Diet for stomach diseases

Diet in case of stomach disease first of all should be aimed at eliminating the problem that has arisen.

Therefore, to begin with, you must accurately confirm the diagnosis, and then take up the selection of a certain menu. After all, much depends directly on the disease itself.

What is the diet for stomach disease?

Who knows what kind of diet for stomach disease should be? In this case everything depends solely on the problem itself. But, despite this, there are a number of diets that can be used as universal. So, the first diet has a gentle effect on the stomach and duodenum. What is its essence? So, this diet is philologically full, but at the same time with the restriction of certain substances.

The first thing to do is to sound those diseases in which diet compliance will be appropriate. So, this peptic ulcer, chronic and acute gastritis, intestinal diseases, enterocolitis, liver disease, chronic pancreatitis and much more. With any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, dieting is mandatory.

The diet should be chosen in such a way that it has a normal ratio of calories, as well as the nutrients it contains. Observing such a diet should avoid those dishes that can cause sokogonnoe action. These include broths, spices, coffee and donated meat. They are able to irritate the mucous membrane and thereby cause excessive production of juice. It is also necessary to exclude dishes that contain a large amount of fiber. In addition, you can not eat cabbage, radish, sorrel, onions and radish. Avoid too hot and cold dishes, it adversely affects the gastric mucosa. It is necessary to wait with the use of berries and sour fruits. Therefore, it is better to eat liquid food that is not capable of irritating the stomach.

In general, it is recommended to eat beef and chicken, but only in a boiled form. Positively affect the stomach fish, milk soups, cereals. Do not forget about dairy products, such as cream, sour cream, butter and cottage cheese. It is better to eat boiled vegetables and fruits. As for drinks, non-strong tea and cocoa will do. Such a diet with stomach disease can significantly improve the condition.

Diet recipes for stomach disease

On the diet recipes for stomach disease should pay attention, and are they useful? Of course, there are recipes that can improve a person’s condition. So, you should consider several main dishes. So, steam meatballs or how to cook a healthy and delicious lunch. To try this miracle dish you will have to prepare certain ingredients. So, you need to buy lean beef in the amount of 200 grams, rice, about 2-x table spoons, one egg, butter and water. The first step is to wash the meat and pass it through the meat grinder until a uniform mass is formed. After that, the rice is washed in water, boiled and mixed together with the minced meat. Further all this is mixed together, the remaining ingredients are added and mixed again. After that, neat lumps are formed, which need to be placed on the steamer’s net and brought to readiness.

The following recipe is even more appetizing and easy to prepare. Now you can try to cook vegetable mashed potatoes. To do this, you will need to take one carrot, a little green peas, beans, cauliflower and a little butter. Vegetables are washed and poured with milk, then stewed over low heat. It is recommended to pass all this through a blender, in order to grind it well. Further, the taste is added with oil and sugar. This dish is quite suitable as a side dish or an independent dish. Such a delicious and useful diet can be when stomach disease occurs.

Menu diet for stomach disease

What should be the diet menu for stomach disease? Such a question should only be dealt with by the attending physician. But, despite this, it is possible, all the same, to sanctify a few basic criteria. So, it is desirable to exclude from the daily diet beans, beans, mushrooms and lentils. They adversely affect the stomach. It is necessary to eat with care radish and trousers, it is better to forget about it altogether.

You need to understand that you should eat at least 5 once a day. The food should be a fraction. It is desirable to eat food in a wipe and boiled form, so it will less affect the stomach. We must understand that it should not be too abundant, so as not to force the stomach to work “for wear.” It is definitely recommended to drink at night a glass of kefir in order to normalize the intestinal microflora. It is necessary to use a certain amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates daily. And in general, the daily diet should contain 200 calories. It is necessary to give preference to low-fat meat, preferably in chopped form.

You should eat soups, but only in the form of puree, you need all the ingredients to be chopped. As for drinks, then give preference to the broth of dogrose and weak tea. Each person can make a menu individually, based on their own preferences. The main thing is that a diet with a stomach disease really had the necessary effect.


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