Diet for the press: four weeks of fighting fat


Want to have a beautiful, embossed press, but months of training in the hall and countless twists have not produced results? This means that it's time to declare war on the fatty layer on the abdomen. Give superpress for 4 weeks!

Author: Mike Roussel, Ph.D. on dietetics

I'm sure you've heard about the so-called optimal rate of weight loss. Any doctor will confirm – normal loss is not more than 0,5-1 kg per week.

Friends, I have good news.

This is all untrue.

Alwyn Cosgrove, a professional instructor and part-time my good friend, told me once that he looks at the process of losing weight as a thermoregulator: if you want to lose weight faster, you need to include the maximum temperature. If you want to see the cubes of the press, then the arrow of the thermoregulator should be in the red zone.

When it comes to the pace of weight loss (not more than 1 kg per week), many people are wondering how safe it is for health. Unlike many "gurus", I 5 years studied the effect of diet on the work of the cardiovascular system to defend the thesis and get a Ph.D. in dietetics.

For me the main priority is your health. Therefore, my diet includes a large number of vegetables and healthy foods (which is not enough 80-90% of people).

Scientists still can not establish a weekly or monthly physiological limit for weight loss. There is no scientific evidence that confirms that the loss of 1 kg per week is tolerated by the body more easily than the loss of 2-kg.

If you become easier on 2 kg, and not on 1 kg, then the body will only say "thank you" to you. The importance is not how much you dropped, but how you did it.

I will tell you how to use complex biochemical pathways in the body for the gradual splitting of fatty deposits and bringing them to the bloodstream.

You will receive a 24-hour source of energy. The process of burning fat will not stop for a minute. After four weeks you will lose weight by 7 kg and will be able to see the cubes on your stomach. Your weight will decrease, but your health will not worsen.

This is quite an achievable result, but it requires hard work. Once Ray Lewis said that the champion should be evaluated according to his efforts. Labor does not look at genetics – good or bad.

Labor does not matter if your gym has quality equipment. Heavy work gives great results. This article provides all the necessary information regarding the diet. All that is required of you is to make efforts.

The process of losing weight can not be described by a simple equation: the calories received minus the calories spent. The results of scientific research show that a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates leads to a slowing of metabolism.

Low-carbohydrate diet allows you not to limit yourself in calories – while kilograms will go away faster than with a traditional low-fat diet with a high carbohydrate content.

This phenomenon was described more recently by scientists from the University of Connecticut. Participants in their study were divided into two groups: low and high consumption of carbohydrates.

Participants from the first group explained what a low-carbohydrate diet is. However, they did not have to limit themselves in calories.

Participants from the second group were asked to stick to a diet that was dominated by foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat, and also limited the calorie content of food. At the end of the study, it was found that participants from the first (low-carbohydrate) group dropped more kilograms, despite the high caloric intake. This effect of a low-carbohydrate diet is confirmed by a number of other studies.

Since the purpose of the diet for superpress is to maximize the fastest weight loss in the shortest possible time, we will use a double tool – reducing the amount of carbohydrates and reducing the number of calories.

In a day you should receive 24 calories per kilogram of body weight.

That is, if your weight is 90 kg, then you should start with a mark of 2200 calories per day.

Do not worry if the daily calorie is slightly higher or lower than these figures. A small deviation is allowed.

In a couple of weeks, when you are already a little thin, you can reduce the calorie intake up to 22 calories per kilogram of body weight. This is necessary in order to help the body to utilize the fat layer around the waist as fuel.

Daily intake of protein should be of the order of 2 g per kilogram of body weight or at least 30% of total caloric intake. Do not worry about losing lean muscle mass.

If you strictly adhere to the diet and do not deviate from the training program, then the muscles are not threatened.

Usually the body functions according to the evolutionary principle (the principle of survival). Since ancient times nature has laid down that a person is gaining muscle when the question of survival is: move stones, move trees, build a hut, catch a beast, get food.

