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In our time, the problem of overweight is quite actual. Not only adults suffer from extra pounds, but also teenagers. The use of fast food, chips, sweet crackers and other harmful products does not promote proper metabolism and can lead to the accumulation of fatty deposits. In this case, special teenage diets can be used, but they will bring a positive effect without damage to their health only if their diet is correct and as balanced as possible.

Adolescent diet should include vegetable soups. Among cereals, it is best to give preference to oatmeal and buckwheat. Bread is recommended protein – it is characterized by fewer calories and lasts longer in the stomach, thereby satisfying the feeling of hunger. Also in the diet can include seafood, containing many valuable minerals and vitamin B. Welcome to use milk, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs and low-fat cheese. But fried dishes should be excluded from the menu.

Evening meal with a diet for teenagers 13 years should be held no later than two hours before bedtime. With this food system, you should not arrange unloading days, which can be used with diets at a later age. The diet for young children should not be too strict. When reducing the caloric content of the menu, it should be taken into account that the decrease in calories consumed should not exceed 20%. If the child is engaged in physical labor or sports, then the calorie content should be increased.

It is important to remember that breakfast is the most important meal. A healthy and proper breakfast is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. Calories, which enter the body during the morning meal, are consumed throughout the day. Regular cabbage is recommended to replace broccoli and Brussels – they contain many useful elements. Meat is recommended to eat in a boiled form, and the amount of salt used should be significantly reduced. As a salad dressing, you can use olive oil.

The use of adult diets, characterized by a limited diet and inadequate amounts of essential vitamins, is unacceptable in adolescence. If you have obesity or other health problems, the calorie intake is determined by a qualified doctor. The exact menu for a teenager will help to make a professional dietician.

Overweight in children in adolescence can be associated with a variety of reasons. As a consequence, the child should first show the doctor, and then make the necessary changes in the diet. The specialist will correctly determine the reason for the collection of excess kilograms and determine the optimal nutrition. Often, such a cause is the lack of adequate physical activity, irregular daily routine, eating dry, spending a long time at the computer or using a variety of fast foods.

Children in the period of active growth need a large number of useful nutrients, so the use of hungry fasting days and strict diets, which are marked by a sharp restriction of the diet, is prohibited. The weight of the child can be normalized, observing certain principles. First of all, it is necessary to limit the menu of flour products and all kinds of sweets – especially for carbonated sweet drinks and various synthetic products.

Diet for a teenager of fifteen years should include a sufficient number of useful elements and be balanced. We welcome the use of seafood, fish, cottage cheese, fresh vegetables and fruits. The last meal should be done a few hours before bedtime. If the feeling of hunger becomes excessive, you can eat a small sour apple or drink a glass of tea, adding a little honey. It is recommended to drink freshly squeezed juices, and it is better to refuse from the store fruit drinks – they contain a lot of sugar.

Do not skip breakfast, because it is one of the main meals and the calories received during it are burned during the day. Instead of sweet and flour products it is allowed to eat nuts and dried fruits. It is desirable to cook meat for a couple. Menu for each teenager can be made individually, given his gastronomic preferences – this will help a professional dietician. Before starting any diet should get a medical consultation.

The diet of a full-bodied adolescent should be aimed at stopping the process of fat formation and eliminating the already existing fat. For these purposes, adult diets can not be used because they contain excessive restrictions and can cause significant harm to a weak body. The essence of many teenage diets is the gradual decrease in calorie content of food. Meals should be served in small portions, but often. It is recommended to remove from your menu products that are characterized by a large number of carbohydrates.

This list includes flour products and bread, various confectionery products, canned juices, a variety of jams and jam. Among other things, the menu must contain a sufficient amount of protein. We welcome the use of low-fat meat, fish, cottage cheese. Also, in the teenager's menu 17, the presence of fruit and vegetables is mandatory. Vegetables are rich in fiber, removing harmful substances from the body and creating a sense of satiety. Good cabbage, greens, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini.

