Diet in acute pancreatitis and gastric system disease

Diet in acute pancreatitis has its own characteristics, it is about them and will be discussed in this article.

This disease is characterized by inflammation of the pancreas, proceeds in an acute form, caused by the activation of digestive enzymes.

The causes of acute pancreatitis are many, it can be both hereditary disease and alcohol abuse, malnutrition, glandular malfunction, etc.

To adhere to a strict diet is necessary, rational nutrition plays an initial role in stabilizing the digestive system, preventing relapses and moving the disease into a chronic form.

Characteristics of a diet for acute pancreatitis

  1. At an acute period, food starvation is required. The intake of the necessary substances into the body is carried out first by parenteral nutrition, and then the necessary nutrient mixtures are led through the umbrella into the stomach.
  2. Self-feeding begins with the consumption of protein food
  3. All products must enter the body gradually, with mandatory control of the pancreas
  4. When a severe attack of the disease is not allowed to enter the body, even water, in more light cases you can drink boiled water, weak unsweetened tea or broth of wild rose.
  5. On 2-4 day after an attack of pancreatitis, mucous soups can be introduced into the diet, mashed porridges on milk with water in equal proportions
  6. All dishes are served in a warm form, every 2-3 hours in small portions
  7. Drinking at room temperature

This diet is observed for 5-7 days.

Further, the patient's diet is expanded, low-fat dairy products are introduced, followed by fruit and vegetable purees, cereal soups, omelettes, puddings, cottage cheese. All food should be carefully boiled or cooked steamed.

There are no fried and smoked products, less fat and plenty of food.

After two months you can eat fresh vegetables and fruits, bread, meat, fish, meat cutlets are allowed. Be sure to chew the food thoroughly. The portion per day gradually increases to 600 g at one time. Breaks between meals should not be less than 3,5-4 hours.


  • Rich meat, fish and vegetable broths
  • Spicy condiments and spices
  • Marinades and conservation
  • Spicy radish vegetables, garlic, horseradish, raw onions
  • Sour fruits and berries
  • Chocolate products
  • Strong coffee, carbonated drinks, kvass
  • Baked baked goods
  • Restriction of vegetable fats
  • Spicy greens.

On an individual basis, the dose and time of food intake should be monitored. You can not overeat and over-satiate the digestive system, so useful substances will not be produced qualitatively, but only subcutaneous fat will be deposited.

Patients with pancreatitis are required to create an individual food system to avoid relapse of the disease.

Timely treatment, prevention and a healthy lifestyle can permanently "close" the disease in the body, and even for years do not remind of its existence. Only a beneficial environment and a minimum of harmful substances will help you to maintain your health!

After an attack of acute pancreatitis, the sample menu will look like this:

For breakfast – buckwheat porridge without added sugar and butter, cooked on milk – 200 g, protein mixture – 150 g;

The second breakfast – 100 g steam knels, a glass of mineral water without gases;

Lunch – 40 g meat cutlet, steamed or grilled, 250 g oatmeal soup, 100 grams of carrot paste and a cup of sweetened tea;

Snack – 180 g infusion of rose hips, steam omelet from proteins – 70 g;

Dinner – a cup of tea, 200 g of mashed oatmeal in milk and water, without adding oil and sugar;

One hour before sleep, you can eat a kissel of fresh fruits and berries without sugar and honey-200.

Fatty products are completely excluded and the diet, without introducing them in the future.

Reviews and recommendations about the diet number 5, patients with acute pancreatitis

Maria from the city of Cheboksary 10 years suffered from attacks of acute pancreatitis. It only became easier, and again it was taken for the old – the food is not balanced, a lot of flour and sweet, and about the limitations in the dosage of servings and does not need to be remembered. So it came to the point of surgical intervention.

The woman after the operation realized her "errors" and started to follow a healthy lifestyle.

After discharge from the hospital, she made herself a table menu, stopped eating fried and spicy food, focused on meat light broths, more wiped vegetables and green tea.

Steamed cucumbers and tinctures of rose hips became for her a constant breakfast, instead of baking and various muffins.

Maria stopped consuming alcohol and strong drinks, especially at night. Only sour-milk products and anything superfluous, especially before a dream.

A few years after the operation, the pains in the stomach no longer disturbed the woman, the metabolism was restored, the digestive system was normalized.

Only a strict diet and a balanced diet helped Mary prolong her life, making her whiter than light and joyful. Gone are the extra pounds that caused discomfort, there was cheerfulness and strength of mind, and apathy and endless pains in the stomach forgot the way to her house.

CONCLUSION: Not only drug treatment will be a reliable companion during the treatment of the disease, but self-correct balanced nutrition will be the basis for relieving exacerbation and complete restoration of pancreatic functions.

  1. Regular meals in small portions
  2. Fresh, warm, healthy food
  3. Abundant drink
  4. Less sugar and salt
  5. Prohibition of alcohol and coffee
  6. Easy exercise
  7. Absence of flour and bakery products
  8. Minimum fatty foods
  9. Vegetables and fruits in grated form
  10. Unsafe teas and decoctions of rose hips

Serve a huge benefit to the health of the patient.

Diet in pancreatitis must be observed unconditionally.

  • There is as much protein as possible, while completely reducing heavy fats and empty carbohydrates, and especially sugar, which increases cholesterol in the blood.
  • The food should be fractional and often, that is, 5-6 once a day.

The pancreas is simply necessary for the regulation of the normal functioning of the body: the digestive juice that it secrete into the lumen of the duodenum, splits the main components of food products – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

In addition, the pancreas is the source of insulin production, which is necessary for the normal course of carbohydrate metabolism, and also prevents obesity of the liver and other equally important organs of vital activity.

A similar disease can occur on the basis of malnutrition, abuse of fatty foods, alcohol, etc. The disease occurs in both acute and chronic forms.

Diet in pancreatitis directly depends on the characteristics of the pathological process: in the acute period requires more strict control and unquestioning attitude to the diet and foods consumed in food.

Be sure to consult a doctor who will help you make up an individual menu and revise the diet of your diet at the moment.


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