Diet for pyelonephritis in adults and children

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Achieving an effective result in the treatment of diseases helps meet food restrictions in the diet for patients. To accelerate the removal of the inflammatory process, to facilitate the functioning of the diseased kidney, the rejection of products that retard fluid in the body, lead to inflammation in the kidneys.

The constant application of the rules for pyelonephritis, indicated in the diet, helps to avoid exacerbation and serious consequences.

What should be the food for pyelonephritis?

In the basis of nutrition in adults with pyelonephritis, doctors offer follow the diet “Table number 7”. The rules of the diet help to make a menu for the week with pyelonephritis in adults.

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General principle diet consists in a fractional five meals a day.

Diet, used during treatment with pyelonephritis in adults, in pregnant women helps to cope with the symptoms and complications of the disease. In pregnancy use of many medicines is prohibited.

Helps to reduce the likelihood of exacerbation in acute illness in pregnant women helps a competent restriction in nutrition.

Of menu in pregnantx in case of chronic disease fried, fatty, salty, spicy dishes are removed. Particular attention in pregnant women is given to the problem of constipation. In the period of complications, put pressure on the kidneys, pregnant women are drink more water, add beets to the diet, prunes.

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During the exacerbation of the disease a person must strictly follow the rules of restrictions in the diet, so as not to cause complications. The diet will include food that is easily processed by the body in adults.

It must be filled with vitamins, microelements, necessary for acute or chronic type of kidney disease, found in adults. Doctors believe that amount of daily calories with pyelonephritis of acute form, observed in adults, should be equal to 3200 kcal.

Diet with pyelonephritis chronic, acute type helps to reduce the burden on the kidneys. Diet in adults is used during combined treatment. Food in the menu should be prepared by cooking, quenching, steaming.

What foods can be consumed and which can not be used?

The rules in the diet used in the treatment of various ailments depend on the stage and type. With pyelonephritis, a person can feel discomfort, pain, need to limit products in periods:

To reduce the inflammatory symptom in men and women with pyelonephritis, a diet for patients prohibits the use of:

  • alcohol;
  • coffee drinks;
  • spicy food (spices, condiments should preferably be excluded);
  • canned food;
  • concentrated broths;
  • fried food;
  • legumes;
  • cabbage.

One of the main rules for pyelonephritis in adults is refusal of soups, the broth of which is cooked on meat. Exacerbation of acute type of kidney disease involves complete exclusion of animal fats from nutrition in adults and children.

Benefit from pyelonephritis in adults and children will bring products filled with liquid:

Kidney diseases that occur in adults, do not impose a restriction in a diet for a number of protein products that can be consumed:

Kashi can become one of the main types of dishes in the menu for patients with acute, chronic type.

Recovery period with acute, chronic kidney disease gives indulgences in nutrition, adding to the recipes of dishes garlic, onions, simple spices, low-fat fish and meat.

At each stage of treatment, a person should consume large amounts of liquid in the absence of edematous symptoms with pyelonephritis.

Diet and menu for pyelonephritis for adults

Treatment of pyelonephritis in adults can consist of several items, one of which will be strict diet. In acute, chronic type of kidney disease, the diet “Table No. 7” is prescribed for patients.

The diet for pyelonephritis in adults “Table No. 7” is based on principle of cooking dishes without salt.

Diet with pyelonephritis, chronic kidney disease, is aimed at removing excess fluid from the body, to facilitate kidney function in adults.

The menu, used for pyelonephritis, during treatment of kidney disease in adults by diet can be represented by a list of dishes on the days of the week.

