Diet for psoriasis

Principles of Nutrition of Dr. Pegano

First of all, it is necessary to understand what products are considered acidic, and which are alkaline. Depending on this, you can form your diet. The doctor Pegano offers his classification.

In accordance with it, acidic products include:

sweet in combination with starch;

meat and protein foods;

products, in large quantities containing fats or sugar;

vinegar of any kind;

dishes and individual foods, in which there is a lot of sugar.

In addition, the formation of an acidic environment in the body is affected by constipation or irregular stools, limited physical and mental activity, overdose of drugs. You can not eat and food containing preservatives, artificial pigments and other additives. It is better to refuse frequent use of meat, butter and cream, legumes and potato dishes.

Among alkaline-forming products, Pegano identifies:

However, including them in the diet, you need to pay attention to the following features. Vegetables are not all useful. You should give up peppers, potatoes, aubergines and tomatoes. They belong to the Solanaceae family and can contribute to the development of psoriasis. In small quantities, sometimes you can afford rhubarb, Brussels sprouts and pumpkin. Fruits such as bananas, apples, melons, eat separately from any other products. In combination with something they are more harmful than useful in psoriasis. All fruits related to the citrus family can not be combined with dairy, whole grains. This also applies to juices.

In addition to alkali-forming products, a regular effect on the body has a regular stool. It is important to constantly move, do physical exercises, alternating them with mental activity. Increase the alkalinity helps dissolve in a glass of water lemon juice. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables. They can be baked, stewed or eaten fresh. Good effect on the body with psoriasis juices. They are squeezed out of apricots, oranges, pears, grapefruits, grapes. Do not worry once again. It is necessary to receive more positive emotions in order to avoid the increase of acidity in the body. It is better to replace ordinary water with mineral water. For example, Borjomi.

What must be in the diet of patients with psoriasis?

Water. Drink it a day you need at least a liter. No tea, no coffee or juice, namely pure water. It can be mineral. People with psoriasis are advised to always carry a small bottle of water with them to drink at any time.

Fruit. They can be included in other dishes, steamed, baked. Some should be consumed rarely and in small quantities. For example, a melon and raw apples. They can not be combined with other products. Apples can only be eaten baked. Useful for psoriasis are pineapples, nectarines, mangoes, papayas, raisins, cherries, grapes, lemon.

Poultry meat. Allowed to use several times a week. It can be meat of turkey, chicken.

Vegetables. In fresh form, you need to include broccoli, beets, string beans, cucumbers, celery, watercress, carrots and sweet potato in the diet. Almonds are useful, but hazelnuts are only available in limited quantities.

A fish. It is better to take the sea. You can cook it for a couple, boil it, but do not fry it. Sea language, trout, sturgeon, tuna, korifen, halibut, sardines are only a part of the possible varieties of fish, which should be consumed several times a week.

Cereals. These can be cereals from wheat, barley, various kinds of rice, corn and flour from it.

Mutton. This is the only type of meat that can be included in the diet. Like fish, you can not fry it. Before cooking, remove all fat.

Dairy. They are rich in calcium. This element is important for the body with psoriasis. Therefore, you should often eat milk, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt without additives. Choose foods with low fat content.

Exclude from the diet the following products:

vegetables from the nightshade family;

fatty bird, smoked meat with spices;

shellfish, crab, shrimp and lobster;

fatty dairy products;

too salty dishes, marinades, spices, alcoholic beverages.

It is important to remember that foods that are recommended in accordance with the diet of Dr. Pegano, can not be eaten in unlimited quantities. In everything there should be a measure. Nothing harms the body as much as overeating.

Natural laxatives help to improve digestion: fruits and vegetables. For a regular stool, you can drink a teaspoon of olive oil daily.

A good mood is also important in the treatment of psoriasis. Physical activity allows you to feel a new surge of energy. Do not exercise until exhaustion. It is enough to make a half-hour walk outdoors every day and do exercises in the morning from the exercises you like. Movement should bring pleasure.

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Dr. Ogneva developed her own food system, different from the diet of Pegano. In accordance with its recommendations, it is necessary to do a day of unloading once a week to cleanse the body. The main goal of eating psoriasis patients is also the creation of an acid-base balance in the body. A fasting day involves the use of certain products. So, it can only be vegetables or apples, cottage cheese with yogurt.

The classification of products for acid-forming and alkali-forming according to Ognevoy coincides with their division into the same groups of Dr. Pegano. Make your diet should be so that it was simple, but at the same time diverse. The products should be mostly alkali-forming, rich in vitamins and nutrients. In combination with other anti-psoriasis drugs, the diet enhances their medicinal effect. External manifestations will appear again and again, if not to eliminate their internal cause. A healthy lifestyle, including exercise, proper nutrition, alternation of types of exercise, allows you to cope with psoriasis in a short time.

