Diet in case of liver disease. What you can eat

Violation of the liver can be a consequence of malnutrition, active drug treatment of concomitant diseases, and even simple hypothermia. Diet with liver disease is prescribed to improve the condition of the patient, remove symptoms or completely cure the disease.

The list of what you can eat, significantly expanded in recent years compared with traditional therapeutic diets. Dishes are selected according to the principle of least strain on the diseased organ – the minimum amount of fats of any origin.

The diet must include vitamins, proteins that are easily digested, carbohydrates and minerals. What to eat and how to cook:

  • Bread products are better stale, dried, white bread;
  • The porridge is not too boiled, it can be friable;
  • Vermicelli and macaroni somewhat restrict, no more than once a week;
  • Sour-milk and dairy products without fat;
  • Meat, low-fat parts, it is better to boil or bake in your own juice in the oven: beef, chicken, veal, turkey, rabbit;
  • Fish and eggs are any;
  • Vegetables are all, except for legumes and containing coarse fiber;
  • Fruits are all except pears;
  • Honey, as an alternative to sugar, in limited quantities.

Salads can be seasoned with olive and sunflower oil, pumpkin, corn, linseed oil is also allowed. From sweet are allowed: marshmallow, marmalade, pastille, jelly, mousse, biscuit from oats.

Among the beverages, preference should be given to compotes without sugar, cooked on dried fruits, tea, jelly, fruit freshly squeezed juices, water. Tea should not be strong.

Patients suffering from liver diseases, are strictly prohibited smoked, fatty, acute products. Fry in oil is also prohibited. Severe food can lead to an instant exacerbation and a critical condition.

Gastroenterologists recommend to abandon mushrooms, fatty meat, ducks, goose, fat, fatty cheeses and cottage cheese, fried omelets, various types of oils and margarine. We will also have to forget about smoked and half-finished products, sausages and sausages.

It is impossible to season dishes with spicy seasonings, fresh white bread will also be harmful. Ice cream, chocolate sweets and sweets with fat cream are prohibited. Among the vegetables – radish, onion and green, radish, garlic, sorrel. Among the drinks – sour juices, cocoa, coffee and strong teas, are strictly forbidden alcoholic and sweet drinks with gas.

Useful for the liver is a pumpkin and persimmons without skins. Pumpkin mushrooms help the liver to purify the body of toxins, and the persimmon contains a rich vitamin complex that reduces inflammation.

With cirrhosis of a compensated liver, the diet should include a large amount of protein with essential amino acids. Become a source of such protein can beef, milk, cottage cheese, fish river.

Egg white combined with oatmeal and buckwheat porridges will help stop the development of cirrhosis, which arose against a background of unbalanced diet and alcohol abuse.

Restriction on products, fats in the diet and drinks, is similar to the general diet. It should be remembered that neglect of diet can lead to a critical condition of the patient.

Decompensated cirrhosis is different from the previous one in that the liver loses the ability to process ammonia, secreted by proteins. Therefore, in this case, the amount of proteins is sharply limited, and if the condition worsens, the protein is eliminated altogether.

The gastroenterologist can increase the fat content in the diet. In the rest, the patient should rely on the menu of the general diet and their own state of health. Fats in the diet should be vegetable or dairy, animal fats are prohibited.

Increase and inflammation of the liver

  • Diet with an enlarged liver excludes fried, spicy, floury and fatty.
  • Margarines and oils, as well as cream, prepared on their basis, should be postponed.
  • Ice cream, chocolate, sausages, sausages and cakes, as well as carbonated and alcoholic beverages can not be consumed.
  • Fatty meat and animal fats can lead to the fact that the liver will begin the process of replacing the destroyed cells with fat.

With increasing liver, it is useful to consume vegetables and fruits, in particular, cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, grapes. Cook the dishes only in the steamer, oven or boiling. A healthy patient will be a milk thistle – she has a gentle choleretic effect, taken according to the instructions for half an hour before meals.

With inflammation, you must immediately limit the intake and vegetable fats, making the menu only on proteins and slow carbohydrates. Broths for first courses should be cooked on vegetables, meat and fish broths are prohibited. Sweets, even jellies and mousses, the patient can not.

When the inflammation recedes, you can introduce secondary broths, jellies with low sugar content, weak tea. Coffee and other drinks, except home compotes, are prohibited. Compotes can not be preserved to the patient, only cooked on fresh fruit and immediately poured.

Hepatosis, as a rule, is a consequence of obesity and malnutrition. In this case, the general diet for a sick liver adheres, but the fat component should be filled only with vegetable fats.

Sweets, buns, smoked products, spicy and salted are strictly forbidden. You can make the menu on the basis of a common diet. In addition, the egg yolk is prohibited.

The diet will help the patient lose weight and transfer the disease to the stage of remission. Adhering to it constantly with fatty hepatosis, you can completely cure.

Diet in the cyst of the liver is designed to prevent inflammation of the cyst. Kashi and soups are allowed, as in the general diet, but the porridge should be well-brewed. Bread is prohibited, only in dried form or from a toaster. Dairy products are shown to patients, but it should be low in fat content.

A patient with a cyst should consume at least 200 g of dairy products daily. Forever you will forget about alcohol, fried and fat, especially animal fats – fat, margarines, oils, as well as pork and duck.


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