So, the diet for pyelonephritis for adults – a menu for the week:

  1. For breakfast, you can serve a vinaigrette dressed with sour cream, a hunk of bread, which does not contain salt, tea with the addition of milk.
  2. In the lunch break, borscht, cooked on vegetable broth, is allowed to add sour cream, boiled beef, potatoes, baked apples, compote.
  3. In the evening a casserole from millet cereals or potato with the addition of vegetables, dried fruits, milk with a bun.
  1. For breakfast, you are offered cottage cheese, a piece of unsalted bread with butter, tea (you can add milk as desired).
  2. The lunch dish is presented with vegetarian pumpkin soup, boiled chicken, garnish of stewed vegetables, baked fruit, kissel.
  3. For dinner, vegetable cutlets, dried fruits, freshly squeezed juice.
  1. At the first reception in the menu of food in adults will offer semolina porridge, a version of vegetable salad, chicory.
  2. At lunchtime it is useful to eat 200 g of lean soup, boiled potatoes with a fish dish, drink jelly.
  3. Evening reception is varied with barley porridge and juice.
  1. For breakfast in adults, you can prepare cottage cheese with the addition of sour cream and berries, compote.
  2. At lunchtime, add the porridge cooked with milk and compote to the lean soup.
  3. In the evening, you can allow meat pudding, jelly.
  1. Breakfast consists of buckwheat porridge, vegetables in salad or individually, tea.
  2. Dining food is represented by lean soup, porridge of wheat cereals, boiled veal, decoction of herbs.
  3. Evening reception diversify the omelette, braised vegetables.
  1. In the first meal of adults will enjoy pearl barley porridge, cucumber, boiled cauliflower, tea.
  2. At lunchtime, you can eat borsch, rice cereal porridge with apples, boiled fish dish, compote.
  3. In the evening, cottage cheese, fruit, juice.
  1. For breakfast porridge from buckwheat groats, tomatoes, chicory with the addition of milk.
  2. In the lunch break to the lean soup you can add cooked potatoes, steam meatballs, herbal decoction.
  3. In the evening, with pyelonephritis, it is useful to eat gruel porridge, fruit.

To diversify the diet of the diet for patients with pyelonephritis in adults, you can use a different menu, offering a list of dishes for each day of the week, depending on the time of eating.

Between the basic uses of dishes you can arrange snacks:

  • omelet, dog rose infusion;
  • baked fruit, herbal decoction;
  • buckwheat porridge on milk, a decoction of herbs;
  • cottage cheese, tea.

Menu for every day for children

In children with pyelonephritis, the main course of treatment can be based on a less strict diet. A diet with pyelonephritis in children will help the kidneys and the stomach function normally.

Excluding certain products from the children’s menu reduces the burden on the kidneys, facilitating the withdrawal of fluid in pyelonephritis:

In children, depending on the age of pyelonephritis, it is worth entering into the daily menu of sour-milk and dairy products. In pyelonephritis, which has passed into a chronic type, the basis of a diet for the treatment of kidneys applies the rules of restrictions used in adults.

To facilitate the daily choice of recipes for dishes with pyelonephritis helps a pre-compiled menu for each day for a week. Especially useful will be: slave, scrambled eggs, vegetables, steamed.

