Diet for men or body drying

In our world, external beauty is almost the first place and therefore the most relevant topic is how you are seen by others. Recently, not only women are thinking about how attractive they are, more and more men began to take care of their appearance and, first of all, about their figure, spending a lot of time in the gyms, and also trying various diets.

Like women, the most important problem for losing weight in men is the abdomen area. And the main reason for its appearance in 80% of the population of our country is one of the most favorite beverages of our time – beer. What a self-respecting man will refuse the temptation to drink a bottle of beer after a hard day's work, or in the company of adored friends, but none of them thinks that beer and plans for a slender figure diverge at the moment of consumption of life-giving moisture.

What to do? The main thing is to follow the following rules, and then the way to a tight press and the long-awaited "cubes" on your stomach is assured to you: of course, you are not offered to give up your favorite drink, but you will have to reduce it to a minimum.

Be sure to love some kind of sport. Try to eat as little as possible oily and spicy food, and before eating, drink a glass of water, so that a feeling of saturation appears.

Daily consumption of water (only water, and not other liquids) should be at least two and a half liters.

If you are ready to go further and from general rules of a normal diet to move to more complex measures, then you can take advantage of a diet that is known all over the world and for sure you will like: "Traffic light diet".

The essence of this diet is that all products are distributed according to the color scale of the traffic light, even on the same principle: green-forward, eat as much as you want – seafood, greens, green apples, etc.

From 6 in the morning to 6 evenings, you can eat "yellow" foods – pickles, coffee, cottage cheese, fruit, porridges on water and pasta (beauty requires sacrifices).

Well, as in the traffic lights, exclude absolutely all the alcoholic beverages, fast food, pastries and other high-calorie products.

Observing these not difficult recommendations, you will very soon achieve the desired result, and you will delight everyone with your slender and smart figure.

Diet on drying for men, diet menu

  1. During dietary meals, you must always eat oatmeal or buckwheat porridge
  2. Abundant drink
  3. It is necessary to exclude from diets fatty foods, cheeses, milk, lard, pork, mayonnaise, butter .
  4. More to use hazelnuts, cedar and walnuts
  5. Do not eat before going to bed, you are allowed a glass of skimmed yogurt or clean water without gas
  6. Exclude from the diet flour and confectionery, canned food, smoked products and fried foods
  7. Eat often and in small portions
  8. Get away from alcohol and cigarettes, only to a healthy lifestyle
  9. A large number of fresh fruits and vegetables
  10. Be sure to take a vitamin-mineral complex
  11. Monitor the daily dosage of sugar.
  12. Refuse carbohydrates can not (porridge, nuts, vegetables and unsweetened fruit)
  13. Protein should be obtained from low-fat sources (will be in favor of special sports nutrition)
  14. Effective light exercises with dumbbells at home will help to increase the muscles of the hands and abdomen.

Diet Body Drying for Men-Testimonials and Results

"Thanks to the trainer for the dietary system – drying the body and eating healthy for every day. In a short time I got a wonderful result. Now I'm proud of my slender and embossed body. With HI. George »

Video on how to burn fat by summer

Reviews on diet for men and body drying

For me in this diet there were several stumbling blocks. The first is the refusal of alcohol and smoking. If I could forget about beer, then it became harder with smoking. Smoked, of course, but much less. The second is the exclusion of flour. I had a sweet tooth, I had to limit myself in many ways. And the habit of eating before bed is a bad habit! I will say right away, I did not have enough for a long time, but on occasion I'll try again!

A good diet. About smoking and drinking, I had no problems, since I do not use anything at all, because it's all disgusting. But what about flour, it was a problem, I could not completely exclude from the diet, but I used less. And I'm doing sports all the time, so it was not a problem. I started to eat constantly kasha, often buckwheat.

I got very well when I changed jobs (in the past I had to move quite a lot around the office, and go to branches, and on the new one I hardly get up because of the computer). I went to fitness – the mass increased (at the expense of muscles), and the volume did not disappear anywhere . and even the muscles were not visible, hiding under a layer of fat.

The coach advised me to read what is the drying of the body .

