Diet for pancreatic necrosis: meals before and after surgery

Pancreatic necrosis is characterized by the necrosis of cells of the pancreas (the body begins to produce enzymes, release them to the outside and destroy their own tissue), which results in inferior functioning of the digestive system. The body can not digest food, even the "lightest".

There is a pancreatic necrosis as a result of improper dieting in pancreatitis. To be treated only by a surgical method and requires adherence to a special diet before and after the operation.

The diet with pancreatic necrosis of the pancreas is very strict. The patient is not allowed to eat or drink anything for several days before surgery. This is necessary in order that the pancreas cease to produce enzymes that disruptively act on the tissues, vessels and nerve endings of the organ. Diet reviews of those who lose weight

During this period, the patient is injected intravenously with solutions of glucose, fats and amino acids, so that the body can function normally during the preparation period.

The diet after pancreonecrosis does not differ from the diet before the operation. The patient is also prohibited from eating anything, including ordinary water. For the first time, they give him drink only on the fifth day. And then, it's either ordinary water, or a broth of dogrose (not more than 4 glasses).

In case if after the patient began to drink liquids on his own, during a few days, the deterioration of the state of health is not observed, a special diet 5-P is prescribed. It implies the consumption of fresh and low-fat food.

Lasts a diet for 20 – 30 days. With positive dynamics, the patient's menu gradually expands.

When adding any products to the diet, the patient should be careful about his health. And in case of pain or discomfort, it is necessary to inform the attending physician about it.

Nutrition rules after pancreatic necrosis

After the operation, the diet will persecute the patient constantly. He will have to give up forever alcoholic beverages, fatty and fried foods, spicy and salty dishes. Also, do not over-eat. Food should be frequent and small portions.

The patient's menu after pancreatic necrosis consists of:

  • yesterday's pastry (bread, biscuits);
  • Low-fat varieties of fish and meat, necessarily cooked for a couple (or boiled) and ground to a mince shape;
  • butter (up to 10 g per day, not more);
  • Soups, but cooked only on vegetable broth (in them you can add various cereals and small vermicelli);
  • vegetable oil (up to 20 g per day);
  • fermented milk products (yogurts, cottage cheese, kefir);
  • soft fruit without skin and pits;
  • weak tea without sugar;
  • compotes of dried fruits;
  • herbal decoctions.

The patient is allowed to eat only food in a warm form (cold and hot it is impossible!). It should be cooked with a minimum amount of salt (up to 2 g per day) and without sharp spices and seasonings. But vegetable oils and creamy ones can be added only to dishes during their cooking. To eat bread with butter or to fill vegetable oil salads it is impossible.

Unfortunately, pancreatic necrosis in 90% cases does not go without complications. Most often, the "bonus" of the disease is diabetes mellitus, which occurs as a result of the destruction of insulin cells. Therefore, often a diet after pancreatic necrosis is combined with a diet for diabetes, compliance with which is also important for the normal maintenance of the functioning of the body.

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Reviews of the diet for pancreaticecrosis

The article is very competently written, if you, God forbid, faced such a terrible disease as pancreatic necrosis, the main thing is not to risk in terms of eating. It is necessary to follow ALL the doctor's instructions and in no case is there anything forbidden. Diet with pancreatic necrosis must be observed scrupulously, otherwise all the work of surgeons will go wrong and you will become much worse. It is important not to burden the gastrointestinal tract and gland with heavy food, as well as fried, salted and so on!

Wished to write the response of application of the given diet. I really had to completely abandon many products, including chocolate, coffee, confectionery . The list is quite long! But with such a disease as pancreatic necrosis, you are really starting to think that the body

it is worth keeping. The diet before the operation and after did not differ much. An interesting feature is that it was necessary to eat about 7 once a day to lessen the stomach. To this diet, the body really has adapted admirably, and I began to feel much better! Thank you!

My uncle has pancreonecrosis. Poor fellow, very much in pain. Immediately decided to look on the Internet for a diet with this disease. I liked the very names of this diet for pancreatic necrosis. Here it feeds on these rules for ten days, until all is well. The diet was like everything, as the doctor said. Only on the Internet is more detailed and on a fresh head (in hospital always you are nervous).


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