Diet for pancreatitis and gastritis

pancreatitis Is an inflammatory process in the pancreas. In parallel, there are other diseases in the digestive system. In addition, there are such diseases as cholelithiasis or gastritis.

Restoration of the body is achieved only if you treat gastritis and pancreatitis at the same time. Diet and medication helps to quickly restore the body.

These diseases occur very often in one person at a time. Previously there was an opinion that they arise in parallel because of common causes.

Treatment of pancreatitis and gastritis

There are several rules that must be observed in the chronic state of gastritis and pancreatitis.

They refer to the rules that must be respected by every person.

  1. Every adult should consume large amounts of water per day. Approximately 8 glasses of water a day. Drink water throughout the day in small sips. Before breakfast, you need to drink 2 a glass of water, before dinner – two, before dinner and sleep it is desirable to drink one glass. The rest must be drunk during the day. After eating, you should not drink any drinks.
  2. To eat during the day you need small portions five times a day and more. Each serving should be small. That is, a person should remain free for processing, but the stomach should not be empty.
  3. Harmful habits must be completely eliminated.
  4. Carry out regular treatment.
  5. Eliminate such products as fatty, fried, smoked.
  6. Get rid of excess weight.

Regardless of the cause of gastritis and pancreatitis, also taking into account how the pancreas and stomach function, it is necessary to observe a special diet for pancreatitis and gastric dysfunction, in addition to using medicines.

But we must remember that the patient must take in foods that will contain a large number of vitamins.

The number of acceptable products depends on the stage of the inflammatory process. During the acute stage, you must take a small amount of food and relieve the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

These can be products that have a gentle effect. For example, light broths. But during the remission you can take the usual products.

But only in the independence from the stage of diseases you can not eat smoked, fried or fatty dishes.

In addition, you should not forget about what products should be taken with increased or decreased acidity. For example, recipes for dishes can not include the reception of white cabbage.

It can not be eaten raw or cooked.

Diet in the aggravation of pancreatitis and gastritis is the complete refusal to eat during the first days of exacerbation. You only need to take water without mineral gas.

So, as forbidden, take hot or cold, water should be at room temperature. On the second and third day it is allowed to take a decoction of wild rose, unsweetened tea, juice from fruits and berries.

But only juice can be taken with gastritis with low acidity. In the presence of increased acidity in the first week, it is necessary to completely exclude salt.

Thus, the production of gastric juice decreases and puffiness in the pancreas decreases with pancreatitis.

A few days after the pain is eliminated, you need to add soups, cereals and vegetables, ground with a blender, to the food.

After a week you need to take crackers from black bread or bread with bran; steamed fish, low-fat cottage cheese, minced meat.

You can cook from these ingredients casserole, cutlets, salads, but only on steam processing. Diet should be taken until the symptoms of acute exacerbation of gastritis and pancreatitis are completely eliminated.

In the presence of diseases you must take the usual dishes. But the list of foods that are undesirable to consume should be observed throughout life by a person.

It is not advisable to eat dishes that contain spicy spices, marinades and plenty of salt. The food should be at room temperature. Do not take hot or cold food.

Do not fit also vegetables with a high fiber content. They can not be eaten either raw, nor the recipes of dishes can consist of them. Do not take chocolate, flour products or ice cream.

What diet helps to restore the internal organs?

  1. In the morning after waking up, it is desirable to cook oatmeal together with a low-fat meat loaf. Take tea with lemon.
  2. For lunch, cook rice soup. In addition, you need to cook fish for a couple. Recipes can be found on the Internet. From sweet it is necessary to use an apple baked with skim cottage cheese in a multivariate.
  3. Dinner can consist of vegetable stew with chicken. You can eat tea or compote.
  4. An hour before bedtime, you must take a glass of yogurt, kefir or peeled apple.

You need to take an apple, pumpkin or other fruit. It is necessary to wash them thoroughly, cut into small pieces, make small depressions, and put sugar there. Put in the multivark.

Before serving, it is desirable to pour the jam, which can be used while doing this. Honey is not advisable.

Diet for chronic gastritis

Diet with gastritis is vital, as it not only helps to relieve the body, eliminate symptoms, but in some cases even save the patient’s life.

It is necessary to exclude fast food from your diet and also eat with a lot of fat.

It is desirable to cook all the food for a couple, in the oven, stew or cook. It is necessary to avoid overeating, to eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages, to go to bed at the same time, to avoid stress.

Do not take carbonated drinks with gastritis. The diet should be observed in a chronic state of gastritis for a month.

Eliminate the symptoms that occur with pancreatitis and gastritis help not only to eliminate symptoms, but to determine the cause of the disease will help special medications.

  • Stopping nausea and vomiting can be done with the help of special medicines. For example, it could be Cerukal and Motilium.
  • To start the work of the body in pancreatitis will help such medications Pancreatin, Panzinorm or Mezim.
  • In order to eliminate the cause, why there is gastritis, you need to drink a course of antibiotics Pylobact, Klacid, Losek and Ampicillin.
  • Eliminate the pain you can drink Papaverina and No-shpy.

There are also drugs that must be taken with increased acidity. There are medicines that are needed to protect against damage and harmful effects of hydrochloric acid on the walls of the stomach.


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