If the body needs muscles to survive, then it will not use them as a source of energy.

To "copy" the life of a primitive man, work with heavy weights in training. Approaches from 8, 12, 15 or even 20 repetitions well stimulate metabolism. However, heavy approaches, consisting of 4-6 repetitions, will become a signal for the body that you need to protect your muscles, otherwise there will be destruction.

Assimilation of protein "takes away" a decent amount of energy.

Thus, the total daily expenditure of calories will increase. The intake of a large amount of protein will keep the muscles and speed up the metabolism.

In addition, protein is considered an activator of fat-burning hormones. The more protein enters the body, the more fat-burning hormones are produced – cholecystokinin and glucagon.

Cholecystokinin signals to the brain that the body is saturated, even if you have received few calories.

Glucagon is a catabolic hormone, which is responsible for the splitting of energy reserves. Fat cells enter the bloodstream and are used as fuel.

To increase the effectiveness of the fight against excess weight, it is necessary to provide the body with sufficient energy during training, and also to create conditions for it when fat deposits will be used as fuel throughout the day. If the body has the ability to unhindered disposal of fat deposits, the muscles will be safe.

The best fuel for the body is carbohydrates. By trimming their consumption, we force the body to look for an alternative source of energy – fat. Try to reduce carbohydrate intake to 40-60 g per day (10-20% of the total calorie content of food).

Accustom your body to "refuel" fat, and not carbohydrates. Having learned to effectively use fat as the main source of fuel, he realizes the abundant reserves of such fuel inside himself. This will prevent muscle catabolism.

Carbohydrates activate the production of the hormone insulin. From the point of view of losing weight and gaining muscle mass, you should consider this hormone as a kind of "watchman". Diet for the press involves changing the intake of carbohydrates to take full advantage of insulin and minimize its deficiencies.

Do not worry, it's simple. Correct the intake of carbohydrates in accordance with the training program.

  • Common carbohydrate intake = The proportion of carbohydrates is 10-15% of total calorie content of food.

The schedule of the use of carbohydrates:

In days marked "Increased reception" you need to conduct intensive training. Addition in carbohydrates will allow you to work with more weights, more quickly to recover and spend more calories. On Sunday, do not go to the gym. The body needs energy will decrease. After cutting one meal, we will force him to take fuel from his own fat cells.

If you want to change the training program, do not forget to adjust the intake of carbohydrates accordingly: increased reception – on days of training, usual reception – in days of cardio training, decreased reception – on days of rest (recovery).

The remainder of the diet is the fat. The use of fat in sufficient quantities plus a reduction in the intake of carbohydrates will cause the body to produce the necessary enzymes and optimize the biochemical processes for the use of fat (and not carbohydrates) as fuel.

Do not cut the percentage of fat. You need to teach the body to get energy from fat, not from carbohydrates.

Three rules should be followed:

  1. Eat a variety of types of fats. The use of a variety of types of fat provides the intake of essential fatty acids, as well as a number of nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemical compounds, which are rife with nuts, vegetable oils and avocados.

The results of a recent study show that a decrease in carbohydrates in the diet affects the exchange of fats; the risk of increasing cholesterol levels does not have any scientific evidence.

An example of a diet for an athlete with a body weight of 80 kg.

Third meal
Second meal

1,5 measuring spoons

Third meal

1,5 measuring spoons

Second meal

1,5 measuring spoons

1,5 measuring spoons

1,5 measuring spoons

Second meal

1,5 measuring spoons

1,5 measuring spoons

Diet for the press: four weeks of fighting fat

Diet for the press: four weeks of fighting fat

Diet for the press: four weeks of fighting fat

Diet for the press: four weeks of fighting fat

Diet for the press: four weeks of fighting fat

Hello, and 1 slice is how many grams?

I do not eat meat and dairy products. The better to replace this list: Bacon Chicken breast Beef steak Postal beef Pork tenderloin Thank you.

