Diet in children with constipation. Menu

Constipation is an unpleasant condition that occurs when the rules of a healthy diet are not respected, and during various diets that contain protein and low-carbohydrate foods. Worst of all, when the child suffers from this disease. Along with constipation the baby feels pain in the abdomen, heartburn, suffers from gas.

In the chronic course of the disease, more serious health problems are possible: metabolic disorders, the formation of slags and, accordingly, the slow poisoning of the body.

The diet for children with constipation belongs to the category of medical and includes a combination of foods rich in vitamins, mineral salts and fiber.

power Principles

  • Children under three years are required to include in the menu more vegetable dishes, baked in the oven or cooked for a couple. In the network you can find many interesting recipes: vegetable pancakes, souffl√©, casseroles, steam omelettes and compotes from dried fruits, etc.
  • Older children (from three years or more) are encouraged to consume raw vegetables without pre-shredding.
  • Meat in the diet is desirable to give the child over the age of about once a week. In the remaining days, preference is best given to fish of low-fat varieties in boiled or baked form.
  • It is necessary to remove from the children’s menu too fatty foods.
  • Feeding children should be small portions of 4-6 once a day.

With a long course, the diet gradually solves the problem of constipation in a child. But with the consumption of fatty, fried, sweet and salty foods you need to be more careful, especially when it comes to not yet strengthened stomach and intestines.

Diet with constipation allows children to eat a variety of food without compromising taste preferences.

Components of a child’s diet for constipation:

  • meat of a sinewy texture, prepared on a special recipe by a single piece;
  • this diet allows the consumption of cold and quality boiled sausages;
  • poultry meat is given together with the skin;
  • The bread should be from wholemeal flour – rye or wheat;
  • preferably the presence of eggs in the diet;
  • fish in the diet menu should be low-fat varieties;
  • daily in the diet include dairy products;
  • in the menu are suitable crumbly porridges of millet, buckwheat, barley and pearl barley.
  • to limit the use of rice and semolina porridge, vermicelli, noodles and dishes from the sago;
  • invariable components: butter and sunflower oils;
  • in a lot of the menu of the third table contains vegetables;
  • natural juices.

First courses are recommended to eat chilled. In the diet of the baby, give preference to soups and broths from vegetables.

Do not forget about drinking water (preferably special for children).

It is allowed to sprinkle the food with your usual spicy spices and use home-made sauces.

The diet requires 4-x single meals at regular intervals.


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