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Slender legs always attract attention. And beautiful, graceful female legs chained men's looks first. Fast diet for weight loss is based on a balanced diet and a reasonable distribution of calories. Adding to the diet a physical load, you can get a chic result. The first step on the way to slim legs is a complete revision of your diet. It is necessary to remove all foods with high caloric content. Chocolate sweets, cream cakes and pastries, fatty foods leave your menu until a special order.

What is excluded from the list of recommended products can be replaced with fruit and vegetable dishes in a raw or boiled form. They will become your real helpers in getting rid of excess fat on your legs. Remember the high content of vitamins in all fruits and vegetables, including vitamins B, C, E and A. An indispensable source of health – potassium – is found in carrots, oranges, strawberries, potatoes, bananas and kiwis. Enrich your menu with salads from fresh vegetables, and a diet for slimming your legs will give a positive result.

In the diet, whose goal is to lose weight, fatty fish with a rich content of omega-3 are welcome. Their use will prevent the clogging of blood vessels. Mackerel, herring, and salmon are allowed in small portions. In the diet are allowed spicy condiments that help the body to remove excess fluid, stimulating blood circulation. Such spices are red pepper, ginger, garlic, the main thing is not to overdo it with quantity.

Any diet is built on a strict diet and diet. Adhering to this range of products, you can apply them in different combinations. Making up the menu, be based on your own taste, but maintain a total caloric content per day no more than 1300 kcal (for 450 kcal for breakfast and lunch, 400 kcal for dinner). The presence of physical activity allows you to add another 100 kcal to the menu. Remember, breakfast is an indispensable and necessary condition for every diet, and starvation can harm the body.

At any time, you want to have an ideal shape of the legs and thighs. But what if these places accumulate excess fat faster than other parts of the body? This problem puzzles, mostly, women. Superfluous fat deposits disappear if you apply certain forces. First and foremost, the balance in nutrition is important, and the diet supplemented with physical loads will help to speed up the process of losing weight. Such a complex will reduce the volume of the hips, make them fit and beautiful.

It is essential for this diet to reduce fat intake. Exclude sausages, semi-finished products, and anything that can contain harmful fats. A variety of fish is allowed, useful for the presence of fatty acids and vitamins. Fill the diet with fruits and vegetables. They are enriched with antioxidants, which are involved in the body by neutralizing free radicals. Fruit and vegetable fiber will help the intestines work, will give the body the necessary vitamin set.

It is useful to focus on acute additives to nutrition. Garlic, ginger, chili pepper perfectly enhance blood circulation, prevent flow. Ginger tea is a first-class drink for slimming women. Do not forget about the carriers of calcium, magnesium and protein, because the diet for weight loss of the legs is aimed at reducing the fatty layer and the formation of muscles. With this cope soy, lean dairy products, wheat sprouts. Be sure to give your legs a physical load, you can choose a special set of exercises to give them a beautiful shape.

A simple diet for weight loss leg helps to remove excess fat on the hips and buttocks. The peculiarity of this food system is a low amount of fats and a low calorie content in the daily diet. Scrupulous calorie counting is not required, you need to make a menu of allowed products in acceptable combinations for you. Potatoes boiled in the skins, rice and pasta are allowed to eat as much as they want to extinguish the possible feeling of hunger.

List of prohibited products:

Fatty dairy products (cheese, sour cream, cream, butter);

Salo, bacon, brisket, sausages, sausages, interior fat;

Any nuts, seeds (except for vegetarians);

List of allowed products:

Meat and fish of lean varieties;

Vegetables, fruits in unlimited quantities;

Bread, vegetable proteins, rice, pasta, potatoes;

A small amount of alcohol, freshly squeezed juices, coffee, tea.

The total number of calories per day is 1200-1400. One can note the severity of such a diet with respect to the consumption of fats. A well-designed menu will contain a maximum of 20% of fats from the total number of calories per day. With this mode, weight loss can be up to 1,4 kg per week. This trend will persist for 2-3 weeks. With more prolonged use of the diet, the process of losing weight slows down.

