Diet for slimming belly and sides

The abdomen and sides are the most problematic areas in women, which easily increase in volume when consuming high-calorie food. Our article offers you to get rid of this problem by the most effective diet for weight loss. You can do it at home.

What is the essence of this kind of diet for weight loss and what are the main principles, we consider in the following material. And also familiarize you with an approximate menu for the month and the most effective exercises at home.

How to get rid of the stomach and sides at home?

Get rid of the above problems can be through proper nutrition, diet for weight loss, exercises for the stomach and sides and cardio workouts.

Effective and effective weight loss will contribute to strict adherence to the basic rules of diet and moderate exercise.

More about the special exercise complex for getting rid of excess volumes in the abdomen and sides in the home, let's talk in the following paragraphs. In the meantime, let's get acquainted with the basic principles of nutrition of the most effective diet for weight loss.

power Principles

Before you devote a certain period of your time to this diet, read the main rules for its compliance. So, the main principles of diet for slimming belly and sides are as follows:

  • First of all, revise your diet. With a diet for weight loss, you should eat foods that are low in calories;
  • Also, the main reason for the appearance of excess fatty deposits is a sedentary lifestyle. Start with moderate physical activity at home;
  • If you follow a diet for weight loss at home, a day should be consumed from one and a half to two liters of clean drinking water without gas;
  • This diet for weight loss means three meals a day. The size of one serving should not exceed 250 grams;
  • The break between each meal is three hours. The last appointment is three hours before bedtime.

Let's consider in the next paragraph what foods should be included in the diet of a diet for weight loss at home, and which should definitely be discarded.

What can and can not be eaten?

Diet slimming belly and sides at home may contain the following foods in the diet:

  • chicken, veal, rabbit;
  • greenery;
  • all vegetables and fruits, except bananas, potatoes and grapes;
  • dried fruit, berries;
  • beans;
  • oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl barley and millet porridge;
  • chicken eggs;
  • low-fat fish and seafood;
  • kefir, sour cream, milk, cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt with low fat content;
  • olive and linseed oil;
  • ginger;
  • green tea;
  • horseradish, cinnamon.

Also, the above diet for weight loss in its diet allows about one hundred milliliters of red wine per day, because it contains a substance that facilitates the rapid splitting of fat cells.

Refuse If you follow a diet for slimming belly and sides without fail it is necessary from the following food products:

  • fatty, fried, smoked food;
  • flour and confectionery;
  • fast food, semi-finished products;
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

Menu for month

Sample menu for a month diet for slimming belly and sides at home looks like this:

The first week of a diet for weight loss

  • Breakfast: boiled egg and 150 gram of cottage cheese;
  • Lunch: low-fat fish soup, a cup of herbal tea;
  • Dinner: bean and greens salad – 200 g and a glass of skimmed yogurt.
  • steam omelet, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, orange fresh;
  • soup puree from cabbage and broccoli;
  • hake for a couple, stewed peppers with onions and tomatoes.
  • toast with honey and a glass of unsweetened black tea;
  • 200 g of boiled rice with chicken pieces;
  • 300 g of baked rabbit meat with greens.
  • 200 ml of natural low-fat yogurt with fruit, oatmeal;
  • chicken broth with courgettes and carrots;
  • 250 g boiled veal and 150 ml kefir with a low percentage of fat.
  • steam omelet with sweet pepper and cheese, green tea;
  • ragout of vegetables and rabbit meat;
  • broccoli soup with natural yoghurt.
  • toast with cheese and a cup of coffee with milk;
  • lentil soup, 2 fish cutlet steamed, greens;
  • cottage cheese with natural yoghurt.
  • fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, a glass of milk, 2 boiled eggs;
  • millet porridge with prunes and orange fresh;
  • 200 g of baked chicken meat with tomatoes and spinach.

