Diet in diseases of the liver and pancreas

Treatment of all pathologies associated with the pancreas and liver, in any case, involves the use of special diets that help the body cope with the disease. If you do not adjust your diet during the development of the disease, and eat, as usual, the disease will worsen, pain will be involved, and complications may also appear.

Diet in the disease of the pancreas and liver provides all stages of the development of the disease, so the list of products on it will depend on many factors.

Nutritionists have developed several varieties of special diets and methods of nutrition in diseases of the pancreas and liver, which are called "tables". The patient is assigned a specific "table", depending on the disease, its stage, as well as the form of leakage.

Kinds of diets at diseases of a liver and a stomach

With liver and pancreatic diseases, treatment and menus are designed in such a way as to remove the symptoms of the disease, eliminate pain symptoms, and alleviate the general condition of the patient.

In diseases of the pancreas, a "table No. 5" – Such a diet provides for the use of foods that should help reduce gastric secretion, usually increased in such pathologies.

The main task of the diet during this period is to relieve the load from the sick liver and stomach and help them to recover faster.

With such pathologies as cirrhosis, cholelithiasis, acute and chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis, – patients often are assigned "table No. 5A."

The diet "Table No. 5A" is designed maximize the patient's body with vitamins and beneficial substances, to relieve the burden from sick organs and ensure a speedy recovery.

Both diets for diseases of the pancreas and liver are effective enough, if strictly adhere to them and use only those products that are on the "allowed" list. It is also important to follow the diet on a diet, then a properly selected table, in conjunction with the prescribed treatment, will give good results.

Products that can be used on a diet

A correct and effective diet for liver and pancreatic disease menus for a week is developed taking into account the stage of the disease, the form of its course, the presence of exacerbations, and many other factors.

It is necessary to consider in detail the method of nutrition in diseases of the pancreas and liver, provided by "table № 5". With such a diet, the patient is assigned predominantly Protein food that does not overload the pancreas and allows it to function normally and recover during the period of the illness.

Also with this diet limited consumption of oil (vegetable and animal) – it can be consumed only in raw form, adding to salads or porridges.

Following the diet "table number 5" all Cereals will have to be cooked on the water, and soups – only on vegetable broth. In this case, the patient is allowed to eat any boiled vegetables.

Meals occur by the hour, there is a need for fractional, in strictly defined time intervals. During the entire process of treatment of the pancreas, one must drink a lot of liquid – weak tea, fresh juices, plain water.

As for the diet "table № 5A", this method of nutrition for diseases of the pancreas and the liver provides quite strict restrictions.

From the diet of the patient it is necessary to completely exclude such products:

  • Fried dishes.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoked meat.
  • Spicy condiments, including garlic, horseradish and mustard.
  • Any meat broth.
  • Vegetables with choleretic properties (radish, spinach, green onions, radish, wild garlic).
  • All chocolate products.
  • Mushrooms, eggs.
  • Salo, fatty meat (including goose and duck).
  • Ice cream and any sweet creams.
  • Baking and fresh bread.
  • Products with essential oils.
  • Beans.
  • Coffee.

List of allowed products on the diet "table № 5A" with diseases of the pancreas and liver looks like this:

  • Vegetarian soups (vegetables in them must be grated, or cut very finely).
  • Low-fat dairy products.
  • Rabbit and lean beef.
  • Turkey and chicken (without skin).
  • White dried bread.
  • Kissel, tea with a lemon, broth of a dogrose.
  • Not a dry biscuit.
  • Boiled vegetables.
  • Ground berries and ripe fruit.
  • Vermicelli.
  • Viscous crushed porridge from oat, buckwheat, semolina, rice croup.
  • Vegetable and butter in raw form (when added to cereals or salads).

Ration and menu for the week

The daily ration is divided into 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Approximate menu for a week on a diet for pancreatic diseases and liverand it will look like this:

