Diet for the press. Want beautiful cubes?


If you have long dreamed of a perfect figure, with pronounced cubes on your stomach, but neither physical training nor food restrictions help, pay attention to a special diet for the press.

Why can not I pump up the press?

Quite often it is possible to observe such a situation that, by exhausting training and torturing oneself with hunger strikes, a certain tightness of the stomach and its elasticity appear. But, if such a regime stops or weakens, at the speed of light, extra pounds appear, and the fat folds appear worse than before. What is the matter here? And is it possible to get the desired result for a long time?

It turns out that you can. But most of us do not realize that in the question of how to pump up a press the most important role is played by a competent diet. Many professional athletes are aware of the existence of such a diet and most of the time they have resorted to it.

The most important mistake in the usual campaign to lose weight and form the abdomen is the fact that driving the body into stress due to caloric restriction and poor nutrition, as well as strong unusual loads, we make him lose weight by dehydration and burning his own muscles in order to get a fast energy for life.

In addition, the process of memorizing negative information about the possibility of a famine situation starts, and every cell in the future will consider food as a source for creating a stock. As a result, at an accelerated pace in place of the former muscles and folds, there is an even greater amount of adipose tissue.

And only in the case when a diet is used for the cubes of the press, the body correctly eliminates excess fat and strengthens muscle tissue, thanks to a properly organized diet and exercise regimen.

The basis of a diet for a beautiful press

The diet for pumping the press requires adherence to the following fundamental principles:

  • course of diet 6 weeks;
  • 6-type meals, including three main meals and three snacks;
  • Snacking takes place after 2 hours after the main meal;
  • compliance with the drinking regime – 2 l of water;
  • after training to drink a glass of cold water, to further activate the metabolism, allocating additional energy for her warming;
  • compliance with the exercise regime;
  • 1 once a week is allowed to relax in the menu, i.e. you can eat anything you want in one of the main meals;
  • It is allowed, in case of emergency, to use 1 once a week for low-alcohol drinks (a can of beer, a glass of dry wine).

Diet for the press. Want beautiful cubes?

List of useful products

The daily diet in the diet is one of the most important conditions for its success. Thus, it is desirable to focus on the following products:

  • beans, lentils, peas;
  • all grades of low-fat meat, avoid eating pork;
  • preference for olive oil;
  • berries, especially raspberries:
  • Nuts, especially almonds, peanuts and pasta from it;
  • dairy and dairy products with low fat content;
  • whey proteins;
  • oat flakes on milk or kefir;
  • whole wheat bread, bread and ready-baked unsweetened breakfasts;
  • eggs;
  • low-fat fish;
  • vegetables, especially spinach;
  • ginger to accelerate metabolism;
  • cinnamon to reduce the feeling of hunger;
  • red pepper, ground to accelerate the metabolism and stimulate the burning of fat stores for 2 hours after eating;
  • mustard to increase 20% metabolic rate and stimulate the production of hormones responsible for the breakdown of fats.

Particular attention should be paid to cooking methods. It is recommended to avoid frying foods.

With respect to the balance of the daily diet should follow the scheme, where 30% are proteins, 10% fat, 60% complex carbohydrates.

Diet for the press. Want beautiful cubes?

To ensure that the diet gives the best results, you should use protein snacks based on dairy products with foods rich in fiber (oat flakes, fruits, berries, nuts) during the day during snacks or in basic meals.

The total daily calorie intake during the diet for the press for girls (women) should be at the level of 1600 – 1700 kcal in the first week, 1200 in the second week, in all subsequent weeks 1400 – 1500 kcal.

The exercise mode

At the beginning of the diet, during the first two weeks, you should individually develop a comfortable training regime for yourself, but at least three times a week for 10 minutes. It is possible more.

Beginning with the third week, you must necessarily 3 times a week for 10 minutes to conduct exercises to study all 5-ty areas of the press. In addition, strength training is required for the entire body for 20 minutes. You should also pay attention to fast walking.

Expected Results

During the 2-x first weeks, usually due to a change in the diet of food, there is an overall weight loss of 2-3.5 kg. By this time, there is also an adaptation of the metabolism to new nutritional conditions.

After the strength training is included in the day mode (3-4 weeks), the elasticity of the press appears and the overall tightness of the figure. Still at this stage, the consumption of fat stores continues, and the total number of kilos dropped is usually at the level of 3.5 kg.

At 5 and 6 weeks, belly reliefs are clearly visible, its elasticity increases, as well as the elasticity of the thighs and buttocks. In addition, the general tone of the body becomes higher, and the figure acquires new features of harmony and grace. This is due to the already formed habit of the body to fat burning and muscle building.

Everyone who has tried a diet for the press, especially women, notes its ease to perform and the rapid achievement of results. With its help, a magnificent overall physical shape, and especially cubes on the stomach and a beautiful relief, are provided for a short time and in a comfortable life.

Video with exercises for the press

Reviews of the diet for the press

I want to say that there are no diets for the press. The article presents an almost classic example of a sports diet. I made my girlfriend go to the gym with her. Now it can not be pulled from there. She stopped eating chocolate, sweets and bakery products, and a month later she developed a relief not only on her stomach, but also on her legs and hands. So be sure to add physical activity to the diet.

