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Everyone knows the fact that kidney stones are formed due to metabolic disorders in the body and directly in the kidneys. In the urine, some salts become more, while others less or the reaction of urine changes (acidic or alkaline). In a normal state, the urine is slightly acidic. Hence it can be concluded that, by influencing the composition of the blood, it is possible to avoid the development of stones in the kidneys or to dissolve them.

To do this, you must follow a special diet for kidney stones. Moreover, a diet for each type of stone needs its own, it is necessary to exclude, or, on the contrary, to introduce any products. It is important to know that people who previously had kidney stones may manifest a relapse. However, with the help of a diet with urolithiasis, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of stones.

A special recommendation to a person suffering from kidney stones is compliance with the drinking regime. The average person should drink about three liters of water per day. If a person has a predisposition to stone formation, then he is recommended to drink liquids more. With a high intake of liquid (in all, of course, a measure is needed), urine becomes less concentrated, and this reduces the possibility of formation of stones, there is no stagnation of urine, because people often urinate. Also small pits can leave the urine.

Usually, with urolithiasis, it is recommended to drink approximately from 8 to 10 glasses of water. Drinking a given amount of water must be divided into the whole day, not in a short period of time. Be sure to drink a glass of water at night. This can be explained by the fact that during sleep a person can not drink water and remains about eight hours without water. As a consequence, urine stagnates and becomes concentrated. But more than one glass of drinking is not recommended, since you have to run to the toilet at night.

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With calcium stones, patients need to reduce their milk and lactic-acid foods (milk, cheese, yogurt) in their diet: they contain calcium.

When oxalate stones should be limited to products containing oxalic acid: lettuce, spinach, sorrel, potatoes, oranges and milk. In addition, it is recommended that each day take 2 g of magnesium carbonate, since magnesium binds oxalic acid salts in the intestine.

With urate stones, you should limit the use of products that promote the formation of uric acid in the body. These include: brains, liver, kidneys, meat broths. It should also limit the share in the diet of meat and fish, vegetable fats, as they acidify urine.

In addition, it is necessary to take freshly prepared solutions of citrates (magurlite, blemarene, uralite, etc.). Citrates just dissolve salts of uric acid and prevent crystallization of salts. Freshly prepared lemon juice also contains many citrates, so it is also recommended to drink. It is important to know that grapefruit juice is not recommended for drinking with urolithiasis.

With phosphate stones, the reaction in the urine is alkaline, so it must be acidified. To this end, it is necessary to completely exclude dairy products, alkalinizing urine, to limit the consumption of vegetables and fruits, to increase the consumption of meat, fish, flour products and vegetable oil – they acidify urine. A patient with such stones is recommended to drink less than a patient with oxalate and urate stones.

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The article describes the symptoms of kidney stones in women and men. The causes of their appearance and modern methods of treating the disease are given. Kidney stones in men and women can not claim themselves for a long time. A person often finds out about the disease he has with the first attack of renal colic.

The use of medicinal herbs accelerates the passage of sand and small stones, does not allow the formation of new concretions, allows the normal metabolism. Therefore, the treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies is possible, but only if certain rules are observed. First, any methods of traditional medicine can be started only on.

Indications for the use of the procedure are the presence of large formations. During crushing, ultrasonic beams of high intensity divide the stone into small parts. If these fragments enter the ureter, pelvis, kidney cups, possibly an aggravation of the inflammatory process in the kidneys. If there is an inflammatory disease in an anamnesis.

The selection of drugs for the treatment of urolithiasis is impossible without preliminary diagnosis. Tactics of treatment are determined taking into account the location of the stone, as well as taking into account its chemical composition. If a person has concrements in the kidneys have reached a large size, then in the first place, you need to change the acidity of urine.

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