Diet for weight loss belly

Extra centimeters in the abdomen provide a lot of problems for our women, who dream of getting rid of excess fat at the waist. Alas, there is no special diet specifically for this area of ​​the body . The belly slimming diet is a combination of proper nutrition and moderate physical activity, designed to raise the body's overall tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdominal press. With a weak muscular corset, even the fat that is deprived of fat will look flabby and ugly.

Recently, many exercises for "lazy people" have been invented, which do not take much time and effort. Do "Plank" (with all its variations) once or twice a day, exercises for the muscles of the abdominal press from shaping (true, you have to sweat), but just twist the hula-hoop while watching the series – do anything, and you soon notice the result. A diet for losing weight belly, which you choose, just help to quickly get rid of unnecessary volume in the waist. So, to regain a flat and beautiful belly is a real and feasible task.

Bezdruzhzheva diet № 1 with the exception of sugar and salt

It is this diet for weight loss belly is considered to date one of the most popular. The essence of it is to completely exclude from the diet any kind of yeast: beer, bakery or dairy. Duration of the diet is a week.

1.Exclusion of any products with the presence of yeast in the composition.

2. Drinking fluid only after 2 hours after eating, or 20 minutes before eating. Food is strictly prohibited. However, if during food you are tormented by unbearable thirst, as an exception, you are allowed to drink 1 a glass of warm water in small sips, but often you can not do this, otherwise from such weight loss will not be good.

3. The use of live fiber (vegetables, fruits).

Breakfast: 1 a glass of water, drunk immediately after sleep, 3 apple, tea without sugar.

Lunch: 1 a glass of water for 20 minutes before meals, 200 g of raw white cabbage, any beverage without sugar.

Dinner: 1 glass of water, 5 raw carrots, any beverage without sugar.

Breakfast: 1 glass of water, 4 pears, drink without sugar.

Lunch: 1 glass of water, 200 grams of boiled beets, a beverage without sugar.

Dinner: 1 a glass of water, 5 of Bulgarian peppers, a beverage without sugar.

Breakfast: 1 glass of water, 2 orange, drink without sugar.

Lunch: 1 a glass of water, 200 g of broccoli, a beverage without sugar.

Dinner: 1 glass of water, 4 apple, a beverage without sugar.

Breakfast: 1 glass of water, 1 grapefruit, a beverage without sugar.

Lunch: 1 glass of water, 200 g of asparagus bean, a beverage without sugar.

Dinner: 1 a glass of water, 10 prunes berries, a beverage without sugar.

Breakfast: 1 a glass of water, 200 grams of grapes, a beverage without sugar.

Lunch: 1 a glass of water, 200 grams of boiled kohlrabi, a beverage without sugar.

Dinner: 1 glass of water, 1 orange, 1 apple and a sugar-free drink.

Breakfast: 1 a glass of water, 100 g dried apricots, a beverage without sugar.

Lunch: 1 glass of water, 4 tomato, a beverage without sugar.

Dinner: 1 glass of water, 200 g of any cabbage, a beverage without sugar.

Breakfast: 1 glass of water, 3 pears, drink without sugar.

Lunch: 1 glass of water, 5 boiled carrots, a beverage without sugar.

Dinner: 1 glass of water, 3 fresh cucumber, a beverage without sugar.

Do not forget that each glass of water should be consumed twenty minutes before eating, and a beverage without sugar – two hours after eating.

Diet № 2, designed for five days

Menu for every day

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, 1 grapefruit.

Lunch: 200 g of boiled fish, vegetable salad.

Dinner: 1 orange, chicken, vegetable salad.

Salty, sweet and flour from the diet should be excluded.

Diet for slimming belly № 3 (watermelon)

Observing it, during the first 5 days every day you need to eat at least 1 kg of this giant berry for 10 kg of your weight. At the end of this period, a ten-day diet starts with the same watermelon, but with the addition of other products.

Menu on 10 days

Lunch: vegetable salad, fish or chicken.

After that, you should repeat 5 days of exclusively watermelon food. Watermelon saturates the body with folic acid, necessary for tissue regeneration, while it has the strongest diuretic effect: it removes sand, toxins and toxins from the body, which leads to rapid weight loss and a decrease in the waist and hips.

Diet № 4 on the basis of separate food

Duration of the diet is 1 a week.

1. More meals, equal intervals of time between them, less portions.

2. Use at least 1,5 liters of fluid per day.

3. Inclusion in the diet of fresh vegetables, vegetable salads, greens with vegetable oil at each meal.

4. Snacks – only fruit.

5. Limitation of the amount of sugar, salt and flour products consumed.

6. Full exclusion from the diet of fast food products, canned food, sausages, smoked products.

7. A categorical ban on alcohol, coffee, smoking.

For the effectiveness of the diet should include in it natural cereals, but do not mix them with protein food, proteins only combine with vegetables.

1 boiled egg and diet bread;

low-fat curd and 1 apple;

dietary yogurt and 1 orange.

2 orange or & frac12; sweet peppers or 2 green apples.

vegetable soup + 1 boiled egg;

vegetable soup with chicken + low-fat cheese;

stewed vegetables with stewed fish of low-fat variety.

2 tomato, 1 fresh cucumber, chicken boiled;

1 fresh cucumber, 1 boiled egg, boiled beans;

fresh vegetables, lean meat, boiled beans.

