products containing acid, for example, sorrel, spinach. Of fruit, it is better to abandon oranges, lemons, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries. Limit the use of coffee drinks, beans, nuts.

In addition, it is necessary to reduce excess body weight, because in obesity, not only fat metabolism is broken, but also other physiological processes in the human body.

Diet with urate stones in the kidneys

It is not recommended to eat meat products. Since they can aggravate the disease. Studies were conducted by specialists, with people suffering, kidney stones. And it was scientifically proven that people who ate meat products suffered from kidney colic and painful urination, and who excluded – no such symptoms were observed.

Include in your diet the following vitamins, which will contribute to the speedy recovery and disposal of stones. Namely eat more pumpkins and carrots, which are rich in vitamin A. Eat foods containing magnesium and vitamin B6.

It is recommended in this disease to lead an active lifestyle and to allocate time for sports. It will have a positive effect on your health and help you get rid of the disease that brings unpleasant feelings faster and without pain.

Diet after removal of kidney stones

The food is based on the use of easily digestible food, the norm of the liquid is strictly controlled, restrictions on salt are laid down, the norm of proteins is cut, but carbohydrates and fats fully correspond to physiological needs.

Diet for kidney stones

Recommended: vegetarian soups, bran bread, unsalted cookies, chicken fillet, veal, rabbit meat, scrambled eggs, fruit, cereals, herbal decoctions.

Prohibited: black and wheat bread, buns, fatty dishes, salted and smoked, radish, celery, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, alcohol.

Such a diet with kidney stones will help to get an excellent result. Be smart and try to avoid harmful foods that can worsen your condition and bring pain.

Video about kidney disease

Reviews about a diet with kidney stones

Diet with stones in the kidneys must be certain, not a lot of fatty and even more roast. Soups should be light and tasty, so as not to harm. It is important to use dietary meat, without fat. Dairy products should also be present, but not in such large quantities, a measure is important in everything. But it is better to avoid coffee altogether, to switch to juices.

I 35 years, never really thought about my health, but I was overtaken by fate: they found kidney stones.

Those drugs that were prescribed by doctors, helped only by half, the treatment went on for a long time. Weight began to increase, and I decided to try to find a diet myself.

I just had these most urate kidney stones, and I realized that the treatment was inefficient due to eating meat, I also decided to continue to follow this diet with kidney stones, take vitamins and eat a lot of carrots, as well advised would be brokolli (a lot of slag removed) and after two weeks the result showed a decrease in stones.

My mother-in-law recently removed stones in the kidneys, I go to her regularly and watch what and how she eats. Thanks to the site, now I learned that you can not eat black bread after removing stones! And my mother-in-law can not imagine a meal without a tasty piece of beloved black bread . Well, now I will wean it, health is more important, one must adhere to a diet, because God forbid complications what .

The diet with kidney stones looks rather harsh according to the description, but in fact very quickly you get used to such nutrition, and the body does not require more! My younger sister has health problems, I will necessarily show her the link. For recovery at the time, the body becomes stronger and stronger, even on the face the skin has become red and pimple, the pores have cleared.

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