Sample menu for one day:

Breakfast: muesli with lean milk, brown sugar – 1 teaspoon.

2 breakfast: carrots and celery in raw form.

Lunch: fruit salad with chicken breast, dressed with lean yogurt and wine vinegar.

Dinner: grilled tenderloin, baked potatoes – 1 pcs., Boiled mushrooms and vegetables – without limitation, rice pudding, cooked in lean milk with sugar substitute, melon.

Drinks during the day: tea (coffee) with lean milk, mineral water without gas.

The diet for slimming legs and abdomen is easy enough to apply. It uses conventional products, from which you can prepare a variety of dishes. The only difficulty can be cooking food without fat, but you need to get used to it if you really need the result. The use of a double boiler and grill will help to cope with this task. The diet does not cause discomfort and intolerable feelings of hunger. The lack of certain nutrients in the diet requires an additional intake of multivitamins.

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Dissatisfaction with their external types, in particular, the belly and legs, makes many think about a special diet for these parts of the body. The principle of diet is simple enough: you need to learn to live for two or three weeks without fatty and fried foods. An exception is made only for oily fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon) with a high content of omega-3. Such a fish will give the body protection against blockage of blood vessels. Season with garlic, ginger, hot pepper. Choose the listed acute additives to your liking. Confectionery products for the duration of the diet are excluded.

Slimness of the legs will be given by products with a high content of vitamin C and potassium. These include oranges, kiwi, bananas, strawberries, dried apricots, peppers. Eating yogurt or kefir is quite capable of building muscle tissue, they are a delicious and healthy meal. Assistant of all diets in the fight against cellulite is pure water. Drink it to two liters a day. The diet can contain no more than 10% of sugar, the allowed amount of salt – a teaspoon, alcohol (with a special desire) is allowed two servings.

Cook the food for a couple or bake.

Approximate version of the diet:

Breakfast – 400kcal. Rice casserole, unsweetened tea (coffee) with milk.

Lunch and dinner on 450 kcal. Lenten borsch, cabbage salad with red sweet pepper, fish (meat) boiled, freshly squeezed juice.

Eat fruit and vegetable dishes four times a day for 200. By the way, pineapple acts as a fat burner, and strawberry and a tomato strengthen connective tissue. Take time to practice jogging. This is the most effective and affordable form of physical activity for the legs. You can run both on the street and at home, choose a convenient place and go ahead. To fix the result of the diet will help special exercises for the abdomen. Information about them can be taken on the Internet. Want for yourself beauty and health – do not be lazy, and the result will appear very quickly.

Reviews and results of diet for weight loss

Veronica. I tried a diet to lose weight legs and I can conclude that without sports loads the method works poorly. Thin, thin, but droopy eyes do not please. Therefore, a diet for slimming feet plus a gym – and the result will please.

Olga. I have no confidence in these diets. Exceptionally regular sports will help to correct any lack of a figure, and the food will improve itself, the main thing is to listen and learn to understand your body.

Michael. I did not use the diet myself, but my wife for two weeks followed all the advice to this diet and, oh miracle – the beauty of all to envy. I am very glad.

Svetlana. To me the diet has approached very well. Legs lost weight. I can even wear dresses and skirts, which I did not do before, always hid my legs under my trousers. My advice is not to be lazy, make an effort – and you are a beauty, a real woman.

There are universal methods of losing weight in the general plan, which do not require great feats for their implementation. The reverse side of the coin is in the low effectiveness of such diets. Only your intention will lead to the implementation of cardinal techniques that have proven effectiveness.

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the eternal problem! Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from the psychological point of view, it has a great deal.

As you know, the popularity of a diet depends on how quickly it helps to get rid of excess weight, because more often than not we remember this vital problem only on the eve of any important events or holidays. Naturally, in such situations almost all women are looking for the most.

To date, separate food is a fairly popular way to eliminate excess weight. Many popular people claim that they used this method to adjust their weight. Many nutritionists believe that it is easier to follow an established diet in the event that a person alternates foods in.

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