Diet for stomach pain

The state of abdominal pain, unfortunately, is known to many people. As a rule, we pay little attention to insignificant discomfort, convincing ourselves that it will ache and let go. But the severe pain, and even more often the arising causes not only to eliminate it, but also seriously think about your health.

Medications and diet will help in the treatment

It is necessary to know that in addition to drug treatment helps diet with a sick stomach.

Possible causes of abdominal pain

Ulcer can cause abdominal pain

Pain in the stomach can be caused by various diseases and functional organ changes. It:

Sometimes there is a need for resection, that is, removing part of the stomach in order to restore the digestive process.

The abdomen can also hurt:

  • with metaplasia, that is, a change in the structure of the stomach tissues;
  • with a hernia of the stomach and esophageal aperture of the diaphragm;
  • in case of atrophy of the gastric mucosa, when the glands producing gastric juice atrophy (the disease is called atrophic gastritis and can lead to oncology);
  • when reflux, when there is a release of gastric juice;
  • when polyposis or the formation of polyps on the epithelial tissue of the mucosa. If the diet is not adhered to and untimely treatment, this disease can develop into a life-threatening stage and cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

Also, when reflux of bile into the stomach, when the casting of bile and duodenal contents occurs, a person experiences pain. Insufficiency of the cardia of the stomach also causes pain and burning sensation in it. This pathology arises from the fact that the valve that fences the digestive organs is not completely closed. Because of this, the acid content of gastric juice enters the esophagus, in which the neutral medium is located.

As a result, ulcers may occur, and serious diseases such as gastritis and a hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm will result.

Sometimes patients can experience so much pain that can spread, which can confuse them with the pains caused by diseases of the pancreas, intestines (colitis), inflammations of the duodenum, gall bladder, left ventricular hypertrophy, and so on.

Indications for a diet with a sick stomach

You can eat lean food

Diet with stomach disease is one of the key factors of treatment. Therapeutic diet is primarily prescribed for any of the above diseases. And the patient himself feels that with pain in the stomach, he can digest only the most tender and sparing food that is necessary to maintain vitality and nutrition of the body.

What you can eat with stomach trouble

At breakfast you can cook an omelette

Of course, during a period of severe pain and with all kinds of spasms, when the stomach hurts, a person is not up to eating. However, there comes a period of remission, treatment and recovery, when you seriously need to think about a diet in order to prevent recurrence of attacks of the disease. Diet for pain in the stomach requires concentration, so the patient can start a diary of nutrition, which include a menu, painted for a week, in order to pre-purchase the necessary products and correctly alternate meals and medications.

  • rubbed different soups on water or on the third broth;
  • vegetable mashed potatoes;
  • lean meat steamed or boiled;
  • omelets;
  • rubbed porridge with milk or water with a minimum amount of butter and salt;
  • kissels;
  • decoctions of medicinal herbs, dog rose;
  • compotes of dried fruits;
  • boiled or steamed fish or fish soup;
  • honey in small quantities;
  • souffle, jam and mousse;
  • mashed potatoes.

To say a definitive “no” and completely to exclude it is necessary:

  • fried, fatty, spicy;
  • alcohol;
  • effervescent drinks;
  • coffee, strong tea;
  • baking and baking;
  • marinated and smoked products;
  • rich broths;
  • individual vegetables such as cabbage, fresh tomatoes, radish, radish.

Especially strict should be a diet after surgery on the stomach. The doctor will tell you how to eat without harm in order to restore the body.


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