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Usually women are associated with diets. This they plague themselves: for weeks they drink one kefir and eat only oatmeal. And for what? Including (or above all?) In order to please men. How does a strong gender respond to such sacrifice? Alas, often only a "beer" belly. Many men believe that beauty is the lot of ladies, but a real man must earn money, he does not have to keep himself in good shape. We hope that our male readers look at things differently.

Special diets, of course, are designed for men. Including deta for men who work hard and just can not afford enough time for themselves (for example, to go in for sports). Despite the fact that men are generally not very interested in diets, if they start to follow the diet, they usually achieve better results than ladies. Here, as a rule, a great sense of purpose, persistence plays a role. If a man takes on a case (in this case – for fighting extra pounds) – he must bring it to the end. Women can afford to suddenly eat sweet, men are less likely to give slack. Although, of course, like any rule, there may be and there are exceptions.

Diet for men – simple rules

So, suppose the man still decided to "sit down" on a diet. What should he eat? Firstly, it should be remembered that a diet for men is not a starvation! No one is going to starve to anyone. Eating a dieting man should eat three meals a day. Dishes, if possible, should be lean, but this does not mean that they are not tasty. Breakfast is worth the products containing carbohydrates, which are responsible for the energy supply of the body throughout the day. For lunch, protein food will be useful. And for dinner again carbohydrates – this will help burn fat.

It's great if a dieting man finds an opportunity for a second breakfast. "Breakfast", however, is loudly said. No omelets with sausages! It is better to confine yourself to a glass of tomato juice or drink a bit of yogurt. But for lunch (two or three hours after lunch), you can afford a little more – try a bit of low-fat cottage cheese with finely chopped cucumber, add crispy pastries (yes, you can, but do not get carried away!) With a weak tea sugarless. Coffee is best not to drink, but if you drink, then no more than a cup a day.

Many diets exclude meat products from the diet. Indeed, meat can be successfully replaced by fish and vegetables. But in this, "male" case, perhaps, you should not completely abandon it. This is especially true of men, whose work is associated with high physical activity. However, it is very desirable not to eat fried meat (especially cooked in oil in a frying pan), as well as meat in breading. Under the meat, many men like to drink well – this is also better not to do. Alcohol – is, among other things, also so-called "empty calories", it stimulates appetite, because of it there can be indigestion of food, bloating. However, this does not mean that a man on a diet should completely abandon alcohol. Sometimes it is not forbidden to afford a little vodka or wine. But beer is undesirable, especially bottled, pasteurized. A glass of "living" is not forbidden – it contains many useful substances, trace elements. But not more than twice a week.

Diet for a diet and not to overeat. Actually, what is food is what gives the body vitality, the necessary calories. Men, whose work is associated with high physical loads, a day for a full "recharging" requires about 2000 kilocalories (minimum – 1800). The same who dnyuet in the office at the computer, just 1500. Remember and about the liquid. A healthy male body needs about 2 liters of still water (this can be juice or not strong tea) per day. We will repeat about the limited consumption of alcohol – it is not necessary to replace it with water!

If you abuse "sitting" on a diet the number of products – you can eventually achieve the results directly opposite expected. Diet, of course, will help you lose fat, and even "difficult" – the one that accumulates in the abdomen. But this will happen only if you really observe it, and do not pretend.

Completely abandon the pork. No scrambled eggs with bacon or fried pork with french fries! Prepare salads without butter or sour cream (and even more so without mayonnaise!) – season them with lemon juice, add spices, herbs, garlic. Very tasty and useful! And it's also good to add mashed potatoes to soups and sauces for denseness. It would be good to eat cauliflower, asparagus, different types of salad, sweet pepper, potatoes welded "in uniform", oat flakes, wheat germ (or extract from her sprouts), low-fat dairy and sour-milk products, products of wholemeal flour . The diet must contain products that provide the body with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, fiber, protein, magnesium and calcium.

If you want a relief press, a diet for men is just one of the rules that must be followed on the way to this goal. No visit to the gym (or home training) is still possible. In general, when dieting is observed, physical activity is highly recommended. You can go jogging or enter the pool. Moving on the car? Leave it, if possible, a couple of blocks to the place of work. Of course, in Moscow, this may be a problem: throw your iron horse anywhere we do not advise. But if there is any underground car park, and you do not mind the money – why not? If your work is mostly taking place in the office, at the table – be sure to do several exercises for stretching the muscles (a couple of times a day for 3-5 minutes). Do not be shy. The way your colleagues look at you is just their problems. After all, your health is more expensive to you, is not it? Do not use the elevator. In the end, to walk several floors on the stairs is not such a difficult task. On the tenth floor, no one forces you to climb. But for the fifth – why not? In time you will get used to it – you will run to the twelfth. In general, you can always turn everyday activities into useful exercises .

