Diet for slimming belly and sides at home

Dietitians developed hundreds of weight loss programs. But how to find among them the only one that will achieve the desired result?

In our article, we will consider popular diets to reduce excess weight and effective ways to lose weight problem areas.

Basics of a diet for slimming belly and sides

To achieve the desired results, it is important normalize the diet and use only approved foods. A full-fledged, healthy diet, as well as a special set of exercises, will help lose weight and lose weight by a few pounds.

It is necessary to choose a technique that helps to lose weight problem areas. Weekly diet will help to remove side and stomach. A week is quite a suitable time to get the first results.

To significantly reduce the size of your own body, remove the sides and stomach, it is necessary to follow the main principles of losing weight:

  1. Strict control of caloric intake and a pre-compiled menu for a whole week.
  2. Required full breakfasts. To start the metabolic processes in the body, you should eat complex carbohydrates, as well as protein foods.
  3. Fractional power – 5-6 once a day.
  4. Eating small portions.
  5. Abundant drink. Consumption of simple, clean water. It will remove toxins and excess fat.
  6. A week of losing weight and eliminating fat from the sides and abdomen suggests the absence of fatty, smoked, floury, roasted, as well as alcohol and fast food in the diet.
  7. Remove the sides and stomach will help complete rejection of fast carbohydrates (sweet, baking, carbonated drinks, etc.).
  8. Active physical activity (sports, dancing).

To put in order the sides and stomach for a week will help a set of special exercises or regular gymnastics. Without such an integrated approach to diet, losing weight will not bring the desired results.

Permitted products

To lose weight in a week was the most effective, and the sides and stomach significantly decreased, low-calorie foods should be included in your daily menu.

Allowed products for slimming belly and sides:

  • Avocados – daily consumption of this fruit for a week leads to a decrease in fat on the abdomen and sides on average by 30%. Provided that for a day to consume no more than 1,5 thousand calories. Avocado contains a lot of fiber and perfectly satisfies hunger;
  • Ginger tea – thanks to gingerol, which is contained in ginger, the body blocks the accumulation of fat, and the sides and stomach gradually decrease in volume;
  • Blueberries – bivoflavonides in this berry have a rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Chicken eggs;
  • Low-fat dairy and sour-milk products;
  • Low-fat, low-calorie varieties of meat and fish.

Prohibited during weight loss:

  • Smoked meat;
  • Fried food;
  • Flour;
  • Sweets;
  • Red meat;
  • Animal fats;
  • Mayonnaise and ketchup;
  • Semi-finished products;
  • Carbonated sweet drinks.

Diet menu for the week

Weekly diet is transferred much easier, if you make a variety in its diet. Proper nutrition should include consumption of fiber, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

To clean the stomach for a week, the food should be balanced. It is important not to starve, to be full, to avoid further breakdowns and overeating.

Dietary menu for a week for slimming belly:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal on water and 1 egg;
  2. Lunch: vegetable soup, buckwheat and boiled bacon;
  3. Snack: 1 apple;
  4. Dinner: vegetable salad.
  1. 170 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  2. lean fish for a couple with vegetables;
  3. 1 any fruit;
  4. dietary casserole.
  1. buckwheat on water and 1 slice of hard cheese;
  2. dietary cutlets and boiled rice;
  3. 2 apple;
  4. a fresh vegetable salad.
  1. oatmeal on the water, 1 egg;
  2. low-fat cottage cheese;
  3. vegetable soup and a slice of black bread;
  4. fresh fruit salad.
  1. low-fat yogurt with cereals and dried fruits;
  2. 1 banana for snack;
  3. vegetable soup and boiled vegetables;
  4. fish for a couple and a salad of fresh vegetables.
  1. low-fat cottage cheese with a spoonful of honey;
  2. vegetable soup, stewed vegetables with brisket;
  3. 1 apple;
  4. dietary syrniki.
  1. scrambled eggs;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. boiled puree and 2 cutlet steamed;
  4. salad from vegetables and brisket.

Delicious recipes

Useful recipes for slimming belly and sides are presented by a list of delicious, dietary dishes. Such recipes not only include allowed, healthy foods, but also contribute to weight loss.

Dietary casserole for weight loss

Dietary casserole with cherries

  • 2 eggs;
  • 1 t of sugar;
  • vanillin and baking powder;
  • low-fat sour cream – 2 tbsp;
  • low-fat cottage cheese 500 g;
  • manga – 1,5 st;
  • cherry (fresh / canned).

We take any container and mix it with a blender: eggs, sugar, vanillin and baking powder. Next, add, gradually stirring, sour cream and mango. Products must be beaten to a light, airy consistency.

Spread part of the mass in a mold for baking (you can pre-lubricate it with any oil). Top with a handful of cherries. Then pour out the remaining curd mass and decorate the last layer with berries.

