Diet for slimming your hips and legs just for 2 a week? As easy as pie!


After winter or long feasts, we begin to notice that on our legs there are problem zones, from which you want to get rid as quickly as possible. After all, we must always look perfect, and no matter what the weather is outside our window!

And despite the fact that today men also devote a lot of time to their appearance, this problem mostly concerns the female half of the population. It so happened that nature itself took care of that we could survive in difficult times, simply simply laying fat prozapas in the hips and legs.

To return to her legs harmony and beauty, you need to regularly eat and exercise regularly. But if an urgent rescue is required of this problem, then a special diet can not be dispensed with.

Diet for the hips is aimed at reducing the daily calorie intake, thereby contributing to the disappearance of fat deposits in problem areas. Believe me, fat in the hips and legs goes away as quickly as it appears. Therefore, it is not necessary to sit on a diet for whole months or years. This will be enough for 2 weeks.

Diet for slimming your hips and legs just for 2 a week? As easy as pie!

What foods should I refuse?

To a diet for losing weight hips brought positive results, you should abandon foods that contain a lot of fat. An exception is fish oil and fatty fish, as it contains very important for our body acids and vitamins (D, A), which are very difficult to extract from other foods.

For the duration of dieting it is recommended to abandon all semi-finished products and sausages. It is in them contain those very harmful fats that tend to be deposited in our hips. The same applies to fatty meat varieties – pork, lamb, etc.

Instead of animal fat in food is recommended to use vegetable fats. They are able to provide our body with all the necessary antioxidants and contribute to the neutralization of free radicals, which will accelerate the process of burning fatty deposits. In addition, vegetable food has a lower caloric value and is much better absorbed by the body. And also it contains much more vitamins and minerals than in products of animal origin.

What can I eat for weight loss?

If you want to lose weight in the thighs and legs, then in your diet should predominate food, with high levels of potassium, vitamins A and C. In your diet should also be present natural fat burners, for example, ginger, garlic and ground black pepper. These seasonings should be added absolutely to any food – soups, salads, meat, etc.

Natural fat burners prevent the formation of edema in the body and also contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. Therefore, weight loss with these products will occur much faster.

If you want to not only lose weight in the hips, but also give them a tight and sporty appearance, then be sure to eat sprouted wheat, soy and dairy products with a low percentage of fat. They will help in a short time to build muscle and completely change the appearance of the hips and legs.

It is also very important to drink plenty of exercise and exercise. This will help you not only reduce centimeters in your hips, but also give them a wonderful appearance.

Diet for slimming your hips and legs just for 2 a week? As easy as pie!

Menu diet for slimming hips and legs for 2 weeks

Lose weight in bards and legs can only be through proper nutrition and high physical activity. For two weeks you can follow the menu below, or you can make it for yourself. However, the daily calorific value in this case should not exceed 2000 kcal.

So, the diet for the thighs of the menu has the following:

The second week repeats the first. As you can see, despite the numerous banned foods, the diet menu is absolutely not lean and very nutritious. Therefore, if you want to lose weight in the hips and legs, but you can not sit on strict high-speed diets, then this diet for reducing thighs will suit you, as you can not.

It is worth noting that the diet will bring the best results if you will additionally perform physical exercises aimed at reducing the hips.

Exercises for the hips

To get rid of excess fat on the hips, it is recommended to perform the following exercises in three approaches each:

  • put a chair in front of him, and on it the left leg. Begin to rise, but do not become fully on the chair. And then return to the starting position. Exercise is performed on each leg 15 times;
  • stand near the wall, leaving the gap in 20-30, see Now lean on the wall with the blades and start to fall down until the legs in the knees create an angle of 90 degrees. In this position, you must stay at least 30 seconds;
  • sit on the floor, legs straighten out in front of you. Now start moving on the buttocks first forward, and then back. This exercise very well helps to fight cellulite;
  • sit on the floor, pull your arms out, pull them back and lean on them. Begin to lift first one leg up, and then the other. Try not to bend them at the knees;
  • exercise "bicycle". How to do it all know, but only make a few. But in vain. It perfectly helps to get rid of extra centimeters in the hips.

During the exercise, correct breathing is very important. Breathe smoothly and deeply. No jerks. Exercises should be done slowly and calmly. It is impossible to arrange breathing rest, as the muscles warm up for a long time, but at the same time they cool down in just a minute. Therefore, the maximum break that you can arrange yourself to drink water, should be a maximum of 30 seconds.

Observing a special diet and exercising, you can easily get rid of not only the extra centimeters in the hip area, but also get rid of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen and legs. Lucky you!

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