Diet for mastopathy of the breast

There are many different female diseases that now occur in female representatives much more often than before. This is primarily associated with the environment, lifestyle and, of course, with food preferences.

For the prevention of mastopathy, proper nutrition

Today we will talk about such a disease as mastopathy. In this article, we will consider in detail what mastopathy is, and tell you about what a diet is when breast mastitis.

There is a proliferation of breast tissue

If we talk about such a disease as mastopathy, then it should be noted that this is a purely female disease that was known many years ago. The main explanation of this disease is the proliferation of breast tissue. Almost a hundred percent of cases with this disease is very severe pain. There are cases when there is pathological secretion.

Most often this disease occurs in pregnant women

At the moment, there are many reasons for this disease. One of the most common is, of course, lactation. Pregnant women before birth are very rarely interested in how to properly breastfeed. After giving birth, they physically do not have enough time to read the necessary literature, and very often milk stagnation occurs with improper lactation. If a woman does not take the necessary measures with a simple stagnation, it can easily turn into mastopathy.

It should be noted that in most cases this disease occurs with concomitant symptoms. Usually a woman’s body temperature rises, and often above 38 degrees. The breast begins to ache badly, a small seal can be easily found inside the breast.

If you contact a doctor in time, mastopathy is treated quite simply. There are two types of this disease, namely:

With one of these types of mastopathy occurs at all without any symptoms. But it is worth noting that the swelling is still observed in the mammary gland itself. Usually, for a full diagnosis, the doctor prescribes an additional examination: ultrasound and mammography.

In most cases, treatment is selected individually, depending on the degree of mastopathy and its type.

Sometimes enough and a small treatment with medications, and sometimes you need to take hormonal drugs.

If you notice that you have some seals in your chest, you need to see a doctor immediately. The mammologist should conduct an examination and further determine your diagnosis or refer you to further diagnosis. In addition to treatment, sometimes doctors prescribe a special diet. Diet in fibrocystic mastopathy can significantly accelerate the process of recovery.

What is a diet for mastopathy?

Few know that mastopathy requires not only certain treatments, but also implies the use of the right foods. Many people unknowingly think that with mastopathy you can not go in for sports, but in reality it is not true. Physical exercises with mastopathy are allowed, but eating harmful food is just undesirable. Usually, the diet for mastopathy is appointed directly by the attending physician. But we will tell you a little about those products that should be completely eliminated, and those that, on the contrary, will help to recover more quickly.

Before you talk directly about food, it is worth noting that a diet with myomas and mastopathy implies a complete rejection of bad habits, namely alcohol and smoking.

Many women, after they were diagnosed with mastopathy, prefer to use various biological supplements in addition. This is entirely permissible, if the composition of these supplements includes only vitamins and no chemistry. Carefully study the composition of any additive, as very often instead of positive changes from such a drug you can only aggravate the situation.

What is included in the diet of fibrocystic mastopathy?

Cabbage helps with weight loss

The first and most useful product, according to doctors, is cabbage. This vegetable contains all the necessary vitamins, which are necessary for this disease of the breast. Cabbage can block ingestion of estrogen in tissues. Since when cooking almost all vegetables lose 50 percent of their nutrients, cabbage is best eaten raw. Make different salads based on this vegetable.

Oranges are also considered the second most useful food product. They also contain many useful substances and will be very helpful in such a problem as mastopathy. If you talk about fruits and berries, it is worth noting that apricots, cranberries and blueberries also have very useful properties, so you need to include them in your diet as actively as possible in the summer.

On the third place are vegetables, namely tomatoes, dill and spinach. These products also have a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is also worth noting that with mastopathy you need as much as possible to eat buckwheat, beans, as well as mushrooms.

What is excluded with a diet of fibrocystic mastopathy?

If you have found this disease of the breast, you should know that if you treat with improper treatment or if you do not follow your diet, this disease can develop into breast cancer. You need to be very attentive to foods with high caloric content. Also, according to many experts, it is necessary to completely exclude foods that have in their composition a lot of cholesterol and sugar.

Special attention should be paid to products that include animal fats. Also, any kind of meat is considered very dangerous. This is due to the fact that in our time animals for meat are grown with the help of special hormones, and this is quite harmful for the disease of the breast.

Also, you should know that when mastopathy it is forbidden to eat harmful products: chips, sweet water, and various fast foods. It is worth eating more fresh vegetables, fruits and foods that have vitamins and minerals in their composition. As often as possible, eat porridge, cottage cheese and various other dairy products. From drinks you need to drink more quality tea, compote and milk.


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