It was difficult to force myself to eat oatmeal (bad association with the kindergarten . plus a long habit of drinking a cup of coffee and eating sandwiches with cheese and butter), but then the wife came to the rescue – she suggested adding fruit and berries, good, there are a lot of them in the summer. It turns out very tasty! Only it is necessary to cut small.

There are often small portions is also not very simple – at work we sit in the office three together. Strangely enough, colleagues to the "diet for men" reacted with understanding, even decided to try too. Now all together we crumble apples.

The effect is noticeable. The second row of "cubes" of the press has already begun to appear.

I go in for sports, but always did not have a relief. In search of drying for the drawing of muscles, the view fell on this drying, all recommendations were observed.

After a week of nutrition according to the Traffic Light System, the muscles were not only drawn, but also appeared to be new out of nowhere.

It was very easy to sit on this diet, because the food system changed not too drastically, but it took a little work. Weight has changed slightly so much that I will not even speak, but the figure is now almost perfect. Apparently, because of properly chosen nutrition rules, muscle mass not only remained in place, unlike fat, but also increased. I recommend everyone to try it!

Never engaged in any sport, but sit at home on the couch, at the TV set – it's for me. And somehow a couple of extra kilograms slipped unnoticed. To be precise, it's almost 30. Firmly decided to lose weight for himself, signed up for a rocking chair, and never went there. Then I decided to find a diet, the first was a diet of traffic lights, why not. I sit on it already exactly 3 months, it turned out to reset 20 kg. Already began to appear the idea that when I drop to the norm, then I can go and piss.

Since 11 years I was engaged in running. I achieved good results, the coach saw in me the potential. However, usually when you are running, leg muscles gain weight, but it did not happen to me. Coaches sent for examination. There, I did not find a common disease, Marfan syndrome. I was banned from doing sports. After that, I started to gain weight sharply. With very thin legs, my torso looked disproportionately thick. I tried a lot, but if it helped, then on 1-2 kg. In many diets it is recommended to go in for sports, but it is impossible. Finally I came across a diet called "Diet for men and drying the body." I began to follow word for word this diet and even began to do a little bit of sports despite the ban. And it helped. Discarded 12 kg and even began to show relief of the torso. My legs are still flying, but I hope for a happy outcome. Thank you very much for your help.

I have never done serious sports, but I visit the gym a couple of times a week for more than six months. Everything would be fine and my weight seems to be normal, but here's the relief of 0. "A body drying diet for men" was advised by a friend from the same room, whose body is really Apollo. Dieting is easy enough. I've been sitting 1,5 weeks, the first results have started to appear – the press cubes already appear. Glad like an elephant! I recommend!

There are a lot of such techniques, and if you combine them with regular sports, you can achieve impressive results in a few months. Just do not forget about an active lifestyle, you need to walk a lot and do morning exercise, otherwise all your dreams of a beautiful figure will be dispelled and there will be no effect from this diet.

Very entertaining and tough diet or more professional – drying the body. Total control over food and serious constant physical activity, this is what you need from you. And in substitutions you will get the maximum reduction in the weight of subcutaneous fat. This is the best thing that was invented in the world of sports. Many fans of iron pulling are familiar with such a diet. Try and you, the result certainly will not make you wait!

The most important mood and motivation. As noticed by fans of foamy trouble with the waist, I have 134 see at the time of the start of the diet, it became difficult to tie the laces, and it was decided to sit on a "traffic light" diet. Beer with chips and fast food excluded completely. The menu has a lot of fruit and vegetables, a lot of water and exercise (mostly jogging). For three months the waist has become 118 see, not ideal, but to this I aspire.

Really working scheme.

In general, I'm thin, even skinny and would never have thought that I had to resort to a diet for drying; in principle, not having excess weight. However, when I finished doing sports (skis), I had a stomach, although at first I thought it was a flawed posture, but then I understood what was happening. And if I returned to sports loads without much effort, then it was not just easy to start eating correctly, in principle the article contains a step-by-step list – it's enough to make a schedule and live on it, the result depends on desire and discipline.


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