Diet for pregnant women 1 trimester


Nutrition in the first trimester of pregnancy

During pregnancy, women need to revise their daily diet. Excess body weight increases the risk of developing pathologies in the child. If a woman is overweight during pregnancy, dieting is necessary.

A pregnant woman with excessive body weight increases the risk of developing severe toxemia, increases blood pressure, increases the load on the joints. The risk of fetal hypoxia is also increasing. Often, women with overweight have problems with labor, there are endured pregnancies.

Each woman has her own specific weight gain, she depends on weight, height and other parameters. Pregnant women are recommended to follow a diet.

Diet for pregnant women 1 trimester

Diet for pregnant women in the 1 trimester, features a menu

First, you need to eat only natural products. In the diet of a pregnant woman must be vitamins and minerals useful for the body. The daily norm of proteins per day should be from 100 to 120 grams. The norm of fats should be about 80 grams per day.

It is better to take food 5-6 once a day in small portions. It should be remembered that a lack of nutrients can adversely affect the development of the baby. Therefore, food should be varied and useful.

A sufficient amount of iron is needed to develop the fetus. Therefore, a pregnant woman needs to consume seafood, rich in iron and phosphorus. Phosphorus is necessary for the formation of fetal bones and the nervous system.

During pregnancy, it is worth noting the use of a large number of flour products, fatty foods. Also, do not eat foods with preservatives, flavorings, coloring agents.

Pregnant women are not allowed to drink coffee and red wine, as these foods increase blood pressure and increase the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. Coffee can be replaced with a decoction of chicory.

Fatty sea fish should be replaced with river fish. Do not eat swordfish and shark, as they contain a large amount of mercury. Also, rolls and sushi should be abandoned, in which there may be parasites that can cause premature birth.

If there are any pathologies during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the diet.

Diet for pregnant women 1 trimester

A pregnant woman in the first trimester should include in her daily diet:

  • Five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Six portions of fortified, grain bread and cereals.
  • Three servings of skim milk or dairy products.
  • Two or three servings of lean meat, chicken without skin, fish, or cooked dry beans and peas.
  • Eight glasses of water.

The guidelines for eating and healthy pregnant women are simple and easily doable. When, where, and how much to eat is often guided by necessity. A pregnant woman in her first trimester can choose snacks for breakfast and a big dinner if she suffers from morning sickness, or choose a larger breakfast and a light supper in the final trimester when heartburn has become not such a serious problem. Be sure to avoid or restrict caffeine (for example, coffee, tea, and cola), alcohol and tobacco.

More fresh vegetables and fruits, less sweets and bakery products. The food should be of high quality and useful, and not burdens the stomach and cause constipation.

Lose weight during pregnancy is very risky, you need to monitor your condition every day and apply for medication if you have any minor problems. In the first trimester, the most important organs begin to form, the brain, the heart of the baby, the woman must eat right, saturating the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Less bakery and confectionery, even if you really want. It is better to drink a glass of yogurt, eat an apple, cook porridge on milk.

The food system should include all the necessary minerals and vitamins, the dishes should be steamed, boiled, but not fried, using vegetable and animal fats. Less potatoes, and more greens, cabbage, radishes, turnips, cucumbers, celery. You can cook any cereal, without adding sugar to them. A spoonful of honey is allowed, buckwheat will be very tasty in tandem with yogurt, and rice carrots. Necessarily, fractional and complex food!

Take care of yourself and your baby and be prudent!

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