Weekly diet for slimming belly № 5

Menu for every day

Breakfast: unsweetened tea, cheese.

Lunch: 1 hard boiled egg, cheese, boiled meat.

Dinner: boiled meat, vegetable salad.

Before going to bed, drink a decoction of mint.

Diet for slimming stomach # 6 for twenty days

First and second day: tomato juice; 2 l kefir or milk; 2 a piece of bread.

The third and fourth day:

8.00- 9.00 – 1 slice of black bread, coffee with milk, & frac12; Art. l. honey.

12.00-13.00 – 1 slice of black bread, 100 g fish.

16.00-17.00 – & frac12; st.l. honey, 1 a glass of milk or tea.

19.00 – 1 a glass of yogurt, cheese, 2 eggs.

8.00 – 2 apple or orange.

13.00 – vegetable soup, vinaigrette.

16.00-17.00 is the 2 of the apple.

19.00 – vegetable salad, tea.

Then the cycle repeats. During the diet, it is recommended to take additional multivitamins, and after its completion, it is obligatory to consume cottage cheese daily.

Effective diet for slimming belly № 7

Duration of the diet is not limited.

1. Complete exclusion of salt and alcohol.

2. The number of meals per day is 5 at intervals of 3 hours.

3. In the daily menu – oranges, lemon juice, watercress.

4. Daily use of 2 l liquid. It can be not only pure water, but also freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, green tea.

5. Exclusion from the diet of sweets, baked goods, white bread.

6. Replacing coffee with green tea.

In your diet should be a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, lean fish, chicken eggs. Sometimes you can afford sweet – honey, dried fruits, jelly, pudding.

Menu per day (approximate):

Breakfast: 1 egg soft-boiled, toast.

Lunch: vegetable salad, 200 g of boiled fish or chicken.

Dinner: 1 orange, 200 grams of boiled veal.

Before bedtime: a glass of yogurt.

Regularly follow this diet is not recommended. Its essence lies in the alternation of protein days with carbohydrate days. The consumed proteins include cooked chicken, chicken eggs, and to consumed carbohydrates – beets, carrots, white cabbage.

Protein day menu:

Before breakfast: 1 a glass of clean water.

Breakfast: 1 boiled chicken egg, 1 fresh cucumber with greens.

Dinner and supper: boiled chicken without skin. The chicken should be brought to a boil, drained of broth, again pour it with water and cook further. You should get 700 g of product. This amount should be divided for lunch and dinner.

Every day you need to drink 1,5 l water.

Menu of carbohydrate day:

For the day you need to eat 1,5 kg of vegetables. You can cook salad from them and eat it during the day in 8 receptions.

To prepare the salad finely chop 500 g white cabbage, 500 g carrots and add to the salad 1 tsp. lemon juice.

1. The mode of eating is five meals a day.

2. Last meal not later than 19.00 hours.

3. Exclusion from the diet of salt.

After the end of the diet, you will need to keep and keep the weight, and for this you should consume six foods, which in this case will provide you with invaluable help: oat porridge, canned beans (white, black, red), lentils (you can add to soup, do on a garnish to the second dishes), brown rice, chickpeas, pearl barley.

Your breakfast should be satisfying to fill a gap in food all day. You can not eat light carbohydrates for a while: rolls, cakes, sweets, fatty white bread (replace it with whole grain bread, preferably bread), processed meat, smoked, fried. When using natural juices dilute them with water in equal proportions. And it is even better to replace them with compote, a decoction of dried fruits, which help the intestines to work quickly. Limit the amount of sugar in food and liquids (drink everything without adding sugar). Your diet should be balanced – it should contain 15% protein (& frac12; animals), 55% carbohydrates (90% of them vegetables and fruits), 30% fats (⅓ vegetable ones).

Low-calorie corn four-day diet "For courageous and resolute"

Why for courageous and resolute? Yes, because this diet is very hungry, but, I must say, gives a quick effect. For 4 days you can lose weight on 4, and even on 5 kg. Fat from the stomach will go away, it is not worth doubting. Use this diet can not be more often 1 times a month in the absence of contraindications. Going to such a crucial step is not easy, but, you see, the game is worth the candle.

1 and 2 days: 400 g of canned or fresh corn (2 cob). Divide the daily portion into 4 portions and eat throughout the day. But, besides this, during the day you should eat also 1 carrots, 1 sweet peppers, 1 cucumber and tomato, 1 apple or 1 kiwi. If you wish, you can add greens. You can eat everything individually, and you can make a salad.

3 and 4 days: 200 g corn, which is divided into 4 parts. You can afford a few mushrooms, but no more than 150 g. It is allowed to add carrots, sweet peppers, cucumber, tomato, apple and kiwi.

As already mentioned above, to any of the diets would be nice to add exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles:

No. 2: twist the hoop.

No. 3: jump over the rope.

No. 4: lateral inclines with burdening. Take in the right hand some comfortable and light object, about 2-3 kg, and bend to the right, briefly stay in this position and return to the starting position. Do the exercise 13-15 times, then shift the load to the left hand and repeat the exercise, leaning to the left.

Do you like to dance or swim? Wonderful, dance, swim, walk – all this will also give its positive results, and a diet for losing weight belly will only speed up the process!

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