  1. a portion of low-fat grated cottage cheese with berries, a viscous buckwheat cereal with a spoon of butter, a weak tea.
  2. frayed apple.
  3. light vegetable soup, boiled lean meat with pasta, jelly.
  4. weak tea and biscuits.
  5. boiled potatoes and steam fish, a glass of low-fat kefir.
  1. a portion of pasta with boiled chicken, tea.
  2. fried low-fat cottage cheese with raisins.
  3. Served vegetable soup with potatoes, stuffed cabbage with chicken and jelly.
  4. one ripe banana.
  5. a serving of rice porridge on milk.
  1. milk oatmeal, boiled fish and tea.
  2. light curd casserole and a handful of berries.
  3. Milk soup with vermicelli, stewed vegetables with lean meat, jelly.
  4. not strong tea and jujube.
  5. hard cheese and pasta with a spoon of butter, compote.
  1. a serving of buckwheat porridge and boiled chicken fillet.
  2. low-fat cottage cheese with half a banana.
  3. vegetable soup and fish paired cutlets, compote.
  4. a glass of low-fat yogurt with berries.
  5. a serving of rice porridge with a grated apple and a weak tea.
  1. oatmeal in milk, crushed berries and jelly.
  2. vegetable puree.
  3. stewed rabbit with vegetables and compote.
  4. a glass of low-fat kefir and a biscuit biscuit.
  5. boiled fish and a little buckwheat.
  1. rice milk porridge and half a banana.
  2. frayed apple.
  3. a serving of soup-puree with broccoli and boiled chicken fillet, weak tea.
  4. a glass of low-fat kefir with mashed berries.
  5. steam fish with pasta and jelly.
  1. buckwheat porridge with a spoon of butter and boiled carrots.
  2. apple and banana puree.
  3. vegetable light soup with potatoes and mild grated cheese.
  4. low-fat grated cottage cheese with berries.
  5. a serving of rice porridge with milk and a half of a banana.

The peculiarity of the diet for diseases of the pancreas and the liver is that the patient must strictly observe the sequence of eating the dishes prescribed to him.

Between meals should be a break approximately 3 hours, at the same time, you should drink plenty of fluids during the day.

Preference should be given to simple water without gas, also in the diet must include compotes, jelly and natural juices from non-acid fruits and berries, which contribute to the normal functioning of the liver and pancreas.

Dish recipes

The right diet for diseases of the liver and pancreas should be based on the proper approach to your health and nutrition.

It should be remembered that every disease of the pancreas or liver involves the use of its own diet. In addition, during this diet, you should never forget about medical treatment, and take all pills and other medications on time.

Recipes of dishes for liver and pancreatic diseases:

Buckwheat soup

  1. Boil in a saucepan of 100 ml of water.
  2. Throw in it buckwheat groats (about 50 g).
  3. Cook for about 15 minutes.
  4. When the croup is ready, pour into a pan 400 ml of low-fat milk and stir.
  5. You can salt the buckwheat soup a little, it should be served with the addition of a spoonful of butter per serving.

Boiled bass with garnish

  1. Clean the fish and rinse it thoroughly under running water.
  2. Then divide into large parts and boil in slightly salted water.
  3. In parallel, boil the rice, to serve the ready perch on a rice cushion.
  4. Top with sprinkled with grated carrots or greens.

Dietary cake with liver and pancreatic diseases

Dietary cake

  1. Dilute 2 packaging gelatin in hot water, after cooling mixture add to it low-fat homemade yogurt (500 ml).
  2. Prepare a baking dish, cover it with foil and spread it one at a time: first a layer of finely crushed biscuit biscuits, then a layer of yogurt with gelatin, and so on several times.
  3. The last layer should be from yogurt, it must be decorated with any fruits (for example strawberries).
  4. Put the cake in the refrigerator for several hours, you can serve dessert with a weak tea, compote or kissel.

Shrimp soup

  1. One potato and half a vegetable marrow grate.
  2. Grind the boiled and peeled shrimp in a blender (10-15 pieces).
  3. Boil a mixture of a glass of milk and a glass of water, add vegetables to it.
  4. Wait for a second boil.
  5. Cook for another 15 minutes on a small fire, stirring constantly.
  6. Then add the greens and shrimp, cook for another 3 minutes.
  7. You can serve the dish with crackers.


An approximate menu for the week for diseases of the pancreas and liver should consist exclusively of products that are included in the list of "allowed".

It is forbidden to make changes to the diet on your own and substitute some food for others – this can lead to an exacerbation of the disease, or to a longer treatment process.

To prepare meals for a diet with diseases of the pancreas and liver, it is best to use ready-made recipes made by dietitians, you do not need to invent anything yourself.

It is forbidden to use any oil in a fried form, all vegetables are best used in boiled form (they can also be grinded or finely chopped, for greater digestibility).

Such a diet with a disease of the pancreas and liver can be quite diverse, so the patient will not feel a lack of vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, all meals are delicious and healthy, and well tolerated by the body.


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