Diet for the blood group 4


People with the rarest, the fourth blood group have cardiac and oncological diseases. In addition, they often develop anemia.

  • From meat you can eat only lamb, rabbit and turkey.
  • In fish there are no restrictions, but seafood is not worth pursuing.
  • Excellent sour-milk drinks and low-fat cheeses.
  • Useful cheese tofu, that is, bean curd.
  • Legumes can be eaten in moderation.
  • It is best to use olive oil, as well as cod liver oil.
  • From nuts are optimal peanuts and walnuts.
  • Any cereals are allowed, except for buckwheat, wheat and corn.
  • Vegetables and fruits are all except black olives and sweet corn.
  • Tofu and fish.
  • Greenery and algae.
  • Fruits and berries, especially useful pineapples.
  • Biological additives with milk thistle.
  • From drinks we recommend coffee, green tea and decoctions from various herbs, for example, from chamomile, ginseng, ginger, dog rose, echinacea, hawthorn, valerian and thistle.
  • Neutral products include teas from mint and raspberry.
  • From alcohol – beer and wine.

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Which foods are not recommended?

  • Do not drink herbal teas from aloe, senna and linden.
  • Harmful to eat ham, bacon, red meat.
  • Sunflower seeds also do not suit people with this blood type.

Meat should be limited. Although you are partially programmed to eat meat, because of the low acidity of the gastric juice, it is poorly digested, which leads to the deposition of fat. It is better to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Tofu will be very useful, as it is an excellent source of protein. Avoid buckwheat, corn, wheat and especially fancy products from it, as these products slow down metabolism.

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