During pregnancy I gained almost 20 kilogram, after the birth the situation did not change at all. Of course, I was very upset. Who wants to have a huge stomach and a bunch of stretches in 23 year. I tried many different diets, but nothing helped. As a result, I came across a "diet for the press". At first I did not believe it, but then I decided to try it. I combined this diet with light physical exercises (squats, push-ups). And, oh, a miracle! I dropped 15 kilogram, returned my beautiful and flat tummy. I advise this diet.

It seems to me that the stomach zone and, as a consequence, the press, are the hardest to form (tighten), if before that a small fat was formed there . I recovered quickly after birth, but now I do not like my stomach to this day, so I try different ways , to achieve the desired result, namely – seductive cubes!))) The above diet was observed, indeed the effect is, and fast, but I think that only in a complex: diet, good physical activity, masks and wraps, you can see in a month or two on myself in the mirror and envy myself.

All my attempts to bring my stomach to an ideal state have not been successful. Whatever I do. With the baby there is not much time to run around the gyms and clubs. It was necessary to solve the problem urgently. I accidentally saw this article with a review of the diet for the ideal press and became interested. As a result, my stomach has become flat, while I'm breastfeeding and eating anything I want. Well, small loads, where are without them!

Excellent diet. During the session, I always get better, because I'm nervous . Because of this, I sooo much eat, indiscriminately, even those foods that I do not like. Thus, during the winter session I typed 7. kilogram. I tried a bunch of diets, hunger, drinking, all in vain, for I said goodbye to thick hair, with strong nails, and critical days. Having stumbled upon this diet "for the press," I did not at first believe that it was effective, but nevertheless began to adhere to it. The result did not take long, I began to lose weight!)) The diet itself is not complex, the list of foods is delicious, lost weight by 5 kg. The press really appeared, although it had not even thought about it before))) Naturally, I combine with the sport) I'm losing weight in achieving my goals!))))

All my attempts to bring my stomach to an ideal state have not been successful. Whatever I do. With the baby there is not much time to run around the gyms and clubs. And the problem had to be solved urgently. I accidentally saw this article with a review of the diet for the ideal press and became interested. As a result, my stomach has become flat, while I'm breastfeeding and eating anything I want. Well, small loads, where are without them!

In general, not an amateur to exhaust yourself with diets, but by the summer it was necessary to lose a couple of kilograms and prepare the body for the bathing season. Decided to stay on a diet for the press, tk. on it you can eat all my favorite foods. So I practically did not have to limit myself. Adding to this the physical load (for the sake of a beautiful figure had to sweat pretty), I got a fit, healthy body. And fast enough, just some 4 weeks. Do not be ashamed now to appear on the beach in a swimsuit, friends envy!

On a spring May day, I suddenly realized that summer was coming soon. Long looked for a diet that would not spoil the metabolism. And so I found her – a diet for the press. None of which is complicated in it, but what are the results. Has grown thin for 14 kg and the tummy has become excellent. Despite the fact that I gave birth a year ago. Now with joy I run to the beach, boast of forms. I really like to catch the admiring glances

My main problem is my stomach. After pregnancy he became huge. In general, I scored a little during the pregnancy, but within a year after giving birth weight increased by 20 kilo. I when it was weighed-stunned, did not think, that so much typed. Tried different diets, like and weight went, but the stomach did not change much, as if the water was leaving .. I accidentally stumbled upon this diet for the press. So skeptically everything took. Now the second month of such nutrition is coming and I'm in shock. I am much better, even in terms of health (I have stones in the pancreas). The stomach is slowly going away and the main thing is pulling it up.

Well, what to say, girls . I have been looking for my diet for a very long time, while the results were modest. I read this article about a diet for a beautiful press and decided that it's time to take care of yourself, the years go by. All problems with weight began when she quit smoking. Now I decided – if I could give up a cigarette, then somehow I can and adhere strictly to the rules of the diet. It's been almost a month and a half – normal flight. In the first two weeks I lost about five kilograms, now I can not get so much, only about a kilogram per week, but Moscow was not built right away))) I hope that I will be able to get a bikini out of the closet for the next bathing season)

PySy: as it turned out, the hardest part was to give up pork, especially in the midst of a shish kebab season, but it overcame) The rest of the products I love so much, and the work allows you to stick to the schedule, so to some extent the process brings pleasure, especially when you look at the scales)

Six months ago I enrolled in fitness to bring the figure in order. The result was, but not the one I wanted to. One of the main problems remained that the stomach stubbornly did not want to become beautiful, and the desired relief remained hidden under a layer of fat. I already wanted to quit, thinking that it was all in vain when a girl from a fitness room advised a special diet for the press. Honestly, at first in the success was uncertain, and even 2 liters of water a day is hard to drink. But the protein cocktails very much. The result exceeded all my expectations, already now, a month later, the cubes are clearly visible on my stomach, I'm not ashamed to go to the beach, my figure I like. I will continue, there is no limit to joy.

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