Diet for skin: "rejuvenating" nutrition for the skin

The reflection of all the processes occurring in the body is the skin condition. Improper nutrition leads to a deterioration in the appearance of the skin, reducing its elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles.

Features of nutrition for healthy skin

For skin health, the body needs three main substances: melanin, carotenoids and hemoglobin. Pigmentation is affected by melanin, hemoglobin is responsible for enriching the blood with oxygen, and carotenoids are natural antioxidants and prevent skin aging, giving it an even and well-groomed appearance.

Increased melanin in the blood helps pig and beef liver, fish and red meat, beans, avocados, brown rice, almonds, soy products, dates, peanuts and bananas.

Increase in the body hemoglobin contribute to walnuts, buckwheat, black chocolate, pomegranate juice, green apples and persimmon.

Carotenoids can be obtained from plant foods of yellow and green colors: pumpkins, carrots, persimmons, sea buckthorn, parsley, green onions and others.

The main factors of skin beauty

Drying and peeling of the skin signals a lack of fats and carbohydrates. Vitamin A, which is found in orange and red vegetables and fruits, can correct the situation.

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, you should increase the intake of vitamin C, which should only be taken in fresh form. Deficiency of vitamin C provokes, among other things, the formation of vascular asterisks.

The lack of biotin (vitamin H) makes the skin flabby. Replenish the shortage of biotin can be with milk, nuts, egg yolks, liver.

When there is a shortage of proteins in the body, there is insufficient cell renewal and the skin becomes easily vulnerable, wounds and various injuries heal for a long time. Increase the supply of protein fresh fish, chicken, turkey, homemade cheese.

The cause of frequent redness of the skin can be the abuse of smoked, spicy and fried foods. Such foods, as well as dessert wines, should be limited to a minimum or eliminated altogether.

If you want to have healthy and beautiful skin you need to give up some products. In particular, it concerns semi-finished products, canned food, products with long shelf life, salted and spicy food.

Diet for beautiful face and body skin

Many effective diets are directed, first of all, to getting rid of excess weight. However, few people think about the consequences of such diets for the skin. Meanwhile, the more intensive weight loss is, the more detrimental it is to the skin. With a decrease in weight, the subcutaneous fat layer is reduced, the skin becomes dangling, and wrinkles are formed.

Not the best way to affect the skin and unbalanced food or fasting. Lacking useful substances, the skin fades, dries and looks very unattractive. Therefore, care of the figure should be accompanied by care for the skin. For this, there is a diet for the skin of the face.

Diet for healthy and beautiful skin involves the complete exclusion of the following products:

  • black tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, because the caffeine contained in them spoils the complexion;
  • products with diuretic properties, as the lack of water in the body sears the skin;
  • sweet food;
  • smoked products;
  • fast food;
  • alcohol.

If the skin condition is in a very deplorable situation, then the skin diet should begin with the cleansing of the body. For this it is necessary to eat porridge during a month. Cereals can be chosen any, but for greater effect it is desirable to exclude the consumption of salt, sugar and fat. In the first half of the course of cleansing the diet should consist only of cereals, in the next two weeks you can add fresh vegetables, greens and fruits to the porridges. After the end of the cleansing process, you can start a diet for skin beauty.

Menu diet for skin cleansing

Seven-day diet menu for skin beauty looks like this:

Reviews of the diet for healthy skin claim that its compliance is not particularly difficult. A tasty and fairly full set of food does not cause a feeling of hunger and provides the body with all the necessary substances.

To ensure that at the end of the diet the skin is kept in good condition, you must always give it proper care. For the beauty and freshness of the skin, you need to consume as much as possible natural juices, green tea, sour-milk drinks and pure water. From bad habits, such as nicotine addiction or alcohol consumption, it is desirable to give up altogether.

Normal circulation of fluid in the body is provided by products with a high content of potassium – dried fruit and bananas. And of course, with any diet, you need to take special multivitamin complexes for skin health.

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Reviews about the diet for the skin

Useful and very necessary for women article. You can not cover up skin imperfections even with the most expensive cosmetics. And I always want to see my reflection, which pleases. And the menu offered is quite acceptable.

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