Marasmus. Eat well, eat whatever you like. And move, move more.

God, what stupid questions are found, forgive me, well, just otherwise you will not say. "Than to replace a bow" . pff . "how can I tailor a diet for myself" aaaa

Prompt please, at reception 30% of fiber and 20% of carbohydrates, what remains on fats? How many per cent of the total caloric value of food should be accounted for by fats? And, as I understand, all diets of this type adhere to the same philosophy: More protein, less carbohydrates, right?

20% + 30% = 50% and total calories = 100% Total for fat is 50%

What if I work on shifts, a month in a month. I'm flying to Yakutia for a deposit, there are dining rooms and nothing else. That is, no lean meat and fish, all only in fried form. Cutlets, chops and so on. With itself for a month to carry products too not an option. What to do in this case? What to eat?

My husband at work shift workers come to work on the drilling, they ask him for a set of products, he brings them to them.

I think then just choose food (from the dining room) with less carbohydrates. I'll have to invent a diet for myself. It certainly will not be ideal, but better than nothing at all) And so – always eat less and move – a pledge of weight loss and health)

Dmitry good day! Please do not leave my huge question unanswered. I read your diet decided to use it in my case because I'm sure that the press I already have left to take off the lower fatty layer. And only after I started encountering a lot of questions in my head: 1. Whether it is possible to interfere with the ingredients between themselves, let's say Monday the second reception of a tomato + cucumber + onion + olive oil. 2. Chicken breast, Salmon, all the legs are brewed !? A steak from beef and pork tenderloin? 3. How to replace flaxseed. 4. Measure the fluid 1 cup is clear 250ml, and take the cottage cheese is 250 gr !? 5. Is it possible to have a light snack between meals, like five pine nuts to eat, or coffee without sugar. 6. And how about the intake of water as 4,5-5 liters? 7. Salsa sauce is like a tomato sauce properly? And then the picture shows a salad. Sorry for the through dimensional meticulousness. I will be very grateful for the answer!

If I weigh 56 kg, how can I adjust this diet to myself?

Tell me please, is it possible to replace something with fish? It is in this diet. I'm allergic to seafood, but I do not want to disturb the balance)

Fish can be replaced with a vegetable source of omega-3 (flaxseed oil, nuts) and lean meat.

And is not it too small for food? Or can I have a snack, such as vegetables? Thank you!

In my opinion, berries are one hundred percent carbohydrates, this is sugar, as well as mandarin .. if you need something from the fruit, then this can be grapefruit, painlessly, in the morning. A huge amount of fat polyunsaturated in food will result in knockout and liver and kidneys and indeed all organs. I think this diet is at least poorly designed and as high as dangerous with so much fat. Well, to introduce sportspita instead of natural proteins would save the situation. Oils? except unrefined, probably, it would be necessary to remove. In any meat, the minimum percentage of fat 10-15, breasts – 4 percent. Dare.

Read the difference between Sucrose and Fructose, and about their assimilation, then you will understand why fruits can be safely used in a diet at any stage

Do not say what you do not know, fructose is well-stored in fat, it is desirable to exclude them on a diet

So it is for 4 weeks. Then just eat right. As far as I understand, this diet is like a diet for drying athletes before performances.

Is there such a diet for girls? I weigh 58 kilograms, weight training 2 times a week, cardio – 1. Has rummaged all in search of a normal power supply system.

Hello, Catherine, concerning the power supply systems for girls, I as a trainer practice a diet adapted for the menstrual cycle (the menstrual phase, postmenstrual phase, ovulatory, luteal) is very helpful in achieving the goal . now there is some information on the Internet, well, or the trainer is qualified hall where you train can ask how to apply and work with weights and nutrition

"I as a trainer practice a diet adapted for the menstrual cycle" – Eugene. Eugene, no offense. Do not "practice" – but "I advise". Otherwise it's very funny.

and this diet is designed for classes in the gym? And whether there will be a result at usual (not sports) way of life?

my waist now 66 see I want to pump up the press, it's better to give up chocolate altogether?)) I'm a strong lover of sweet

Chocolate milk is higher, only milk

If you want a press, fast carbohydrates will have to be abandoned completely.