Another important point: do not wait that after you are "getting off" from the diet, you will never gain extra pounds. Dial, and even more than it was, especially if you immediately rush to eat all the "forbidden" before the products. In fact, a diet, if it is not extreme, is designed to eventually become a daily norm and be perceived no longer as a serious test, but as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sit down at the table

Further – a few concrete examples of what a "male" diet can be. It will be logical to start with breakfast options:

  1. Low-fat yoghurt without sugar, fruit salad;
  2. A small portion of pasta with vegetables, herbs;
  3. Fish cutlet (preferably steam) with stewed mushrooms, a small piece of bread from wholemeal flour, a glass of fruit juice (preferably freshly squeezed, sugar-free);
  4. Cooked egg (one and a half), "rough" bread, grapefoot;
  5. A small piece of boiled meat (you can – cooked in aerogrill, if you have time for it in the morning), green vegetables, half a tomato, two crispy loaves;
  6. Toast, apple, a glass of fruit juice without sugar;
  7. Low-fat boiled chicken with vegetables, a piece of "rough" bread;
  8. A glass of low-fat yogurt without sugar (you can add a couple of spoons of honey), a piece of bread with bran;
  9. Oatmeal porridge without sugar, fruit (add to porridge or eat separately).

Next – the second breakfast. About it already written above. Kefir or tomato juice can be replaced with a small amount of fruit. In principle, it is allowed to eat fruits and together with low-fat kefir. With tomato juice, probably, it is better not to eat them. But if you want, you can replace it with some other juice without sugar and then already simulate a suitable mini-menu.

  1. Spaghetti. But not more than 70. The sauce can be made from low-fat ground beef (take grams of 100), tomatoes, onions, garlic and greens;
  2. Fish – 150-200 g, a little (80 g) of green peas, 2 boiled potatoes (better "in uniform"), low-fat yogurt;
  3. Boiled chicken breast (fillet), 150 g of potatoes "in uniform", fresh cucumber;
  4. Beef liver (150 g) baked with mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, you can have a vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice;
  5. Boiled low-fat beef (100 g), boiled cauliflower with herbs (you can pour low-fat sour cream), a little grated cheese;
  6. Beef kidney (grams 100-150) in low-fat sauce, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens.

Snack. About it, too, was already mentioned here. However, in addition to cottage cheese with cucumber and crisp baking, there are other options. You can eat a little pickled vegetables with a slightly dried bun (its grams of 100) and a piece of cheese. Another option – potatoes, cooked "in a uniform", and boiled string beans (200 and 150 g respectively). Or take two small buns of wholemeal bread, a piece of beef ham (you can from poultry), eat a vegetable salad, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir without sugar.

For dinner, the main thing is not to overeat. In addition, it is desirable to trapeznichat minimum for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Here are a few options:

  1. Eat beef steak with fresh vegetables, a roll of "rough" flour, drink tea without sugar, with lemon;
  2. Low-fat vegetable soup, a small portion of pasta (you can sauce, but again, not fat), fruit juice without sugar;
  3. Fish (150-200 g), cooked without oil, can be steamed, vegetable garnish (fresh or boiled vegetables), half a grapefruit, juice or tea without sugar;
  4. Fillet of chicken breast or a small piece of tuna (all boiled), some cheese, bread from wholemeal flour, boiled green beans, fruit;
  5. Cooked beans (can be green), cauliflower or broccoli, a piece of ham from beef, two slices of bran bread, cheese, apple or grapefruit.

Do not really deny yourself a dessert. You can eat a toast, smeared with jam, jam or jam, a couple of small dry biscuits, even a roll, dressed with a salad of chicken and cheese. But cakes and cakes with cream and generally a lot of sweet is better not to eat.

Of course, the options for diets for men, or rather the products and dishes from them cooked, which it is desirable to eat while observing it, can be many. The main condition that must be fulfilled is mandatory – consultation with a dietician before you are going to "sit down" on a diet. Do not neglect it! Dietology is a science, not just a list of diets. Only a specialist will be able to tell you exactly whether you need to follow a particular diet, recommend the most suitable products for you, because each human body is individual. The selection of the "right" food for each individual depends on many factors. In all this, the nutritionist understands. Well, after consultation, your task is not to give yourself a slack, to follow a diet and all the "hardships" that accompany it. And then, for sure, if the clouds do not dumble, then certainly you will plaive with joy yourself, throwing off a lot of extra pounds. The surrounding ladies, of course, your new face, too, will like. Good luck!

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