Diet for pregnant women 3 trimester


Pregnancy is probably the most desirable time in a woman's life, during this period she is preparing to become a mother, and continue her family. But the final stage of pregnancy is the most difficult, it can be accompanied by various additional loads on the body. What are the problems that can arise during the final stage of pregnancy the so-called third trimester?

For most pregnant women in the third trimester, it is common to become heartburn caused by the fact that the abdominal muscles that prevent the ingestion of gastric juices are relaxing. Another problem may be nausea in the third trimester, this happens because your uterus begins to occupy most of the abdominal cavity while pushing the stomach up.

Diet for pregnant women 3 trimester

Nutrition in the third trimester of pregnancy

In the third trimester of pregnancy, alcohol is strictly forbidden, which will adversely affect the development of the fetus, as well as refraining from the use of acidic and acute foods that could contribute to the occurrence of heartburn.

Another plus will be a review of the daily diet, refusal in it from large portions of dishes, it is better to eat small portions, after which you need to walk in the fresh air. It is also important to maintain the water level in the body, you need to drink about 2,5 liters of water per day, to prevent dehydration.

During the diet for pregnant women 3 the trimester of the menu should be fractional, full and nutritious.

Do not interfere with the use of foods high in fiber, which basically prevent constipation, which is highly undesirable during pregnancy.

In the third trimester, there is an intensive development of the child's internal organs, and it's no secret that a pregnant woman during this period can gain up to 2 kg per week, during this period it is very important to provide a full and healthy diet.

During the third trimester, it's worth adding about 400 kcal to the diet, and you can not diet or watch what you eat, you need to choose healthy food, but do not limit yourself in it.

During the last stage of pregnancy, more protein is needed than ever before for the development of the baby. Nutritionists recommend from 5 to 7 portions of meat per day and about a liter of milk to meet the body's protein needs.

You should eat foods high in protein: meat, poultry, fish, dairy products. It is necessary to resist the temptation to eat exotic fish, which can be with an increased content of mercury, which can be detrimental to the fetus.

Diet for pregnant women 3 trimester

Vitamins and minerals during the third trimester of pregnancy

The needs of the body during pregnancy are diverse, it does not bypass the need for additional vitamins, which in part form the immunity of the child. First and foremost, iron and folic acid are needed, the demand for these vitamins is increased by about 50% during the third trimester.

During the adoption of vitamins, it is also worth eating foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C, foods containing high grains and fiber. Vitamin C is very important for the body, as it promotes the assimilation of iron. In the diet should be a lot of cereal products, meat, legumes and green vegetables, they contain a large amount of iron and acid.

Choosing the right and healthy food in the big one determines the future health of the child, the choice of healthy nutrition during the third trimester will be useful not only for your child, but you will also be helped to get rid of nausea and heartburn. So watch for the food you eat, and do not limit yourself during pregnancy – this will not be of use. Because the time to go on a diet in the future will be plenty.

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