If you specify 1 art. a spoonful of olive oil – this is meant as a dressing in a salad or can be consumed in its pure form?

Yeah, ate a half of the bulb and washed it down with oil =))) Well, obviously, as a refueling.

Icarus, I am for the maintenance of the body. In the morning on an empty stomach I drink a tablespoon of linseed oil. I recommend.

Better lobster oil – read in Wikipedia)

Can this diet be stretched to visible results if 4 weeks are not enough? How long can you sit on low-carb diets in general?

Can. The main health risk for low-carbohydrate diets is associated with increased intake of fat, which can adversely affect the cardiovascular system. But this is only for those who regularly adhere to a low-carb diet more than 1 year.

Tell me, is one cup how much in grams?

This is a measure of volume, not weight. 1 cup = 250 ml.

Good afternoon! Is it possible to change food intake? I for example go to the gym in the afternoon and I would have more approached, eat a third meal after the simulators. thank you in advance

But why athletes on drying, practically do not eat fats, except for additives, fish. Even if this alternation, then loading takes place only at the expense of coals, and fats at a minimum? All the programs are practically, and in general the principle of PP is built on a reduction in fat content, only useful fats are all matters . and here they write that both mayo and butter cream with cream can be a piece . how so?)

About fats, I was mistaken for as many as 3 years. In the diet reduced to a minimum: skim curd, eggs without yolks, kefir 0,4%, chicken fillet, etc.

I have been doing the same time, the progress was, but very slow.

Recently I came across Alexey Filatov's book "Theory and practice of fat burning", and I will quote what happened next with me:

"I will never forget, when I started losing weight successfully, I sat down on a three-day cycle 50-30-20 with 20% deficit."

This refers to the ratio in the daily diet of protein-fat-carbohydrates 30%: 20%: 50% (energy, ie, by calories, not by weight)

When I included in the diet 20% fat, fat burning went FASTER than when it was at least!

Leave low-fat foods, eat high-grade cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. Be sure to include supplements of omega-3 and omega-6.

Good time. About the diet itself is painted everything is good, but what after? How soon to switch to ordinary food, what will happen to the body after the diet? After all, with normal nutrition, the amount of carbohydrates consumed will increase again, and how to rebuild the poor brain and body, I apologize for the tautology. Will not the metabolism be broken? And in general, can it be that after the transition to the old food, the dropped weight will return? Yes, and in a double size!

Question. Alcohol how to eat with diets? Generally possible? What and how much? Such work, alas, can not escape ((

Alas, alcohol and diet are incompatible things. Caloric content of alcohol is very high. The maximum that you can afford is a glass of dry wine.

This diet is suitable for weight 55 kg?

Dmitry, tell me, how can I replace onions in this diet? Or it can be removed altogether? Can I not consume whey protein? Thank you in advance. L

Onion can generally be removed, as a whole, it does not affect the diet. But with whey protein is already more difficult. 1,5 measuring spoons contain 30-40 g protein. From the diet they can not be excluded, but you can replace something. For example, on 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese or 150 g of tuna.

And for what is the initial weight of the athlete calculated this diet?)

I weigh 100 kg, I want to throw up to 80 kg and so that I have on the press cubes) that you advise Dmitry, what program will advise?

And this one does not fit?

How can I replace onions?

And will this diet suit me? I need to throw off 3 gr and dry it. Now I weigh 51. Training 3 p per week.

I calculated, approximately .. On the first day about 100g of fat is obtained, 30 carbohydrates, 150 protein. The question is not a lot of FAT?

No, because with a small amount of carbohydrates in the diet, the body begins to use fats as a source of energy, which leads to fat burning. This is a feature of all low-carb diets.

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