Cook in the oven for one hour at a temperature of 180 degrees. We check the degree of readiness with a knife. If there is no lump left on the blade of the knife, then the casserole is ready.

fruit jelly

  • 1 gelatin package (per 350 ml of water);
  • gelatin – 3 tbsp;
  • raspberry, strawberry, currant – according to 50 g;
  • lemon juice;
  • syrup of any jam;
  • water.

Take the pan with water (350 g), put it on the fire. In 1 a glass of water, we dilute gelatin until completely dissolved. As soon as the water warms up (the temperature is 40 degrees), remove it from the chase and mix it with the diluted gelatin. Next, add the juice of lemon and syrup of any jam. All mixed. Leave in a cool place for 10 minutes.

After that, take a few jelly containers (cups / glasses). We pour out fruit there and pour jelly there. We put it in the refrigerator for several hours.

Dietary cutlets for a couple

Chicken cutlets for a couple

We cut finely onions. We add minced meat to it. (If you cook minced meat, the brisket can be passed through a meat grinder along with a bow). Manku pour 4 st water and leave for 10 minutes for swelling. Add the onion, eggs, salt and pepper to the stuffing.

Further, the bottom of the steamer is greased with vegetable oil and we spread the cutlets at a distance from each other. We prepare 20-30 minutes.

Types of effective diets

Any diet involves eating healthy and healthy foods. The food should be full and balanced.

It is important not to forget that fasting on a diet is harmful to losing weight. The body experiences stress during fasting and starts actively gaining extra weight "in reserve." Accordingly, there are disruptions and overeating. Therefore, it is so important to stay full and get all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

At home, you need observe the daily caloric intake.

It is calculated as follows:

The Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet for weight loss belly does not offer a specific menu. It consists of the principles of proper nutrition.

Such a diet should become a habit and become a way of life, then there will come a weight loss. Even one week of dieting can give a good result.

The basic rules of Mediterranean weight loss:

  • On a weekly diet, you should eat seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  • Make a menu and include in it dairy and sour-milk products with a minimum fat content;
  • Animal and vegetable fats replace with olive oil;
  • Exclude red meat from the diet;
  • All week to consume seafood, the recipe of which should be simple, without fatty sauces and gravy;
  • Dietary nutrition should include macaroni from durum wheat;
  • Include nuts and seeds in the menu, as well as dried fruits;
  • Cooking is recommended for a couple, or in the oven, it is also possible to extinguish.
  1. Breakfast: 170 g low-fat cottage cheese;
  2. Snack: fruit;
  3. Lunch: macaroni of solid varieties, steamed fish and fresh vegetables.
  4. Snack: a handful of dried fruits;
  5. Dinner: boiled brisket with baked vegetables.

Protein diet

Diet protein for slimming belly and sides can lead to a significant reduction in body volume. This diet is suitable for people who love meat and do not want to give it up during the period of losing weight. Both women and men tolerate such a way of eating quite easily.

This weight loss allows you to reduce the flanks and tighten the stomach, without harming the body.

The approximate menu of the protein diet on the 1 day:

  1. Breakfast: prepare an omelette from two eggs with vegetables, or eat hard-boiled eggs with baked vegetables;
  2. Snack: drink a glass of low-fat milk or yogurt, you can replace them with 200 g low-fat cottage cheese;
  3. Lunch: chicken broth, boiled chicken breast, tomato and radish;
  4. Snack: wheat toast from wholemeal with a piece of cheese;
  5. Dinner: steamed beans and grilled fish.

Kefir diet

Kefir diet for slimming belly and sides not only promotes weight loss, it removes excess water from the body, improves the intestinal microflora and normalizes digestion.

Effective diet for slimming belly and sides allows you to remove toxins and toxins from the body, preventing weight loss.

The first variant of kefir diet:

  1. Monday – 5 boiled potatoes and 1,5 l kefir;
  2. Tuesday – 100 g boiled chicken breast and 1,5 l kefir;
  3. Wednesday – 100 g of boiled beef and 1,5 l of kefir;
  4. Thursday – 100 g of boiled fish and 1,5 l of kefir;
  5. Friday – raw vegetables and 1,5 l kefir;
  6. Saturday – 1,5 liters of kefir;
  7. Sunday is 1,5 liters of mineral water.
  • During the week alternate kefir days (according to 1,5 l kefir per day), and vegetable days (three times a day there are vegetable salads, seasoned with yogurt, and a piece of chicken).

One week is the maximum period of application of this diet. Continue for a longer time is not recommended. All specified meals should be by the hour.

The abdomen and sides in a week are guaranteed to decrease if in addition to dieting perform various physical exercises at home (pumping press, pushing, squat, do attacks, etc.).

Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet is recognized as very effective. If you observe it within a week, you can achieve significant results. The abdomen and sides will decrease, the waist will be narrower.

Follow this diet should be exactly, using the products listed in the menu by the hour. If you add some more physical exercises, the effect will be much better.

The simplest version of the buckwheat diet for a week is an approximate menu on the 1 day:

  1. Morning: 170 g buckwheat;
  2. Snack: 1 banana;
  3. Lunch break: 170 g buckwheat;
  4. Snack: 1 apple;
  5. Evening: kefir and 170 g buckwheat.