The second week of a diet for weight loss

  • Breakfast: millet porridge and carrot juice;
  • Lunch: mashed potatoes soup with beets and carrots;
  • Dinner: salad from boiled eggs and citrus.
  • oatmeal, grapefruit, tea and boiled egg;
  • pearl soup with pieces of low-fat rabbit meat;
  • fruit salad, seasoned with natural low-fat yogurt.
  • 200 g cottage cheese with raisins and a cup of cocoa;
  • soup-puree from cabbage;
  • apple puree and carrot juice.
  • omelet with cheese – 200 g;
  • buckwheat soup with lean meatballs;
  • apple, ginger tea.
  • 150 g of boiled rice and green tea;
  • low-fat chicken broth with carrots and celery;
  • grapefruit and two boiled chicken eggs.
  • curd-sour mixture – 200 g and a glass of curdled milk;
  • buckwheat porridge and yogurt;
  • soup with broccoli and celery.
  • a whole-grain bread sandwich with cheese and a boiled egg;
  • stewed chicken meat with peppers and eggplants – 300 g;
  • baked trout with herbs, abundantly poured juice of half a lemon – 300

The third week of diet for weight loss

  • Breakfast: toast with melted cheese and a glass of warm milk;
  • Lunch: pearl soup with greens;
  • Supper: stewed eggplant and zucchini, apple compote.
  • a salad of apples and citrus fruits with carrot juice;
  • rice soup with chicken and greens;
  • boiled chicken breast and spinach.
  • salad from cabbage and radish, 2 boiled eggs, a cup of green tea;
  • soup with broccoli and zucchini with skimmed sour cream and greens;
  • orange and cottage cheese.
  • 250 g skimmed cottage cheese with raisins;
  • chicken cutlets with vegetables;
  • fruit smoothies.
  • vegetable smoothies;
  • salad from boiled eggs and grapefruit;
  • cottage cheese and a glass of yogurt.
  • apple and toast with cheese;
  • casserole with dried fruits – 300 g and unsweetened hot drink;
  • citrus salad with low fat yoghurt.
  • a sandwich with herring and herbs, a multifruit juice;
  • fish, cooked on steam and broth of a dogrose;
  • vegetable salad, berry juice.

The fourth week of diet for weight loss

  • Breakfast: omelet, steamed and apple compote;
  • Lunch: buckwheat soup;
  • Dinner: apple puree and carrot juice.
  • toast with honey and coffee with milk;
  • citrus and curd casserole – 200 grams and a glass of berry jelly;
  • broccoli cream soup.
  • light vitamin and vegetable salad and pineapple fresh;
  • chicken soup with carrots;
  • stewed rabbit with vegetables.
  • 250 grams of cottage cheese with sour cream and a hot drink;
  • steamed beef patties, vegetable purees and berry juice;
  • 250 ml of low-fat natural yogurt with strawberries.
  • millet porridge with prunes;
  • lentil soup with parsley and dill;
  • broccoli with low-fat fish cutlets.
  • toast with jam and a cup of cocoa;
  • 200 g of boiled rice with stewed zucchini;
  • 350 g of baked trout.
  • 150 g cottage cheese with raisins and a large green apple;
  • soup puree from cabbage, zucchini and broccoli, a glass of skimmed yogurt;
  • boiled egg and grapefruit.

Exercises for slimming belly and sides

For the greatest effect of losing weight on a diet, in breaks between meals 2-3 times a week at home, it is recommended to perform the following exercise to reduce the volume of the abdomen and sides:

  • The torso of the trunk. Stand up straight. Hands on the belt. Legs shoulder width apart. Tilt in this way 15-20 times left and right;
  • Torso rotations. Stand up straight. Hands bend at the elbows at the chest level. Rotate in different directions for 5-10 minutes;
  • Scissors. To perform the next exercise, combined with a diet for weight loss, you need to lie on the floor, hands along the body. Lower limbs slightly tear off the floor and make scissor movements;
  • A bike. Lie on your back. Raise your legs slightly and bend them at your knees. It is necessary to quickly move the lower limbs, imitating cycling;
  • Fading. Accept the initial lying position. Place your hands along the body, legs extend down. While in this position, maximally retract the stomach and hold for a few seconds. Then relax.

Correct output and results

In order to preserve the results of weight loss of the abdomen and sides with a diet, it is necessary to get out of it correctly. The correct way out of the diet at home means keeping the same good nutrition for several 3-4 weeks. Perhaps a gradual introduction into the diet of the usual food. Of course, they should be low-calorie, otherwise you will not be able to save the result of losing weight.

Let's take a closer look results of the above diet for slimming the abdomen and sides at home using photo "before" and "after" successfully losing weight women:


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