  1. For breakfast, children in the menu can offer porridge from semolina, boiled egg, tea, diluted with milk. Tea in children with pyelonephritis should be not strong.
  2. At lunch you can drink freshly squeezed juice.
  3. Lunch consists of soup with vegetables with the addition of sour cream, fish meatballs with a garnish of potatoes, jelly. Snack from a glass of yogurt with honey, fruit.
  4. For dinner, the children on the menu include pasta with cheese, stewed vegetables, tea.
  1. For breakfast with pyelonephritis, children can cook porridge from buckwheat with milk, pudding from cottage cheese, carrots, raisins, cranberry juice.
  2. Lunch consists of tea with a slice of bread with bran, cheese, tomato.
  3. Lunch in the menu is presented with boiled chicken with vinaigrette, hips infusion.
  4. At a snack in children, you can serve several pieces of pastilles to a glass of kefir.
  5. Supper from porridge with rice, dried fruits.
  1. For breakfast, to facilitate the work of the diseased kidney, children are served an omelet, a slice of white bread, chicory with the addition of milk.
  2. Lunch from cottage cheese with sour cream and honey.
  3. At lunch, children have a boiled fish with a vegetable casserole, you can add macaroni.
  4. You can have a bite of fruit.
  5. Dinner with pyelonephritis, reached a chronic form, will consist of milk soup with oatmeal, mors.
  1. For breakfast, children bring porridge from buckwheat, egg, compote.
  2. Snack can be made with baked apples.
  3. During lunch, children can cook borscht on vegetable broth, boiled beef with potatoes, tea.
  4. The afternoon snack will consist of fruit with broth of a dogrose.
  5. Supper at children will pass with a casserole from cottage cheese, the baked fruit, kissel.
  1. For breakfast with pyelonephritis of a chronic stage, children will be presented with a porridge of oatmeal, an egg, tea with milk added to the menu.
  2. For lunch, children can use fruit, compote.
  3. In the afternoon, prepare milk soup, meatballs with vegetable garnish, compote.
  4. Snack can consist of fruit salad.
  5. Dinner diversifies the menu with pasta with cheese, milk.
  1. Breakfast for children will be made up of vegetable casserole, cheese, weak tea.
  2. Snack can be carried out with a broth of dog rose with fruit.
  3. Lunch in the menu of vegetable pilaf, baked apples, jelly.
  4. The snack is represented by curd casserole, milk.
  5. For dinner, the children will have potato zrazy with the addition of sour cream, dried fruit, tea.
  1. Breakfast from vegetable stew, a slice of bread and tea.
  2. In the afternoon snack juice, perhaps the addition of fruit.
  3. At lunch, children should be offered boiled fish with potatoes, stewed vegetables, compote.
  4. Afternoon snack at children will please with curd casserole and kefir.
  5. For dinner with pyelonephritis, you can offer a vinaigrette or vegetable casserole to choose from, tea.

Observe the diet should be strictly, not adding prohibited foods in the diet of children.

Useful recipes

There is an opinion that the nutritional restrictions imposed by the rules of treatment lead to a scantiness of the menu. The diet with pyelonephritis can be tasty, useful, allowing to facilitate the work of a diseased kidney by eliminating harmful products.

Recipes of dishes with pyelonephritis surprise with its simplicity and ease. It turns out you can eat deliciously and correctly.

The recipe for pumpkin soup will enrich the menu in the diet of a person with diseased kidneys

Pumpkin soup

Grind pumpkin, potatoes, onions, carrots. In 1,5 l of water after boiling, add the vegetables in sequence: potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, onions. On readiness to bring the soup to the state of mashed potatoes.

You can add to the menu in children and in adults soup from vegetables and millet

Soup from vegetables and millet

The composition of the recipe is presented by a set of products:

  • a couple of spoons of millet;
  • 0,7 l vegetable broth;
  • half carrot;
  • two potatoes;
  • root of parsley.

Put out the carrots and parsley root, add hot broth, millet, potatoes, cook 20 minutes. In the soup you can add sour cream, greens.

Pilaf with raisins and prunes

Pilaf with raisins and prunes

Rice cook until half cooked, add steamed dried fruits, sugar, butter. Cook on a steam bath in the oven under the lid.

For dinner in the menu you can use recipe for vegetable cutlets

Vegetable cutlets

Cauliflower is stewed in milk with the addition of water, the mango is poured in, the mixture is stewed for 5 minutes. In ostuzhennuyu mass add an egg, make cutlets, you can roll in breadcrumbs, cook for a couple.

Dinner on the diet menu can be presented potato casserole

Potato gratin

Casserole to form on layers: boiled potatoes, scalded carrots, cabbage dropped into boiling water. Between the layers to use sour cream with flour.

Pleasantly surprised in the menu, used for pyelonephritis, casserole from rice and apples

Casserole from rice and apples

Boiled 1,5 a glass of rice to combine with a spoon of butter and egg. In the form put the layers of rice mixture, apples, combined with cinnamon and sugar. At 3 apple is taken 100 g of sugar. The casserole is poured with 150 g sour cream, cooked in the oven at 180 degrees for half an hour.

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