In winter, cabbage (sour) with vitamin C. is extremely useful. It should be remembered that an exceptionally balanced diet containing all the necessary substances will give the desired result. In the absence of medical contraindications, in addition to proper nutrition, moderate exercise is recommended.

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Adolescent menus in the approximate version:

Breakfast – cooked soft-boiled egg, tomato, weak coffee or tea, several toasts with cheese and butter.

The second breakfast is an apple with yoghurt (fat-free).

Lunch – vegetable salad (dressing from a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon juice), spaghetti – 200.

Snack – kefir low-fat, cabbage color or carrots in a cooked form.

Dinner – tomato juice baked with tomato and greens fish.

Examples of breakfast dishes – porridge buckwheat with veal, nuts, casserole from rice and cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, apple, banana. From drinks – kefir, milk, weak coffee, tea.

Examples for lunch – cabbage stewed, potatoes in baked form, boiled beef, lean borsch, vegetables stewed with cutlets, chicken. Drinks – juice, tea.

Examples for dinner – liver pate with tomato and bread, vegetable salad with ham, fish fillet baked in foil, cottage cheese with dried apricots and sour cream. Drinks – tomato juice, milk, herbal tea with honey.

The final menu is best done with the help of a qualified nutritionist. The diet can vary due to medical recommendations.

An approximate version of the diet

Cottage cheese (fat content medium) with fruit – 150, tea with milk, protein omelette

Chicken cutlet – 150, broccoli soup, a glass of vegetable juice

Fruit juice and cheese sandwich

Salad from onion, corn and cucumber, boiled fish – 120g

Herbal tea, buckwheat groats with veal goulash

Cabbage stewed, cabbage soup, vegetarian, compote of dried fruits, cucumber

Yoghurt with fruit salad

Tea, oatmeal porridge on milk

Tea green, a few tomatoes, a couple of sandwiches with lettuce and meat (boiled)

Chicken boiled leg with chicken noodles, vegetable juice, carrots and cabbage salad

Tea with honey, boiled eggs

Milk, cottage cheese casserole with pear

Vegetables with chicken breast stew, coffee not strong

Tomato juice, mashed potatoes, mushroom soup

Roll with yogurt

Tea, toast with cheese, porridge buckwheat with milk

Kefir, cottage cheese with fruit

Carrot juice, fish boiled, soup-harcho

Tea with honey, oatmeal porridge

Coffee, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, vegetable pilaf

Compote of dried fruits, beef goulash, vegetarian borsch

Approximately 150 g of cottage cheese

Egg boiled soft-boiled, salad with tomato and sweet corn, herbal tea

Vegetables with chicken breast stew, coffee not strong

Tomato juice, mashed potatoes, mushroom soup

Roll with yogurt

Porridge buckwheat, tea, cheese

The menu can be adjusted and supplemented for medical reasons or advice of dieticians.

The diet helps to restore the disturbed metabolism, stimulates the processes of regeneration of the mucous membrane, restores the disturbed functions of the intestine. When it is observed, it is necessary to take the food 4-5 once a day at the same time. Large temporary breaks between meals are unacceptable. Certain therapeutic value.

The food system table number four is prescribed for enterocolitis, chronic colitis in the acute stage, acute gastroenterocolitis in the initial stage of the disease, typhoid fever, dysentery. During the diet, carbohydrates and fats are limited, and protein intake remains at the same level.

In some countries, the diet table 9 is traditionally used for the treatment and prevention of diabetes. It can be prescribed for diabetes mild to moderate – in the absence of concomitant diseases of internal organs and acidosis. At the given system of a food the maintenance of fibers exceeds physiological norm or rate, and here.

Indications for the use of this system of nutrition can become diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, heart defects and rheumatism. The purpose of the diet is to promote the normalization of metabolism, improve blood circulation, shake the digestive system and the cardiovascular system.

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