Diet for weight loss on 3 days: speed and results


An uncomplicated diet on 3 day will help not only to become slimmer, but also to believe in yourself. The menu options that will be offered below have helped thousands of people clean 1-3 kg, and 1-2 cm at the waist for such a short time. Many then believed in the effectiveness of proper nutrition for weight loss, and achieved truly impressive goals, continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle. In just three days you can get used to the restrictions, but not too tired of them. With this, it's nice to start any program of harmony.

The benefits of a diet for 3 days

Psychologists believe that the most difficult day of restrictive nutrition – the third and fourth. The body is already tired of the deficit of calories and nutrients, and the brain – from the lack of positive impressions. Therefore, longer, week and two-week menus can provoke frustration and problems. And after three days it's easy enough to start eating right, with a small calorie deficit, and finally appreciate the taste of healthy foods.

For modern dietetics, the axiom is that:

  • it is not important how many days a person eats for their energy needs, and how much for a deficit, but what will be the average weekly calorie content;
  • Individuals are suitable, for example, low-calorie meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and a normal, full-fledged diet during the working week;
  • this approach, in comparison with a long even low-calorie diet, helps to avoid the adaptation of metabolism, allows you to keep calm and reduce stress.

Of course, if a person is only at the beginning of the road to harmony, a short diet will not solve his problem entirely. But in fact it is quite possible to lose weight cycles, using various variants of rations.

Protein diet for 3 days

For whom : Suitable as an alternative to sports "drying" for lovers of aerobic fitness. It works well for girls who do not like fruits and vegetables, and do not want to eat porridge, but they will not give up cottage cheese.

When: After the holidays, unscheduled overeating, on days off from training.

QUICK MENU: Start each day with one boiled chicken egg. Soft-boiled, hard-boiled, poached – it does not matter. The main thing that it was not fried eggs in oil. After 4 hours, eat 150-200 g cottage cheese from 0 to 2% fat, and repeat this meal again after 4 hours. The rest of the time – mineral and plain water without restrictions, and green tea.

Mode: Refrain from shock drills, and accomplishments on the intellectual field. It is better to plan for these days something quiet and pleasant. A lack of carbohydrates can cause mild dizziness, which will only increase if you load yourself without measure.

supplements: Continue to take vitamins and omega-three (fish oil or linseed oil in capsules). This will protect the joints and nervous system.

Diet for weight loss on 3 days: speed and results

Diet 3 days minus 2 kg

For whom: Suitable for lovers of fruits and vegetables, as well as those who find it difficult to refuse snacks during the day, and from the sweet.

When: Contains a little protein, and with frequent repetition will help slow the metabolism, therefore, not more than once a month. In the rest of the time it's better to look at protein three-day diets, or alternate with any available menu.

QUICK MENU: Same for all three days

Breakfast: 3 tablespoons oatmeal with bran, 5 tablespoons low-fat milk, green apple

Snack: 100 g any sweet fruit, the order of 70-90 kcal. Banana, mango or grapes will do.

Dinner: Vegetarian borsch without potatoes, or any soup that you can cook from vegetables, beans, on water, without adding oil. If you were in the public catering, eat minestrone, ask them to cook it without fried onions. A cup of green tea.

Diet for weight loss on 3 days: speed and results

Snack: 5-7 stuffed almonds, raw, small (200, not 300 g) grapefruit.

Dinner: Vegetable salad with lots of dark green vegetables. Choose a Romaine, not an iceberg, if possible – cabbage kale, or even a young spinach. These vegetables have a large volume at an extremely low calorie content, they are saturated better than their pale green cousins, and contain 3 g of protein per 100. You can season the salad with lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil.

On this diet is not recommended excessive salt, so soups are better to cook at home and take with them in the thermos.

Mode: Refrain from travel, the diet helps to cleanse the intestines, so it's better not to move away from strategically important places. Power loads with such a diet are quite harmful, the muscles have nothing to restore, not enough protein. Limit home gymnastics, yoga or walking, if you exercise, go for a walk for a while, if not.

Diet 3 day minus 3 kg: strict and effective

Any effective diet for 3 days is a limitation. The same will make you shake, and cleanse the body. All products for the diet should be washed, cleaned, placed in a blender and mixed in smoothies.

For whom: all who need not only to lose weight, but also to remove the stomach "ball"

When: in summer, on vacation, during reduced physical activity

  • For breakfast: a large bunch of cabbage kale (boldly change to any available green salad if you can not buy it), 2 green apple, bunch of celery, 1 banana. Stir at high speed, you can with ice cubes.
  • For a snack: 1 pear, half a glass of berries, 200 g ice cubes
  • For dinner: 2 cucumber, 2 tomato, basil (optional)
  • For dinner: Apple, wheat, half avocado, carrots, spinach.

Mode: Try to relax more. Evening portion smoothies can be divided into 2, and drink part right before bedtime, so that it is not hungry. Do not forget to drink water, even if you have to go to the toilet quite often. This will help to cleanse the body and avoid a breakdown.

Diet for weight loss on 3 days: speed and results

If you do not want to interfere with smoothies, it does not matter. There is an effective diet for three days with vegetables and fruits. The day is taken first 1, 5 kg of any fresh vegetables, you can carrots and beets, too. On the second day – one and a half kilos of available berries or fruits. On the third day – 200 g of dried fruits, which should further purify the body and delight sweet tooth.

And you can try and fruit mono-diets. For example, three days, eat only the pulp of watermelon, according to 1, 5 kg and drink green tea. Or – just apples. This option is suitable for those who do not have problems with the acidity of gastric juice.

Try not to switch from a three-day diet to something even tougher, so as not to provoke breakdowns and poor health, and eat moderately on weekends, weight will gradually decline.

Before the start of any weight loss program, go to the endocrinologist, the gastroenterologist and the basic blood tests (they will be appointed by the therapist).

Reviews on the diet for 3 days

It's hard for me to lose weight in the office, we always have delicious food. And on Friday a short day, and on weekends I sit at home. Therefore, in the week I go to fitness in the evening. On Friday I bring cottage cheese for lunch, and at 17.00 I'm at home and eating my pack quietly. For a six-month diet for the weekend, I lost weight by 12 kg, and completely changed the wardrobe.

She was never fat. Weight gained itself. It was 40, and it began. I always ate everything, then I decided to lose weight, I broke down. I sat on a diet of "fruits and vegetables" for three days at the cottage, at the beginning of the holiday, dropped 2 kg, and I believed in myself. By 1 September parents of my students have not recognized, thanks to "unloading" and proper nutrition.

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