The development of the disease affects many external factors. At first glance, it seems that stress is not the cause of psoriasis, but it is not. Any external stimuli cause the formation of crusts on the skin.

It is necessary to know that with psoriasis is unacceptable:

It is a lot of sunbathing. Ultraviolet in large quantities is harmful to any person, and for the patient especially. Therefore, you should limit the time spent in the sun and sunbathe for a short time after the prevention of psoriasis.

Often sick. Any infection is a blow to the body. Diseases weaken the immune system and exacerbate psoriasis.

Actively engage in cleansing the body and starve. Refusal of food causes a lack of important substances and vitamins in the body. You can not allow this with psoriasis.

To take a great interest in alcoholic drinks and smoking. Under the influence of alcohol-containing liquids and tobacco, it is likely that psoriasis will worsen. Cure it will become even more difficult in this case.

Overeat. The use of any food in large quantities – this is an extra burden on the digestive organs. In addition, you can get carried away and eat forbidden foods. Therefore, you should carefully monitor food, eat several times a day in small portions.

Diet for each patient is selected individually, but the general rules are suitable for everyone who suffers from psoriasis. In some, certain foods cause allergies, so they should be excluded from the diet at all, no matter how useful they are. Salted, sharp and smoked foods should be discarded. Fried dishes can not be eaten. Everything must be cooked steamed, boiled, baked or stewed.

Useful substances needed for psoriasis:

Calcium. It helps maintain acid-base balance in the body. Its deficiency adversely affects the general condition of the patient with psoriasis. You should eat foods rich in calcium. It can be a diet-authorized dairy products. They contain the greatest amount of calcium.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids. These substances are part of the cell membranes, having a great effect on the skin condition. Therefore, the lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids can contribute to the development of psoriasis. The source of these are vegetable oils. They should be included in the diet.

Vitamins. Without them, the normal life of the organism is impossible. The lack of vitamins causes the destruction of nails, deterioration of the hair condition. In psoriasis, those that belong to the group of antioxidants are especially important. These vitamins are responsible for neutralizing free radicals that damage the skin. They also help strengthen the vascular walls. The normal state of the nervous system is met by the vitamins of group B. They also affect the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to eat buckwheat and beef liver rich in vitamin B.

Cellulose. In the body, it takes part in the exchange of lipids. In addition, fiber affects the protective function of the liver. Products in which it is contained in large quantities, help to stabilize the stool. Therefore, you need to eat vegetable salads, vinaigrette, vegetable oil.

Zinc. This element has a restoring and healing function. With psoriasis, zinc helps reduce inflammation and get rid of peeling. It is found in poultry meat, dairy products. Not for nothing zinc ointment is used to treat skin diseases. With its help, damaged areas are easily restored.

Easily digested carbohydrates with psoriasis patients are undesirable. honey belongs to such products. Although this is a very useful sweetness, which contains a number of important substances for the body, but in this case it is better to abandon it. In accordance with the principles of nutrition Pégana honey refers to banned foods. So you have to replace it with other sweets.

Honey refers to foods that are often allergic. With psoriasis, it is impossible to admit such phenomena. After all, an allergy, like any other disease, negatively affects the general condition of the body. Although honey is rich in vitamin B and produces a laxative effect, it does not make it useful for psoriasis. In addition, there are many products with similar properties.

Despite the fact that honey can not be included in the diet, it is used for external use. From this sweet product in combination with egg whites, celandine, petroleum jelly and baby cream, you get an excellent ointment. It is applied to clean skin. As a result, pain and itching occur, and peeling decreases. However, do not forget that in the presence of allergies to honey, it can manifest even with external application of this product.

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is considered a harmless way to get rid of psoriasis. Compared with many other pharmacy products in its composition there are no synthetic hormones and other harmful substances. Use baking soda for both external and internal use.

Psoriasis is one of the most enigmatic and ill-treatable diseases. It is impossible to get rid of him once and for all. The only thing that patients can count on is to achieve a stable remission. And, the uniform and generally accepted by the world medical community the methods of treatment of psoriasis does not exist, as.

Psoriasis is a fairly widespread chronic skin disease characterized by the presence of a monomorphic rash in the form of pink-red nodules with a loose silvery-white scaly surface. The disease lasts for years, there is an alternation of periods of relapses and remissions.

In view of its polyethological origin, psoriasis is characterized by a variety of clinical manifestations. By their grouping, some of its species were identified. The need for such a separation arose in connection with the different efficacy of specific treatments for psoriasis of certain forms of the disease.

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