Diet for osteoarthritis of joints

Excess weight creates an additional burden on the joints, so patients with osteoarthritis should first of all get rid of it. The food should be balanced, because with the food the body receives the necessary substances, including those that go to repair cartilage tissue.

In the diet must include dairy products. They serve as a source of calcium, which helps strengthen bones and cartilage. This is especially important for women over the age of 50 years, as in their body there is often a shortage of this element.

Dairy products, such as low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, milk, are well absorbed and provide the body with animal protein. Products must be selected fresh and quality. Even in meat can contain harmful additives, which adversely affects the joints.

Preservatives accumulate in the body and lead to disturbances in the work of the kidneys. This contributes to the development of diabetes, the appearance of excess weight and, as a result, problems with joints.

Protein food for the body is necessary, like dairy products. Therefore, you should eat lean meat and fish more often. Cook them better for a couple. Vegetable protein is contained in lentils, buckwheat.

Carbohydrates help to ensure the normal course of metabolic processes. They are of two types: simple and complex. The first enter the human body together with baked pastry, sweets (contribute to the appearance of excess weight). Therefore, patients with osteoarthritis should give preference to complex carbohydrates. They can be obtained from oatmeal, fresh fruit and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates provide energy for a long time and are more slowly broken down.

Gulf dishes and jelly are very useful for patients who suffer from joint diseases, including osteortrosis. They contain a large amount of collagen, which provides elasticity of tissues. They are endowed with this quality by nature, but over time they lose this property. For this reason, wrinkles appear on the skin, the bones become weaker and become more fragile, the cartilaginous tissue becomes thinner. Replenish the lack of collagen in the body helps to fill dishes.

It is best to cook the chill from the pig's head or drumstick. To make it less fat, meat should be removed from the skin. A real jelly is prepared without the addition of gelatin. Weight itself freezes when observing the technology of cooking. Meat, bones and cartilage are well digested, and then placed in small containers, which are filled with broth. After that, the jellyfish is placed in the refrigerator. After a few hours you can eat it. In the broth add garlic and spices, for example, ginger.

However, do not forget that a large number of holodtsa not only will not bring benefits, but it can be harmful to the body. This dish is quite caloric, so it should be eaten in moderation. Chill – tasty preventive maintenance of diseases of joints.

Patients who are overweight, with osteoarthritis should give preference to jelly. It is less caloric and fatty in comparison with the cold, but contains the substances necessary for the restoration of the cartilaginous tissue. Jelly is made from natural fruits and gelatin without adding sugar. It will become a good alternative to sweets and chocolate, which is recommended not to be eaten in accordance with the diet for osteoarthritis.

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In the diet should include foods that contain fiber. It provides a feeling of satiety, while not contributing to the deposition of excess weight. Fruits and vegetables are rich in cellulose.

It is necessary to avoid sugar, which is found in large quantities in sweets, cookies, mayonnaise, various sauces.

It is also worth noting the use of yolks, black pepper, tomatoes.

Proper nutrition is the key to recovery in case of osteoarthritis, because the products are a source of substances important for the joints.

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

Osteoarthritis is a disease not only of joints, but also of non-inflammatory joint cartilage, is chronic. Osteoarthritis occurs in small steps, not immediately. To begin with, you just feel a tingling sharp character in the knee, joints. Walking down the stairs, felt a small pain.

Ostearthrosis of the knee joint (in medicine there is also a special term – gonarthrosis) is a common disease that is chronic and has a significant destructive effect on the knee joint and surrounding bone tissue.

Osteoarthrosis of the hip joint is a destructive process that is localized in the joint, from the pathology suffer cartilaginous plastics, which are its internal coating. Among all diseases of the joints, it is the osteoarthritis of the hip joint that is most often encountered.

Ostearthrosis of the shoulder joint is a disease that is chronic and progressive. It is the neglect of the process and the lack of timely treatment that pose the greatest danger. After all, deformation of the bone tissue causes irreversible processes in the affected joint and surrounding soft tissues.

The cause of the development of osteoarthritis of the hands is considered to be old age. Over time, the cartilaginous tissue in the joints becomes thinner, less elastic, which makes it unstable in relation to the load. Therefore, for older people, the risk of getting osteoarthritis increases.

Regular use of the chill allows the body to independently regenerate the cartilage at the cellular level. Such a result is achieved due to the content in this product of the large amount of protein necessary for the full development and functioning of connective tissues.

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