Recipe for buckwheat for weight loss:

A glass of buckwheat washed well and pour hot water (2 glass), wrap up the pan and leave overnight. In the morning, use porridge without oil and without salt at regular intervals. During the day, drink plenty of plain water.

This weekly diet is very monotonous, but it allows you to achieve significant results. The first day of such nutrition will be the heaviest, then the body gets used to it. The main advice is not to break in the middle of the week, to endure all 7 days, only then the belly and sides will disappear.

Diet buckwheat for weight loss of the abdomen and sides allows you to include in your diet fresh vegetables and fruits, but in moderation.

Diet for women

It is known that on average a man loses faster than a woman. This is due to the increased amount of muscle mass, which consumes a certain amount of calories from its own fat stores.

If a woman wants to quickly remove the stomach and sides, she will have to adhere to a strict diet. Eat a little and regularly perform a set of exercises.

An effective weekly diet for slimming belly and sides for women can be this:

  1. Monday is a vegetable day. There is a need for salads dressed with olive oil, and boiled chicken;
  2. Tuesday is a fasting day. Drink 1,5 l of lean yogurt throughout the day;
  3. Wednesday – during the day there are grilled vegetables with baked fish and rice;
  4. Thursday – unloading day on low-fat kefir (1,5 l);
  5. Friday – combine vegetable salads with fish steaks cooked on steamed, and buckwheat;
  6. Saturday – day of rest on kefir (1,5 l);
  7. Sunday – salad of fresh cabbage with herbs, baked beef.

Diet for a nursing mother

Any nursing mother knows how difficult it is to remove the sides and stomach during lactation. After all, she has to eat foods that are useful, especially for the baby. However, you can make a menu of proper nutrition in such a way as not to harm the baby.

A diet for slimming your stomach and sides for a week for a nursing mom will help get rid of a few pounds and reduce your waist.

  1. Morning: scrambled eggs;
  2. Snack: low-fat cottage cheese;
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled rice and lean fish for steaming;
  4. Snack: 2 baked apple;
  5. Dinner: steamed vegetables and 2 chicken steamed chops.

To be guaranteed to lose weight, nursing mother should use the following recommendations:

  • In the first week after delivery, there are homemade lean soups, fresh fruit, cereals and baked vegetables.
  • The diet should be supplemented with herbal decoctions, compotes from dried fruits, carrot juices, berry fruit.
  • Fatty foods should be excluded, refuse sweets and any canned food.
  • Physical exercises and gymnastics can be started when the body is strong enough for this.

Diet for men

To clean the belly and sides at home, a man needs to change his diet and improve nutrition. Diet for men eliminates fatty, flour and smoked products.

During the diet, men need to lead an active lifestyle and perform physical exercises for problem areas.

It is important that the food is low-calorie, but the most useful. In the diet should be as much protein and slow carbohydrates.

Efficient and uncomplicated diet menu for the week for men it looks like this:

  1. Breakfast – omelette with tomatoes and coffee;
  2. The second breakfast is homemade yogurt;
  3. Lunch – mushrooms and boiled beef;
  4. Dinner – pea soup and tea without sugar.
  1. Boiled sausages, a salad of vegetables and coffee;
  2. Homemade yogurt;
  3. Breast and steamed eggplant;
  4. Beef liver and vegetable salad.
  1. Eggplant caviar with buckwheat and coffee;
  2. Orange or grapefruit;
  3. Salad from salmon and bean soup;
  4. Boiled eggs (2 pcs.) And beetroot salad;
  1. Oatmeal with apple and tea;
  2. Egg omelet;
  3. Stewed mushrooms and chicken breast;
  4. Hard cheese and fruit salad;
  1. Chicken fillet with vegetables and coffee;
  2. Boiled eggs;
  3. Vegetable salad and beef;
  4. A piece of cheese and baked chicken wings;
  1. Rice porridge on milk and coffee;
  2. Boiled fish and vegetables;
  3. Baked potatoes with beans;
  4. Risotto with vegetables and cheese.
  1. Boiled chicken and corn;
  2. Tomato salad;
  3. Steamed fish and pasta;
  4. Salad with salmon and avocado.

What exercises can I do?

In order to achieve results from a diet, an integrated approach to losing weight is important. Active physical activity, a healthy full-fledged diet, useful foods – all this should be observed in unity.

In addition to diet especially effective for women will be gymnastics for slimming belly and sides for women.

A special set of exercises for weight loss can be performed even at home.

  • exercises on the press;
  • attacks;
  • mahi feet;
  • squats;
  • exercises on the buttocks;
  • slopes in different directions with dumbbells and without;
  • exercises for the waist;
  • twists of the trunk;
  • training with hulauchup;
  • push ups;
  • "Mill";
  • "Plank"
  • "Dolphin"
  • Stretching of all muscle groups, etc.

Required is also cardio (running, fast walking, cycling), which will help quickly burn fat in problem areas and lose weight by a few pounds.


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