Diet for pneumonia

Diet in pneumonia is better to observe not only during the course of the disease, but also after recovery – for prevention. Before starting the diet, the intestine must be cleared from the patient with any laxative. It is useful to give the patient hot or simply warm melted milk with the addition of melted butter – it is very useful for the lungs and replenishing the surfactant in them. In no case do not force the patient to eat through force, it will not do him good. In the diet you need to include broth and milk. To reduce the temperature, you need to give the patient to drink water with the addition of lemon juice or cranberry juice.

People elderly and very weak can give a little wine to raise their strength, but no more than 30 ml. at a time (the daily volume should not exceed the dosage in 1 ml for 1 kg of body weight). Also, sweatshops should be given to the patient, for example, lime, sage or mint infusion, so that harmful substances also come out with sweat from the body.

Diet in case of pneumonia during exacerbation:

Low-fat meat, chicken, meat and chicken broth;

milk and sour-milk products;

vegetables (cabbage, carrots, potatoes, greens, onions, garlic);

fresh fruit (apples, pears, citrus, grapes, watermelon), dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots);

fruit, berry and vegetable juices, fruit drinks;

cereals and pasta;

tea, broth of wild rose;

Sample menu for one day in the acute period of pneumonia

1-th breakfast: one glass of semolina porridge on milk and milk itself.

2-th breakfast: one glass of fruit jelly from any of the presented fruits, as well as a glass of decoction of dried or fresh raspberries with the addition of one teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: 200 ml of pearl soup on a meat broth, about 70 grams of mashed potatoes with a small slice (no more than 100 grams) of fried fish. For flavor, you can add a little oil. For dessert – 250 grams of watermelon.

Afternoon snack: 200 grams of apple puree and one glass of yeast drink with honey.

Dinner: 100 gram of cottage cheese with raisins, one glass of rosehip broth and 100 grams of chocolate.

At night – a glass of milk.

For the whole day – 150-200 grams of bread; sugar and oil – as little as possible.

Between consumption of food you can drink in small quantities freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits, and also heated mineral alkaline water.

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Diet after pneumonia and during recovery:

lean meat, chicken, fish and broths of them:

milk and dairy products, cheese;

fresh vegetables and fruits, sauerkraut juice, greens;

Bakery products, cereals, pasta;

honey, jam, jam, chocolate;

vegetable and fruit juices, fruit drinks, mineral water;

tea, infusions and broths of wild rose, black currant, medicinal herbs.

Approximate nutrition for one day during the recovery period

1-th breakfast: 2 eggs soft-boiled, 100 gram of vegetable salad with mayonnaise and a slice of black bread. A glass of milk with a bun.

2-th breakfast: a glass of broth of a dogrose with a slice of a lemon and one teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: 250 grams of vegetable soup on a meat broth. On the second – 120 grams of fish souffle, steamed, with mashed potatoes. A glass of plum juice with pulp.

Afternoon snack: a glass of apple compote and one mandarin.

Dinner: 250 grams of curd casserole, approximately from a glass of cabbage rolls with meat and rice. Fresh berries or jam and half a glass of yeast.

At night – half a cup of cranberry juice with sugar.

For the whole day – for 250 grams of rye and wheat bread and 25 grams of butter.

The presented diet is designed to support the body's defense, reducing the load on the food tract and the immune system. With this diet, the intake of carbohydrates and fats decreases several times. Consumption of salt is reduced to 6-7 grams, calcium intake is increased due to dairy products. Increased consumption of vitamins A, C and B.

Food should be divided, that is, you should eat 5-6 once a day in small portions. It is recommended to cook food for a couple or boil vegetables and meat, the food is better to take in finely chopped or porridge. Any drink taken by a patient must be warm and plentiful.

When the disease begins to recede, the condition improves, the patient goes on the amendment, the set of consumed products becomes more diverse: the consumption of fats, protein and carbohydrates increases.

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