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Diet in excess of cholesterol in women

The role of cholesterol in the body is high. It promotes the production of female sex hormones, vitamin D, as well as the normal functioning of immunity. But if the cholesterol rises, then the state of health worsens, the risk of plaque formation in the vessels increases. To prevent this from happening, you need a properly selected diet for high cholesterol in women.

You can lower the cholesterol level in a woman’s blood, if you regularly use complex carbohydrates, proteins, as well as vegetable fats (they are derived from lean oils) in the right combination.

  • A source of carbohydrates are various kinds of cereals, bakery products, fruits, vegetables. During the day, they should use at least 50% of the diet. Bread is recommended to use rye or bran, but not more than two hundred grams. Vegetables and fruits should be consumed in a volume of at least five hundred grams per day, with most of it included in the diet only in fresh form. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fiber necessary for the body to clean the vascular system and the body as a whole.
  • The protein is best obtained from fish, low-fat meat. In a day it is permissible to eat no more than two hundred grams of fish or not more than one hundred grams of white, low-fat meat. It is best to give preference to a rabbit, a chicken. It is recommended to boil, bake or extinguish meat. On a garnish to it it is necessary to submit salads from fresh vegetables or simply vegetables.

  • It is allowed to eat two eggs a week. And the protein can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Yolk has the property to raise the level of cholesterol, therefore its consumption should be reduced, and if possible, excluded.
  • Women suffering from high cholesterol should choose the right dairy products. They contain a lot of fat, so the diet should exclude sour cream, cream, cheese, butter and other dairy products with a high fat content.
  • The daily diet should be divided into five receptions. At the same time, dinner should be easy and no later than three hours before bedtime. If a girl feels a strong hunger, you can drink a glass of yogurt, yogurt or eat an apple, pear, carrots.
  • In case of a weight problem, a woman should not only monitor the content of cholesterol in foods, but also pay attention to their calorie content.

The diet is indicated not only for people with elevated cholesterol, but also for those who have problems with the cardiovascular system: after myocardial infarction, with ischemia, stroke, with high arterial pressure, varicose veins, and also with obesity, diabetes, and those who monitor their health.

Obese people often have an elevated cholesterol level

Scientists have proven that nutrition has a direct effect on health:

  1. With regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, the percentage of risk of ischemic disease decreases several times.
  2. When consuming boiled, baked, stewed dishes people live to a very old age.
  3. The use of sea fish allows not only to reduce the risk of development of ischemia, but also hypothyroidism and other diseases.
  4. As such, there is no contraindication, except for personal intolerance to the permitted products, as well as the presence of concomitant pathologies that require a woman to comply with certain dietary rules.

Completely a diet with high cholesterol in women does not prohibit eating fats, but they should be reduced. In the diet there can be a lot of useful, tasty dishes prepared from the allowed products.

With proper nutrition, not only does cholesterol decrease, but also:

  • the blood sugar level is normalized;
  • the general condition improves;
  • drowsiness disappears;
  • vessels are cleaned;
  • the risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart attack and other pathologies of the cardiovascular system is reduced.

Menu with increased cholesterol can be made independently, choosing only those products that can be consumed.

Any diet to reduce cholesterol should not completely exclude fat from the diet. However, to replace fats of animal origin is necessary for vegetable, fatty fish, nuts.

Vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol, but they contain a lot of vegetable fats, which are more useful for the body. The oil is most useful in fresh form, without thermal treatments. Therefore, it is recommended that they fill salads, add to the porridge.

At least twice a week, it is recommended to eat fish. You can supplement the diet with fish oil. It contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Nuts contain monounsaturated fats. In the daily diet is recommended to include the following nuts: Brazilian, cedar, almonds. Great benefit is possessed by flaxseed.

Milk products for lowering cholesterol in the blood are recommended to choose only low-fat. Bakery products should be from wholemeal. You can eat pasta, but only from hard wheat varieties. In the diet should be dietary meat: rabbit, chicken, turkey.

Vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities, except potatoes. Of particular value are leafy and green products: spinach, cabbage, sorrel, lettuce.

Leaf salad is rich in vitamins and microelements

It is useful to eat porridge for breakfast. They should be prepared from whole grain. To reduce cholesterol in the blood in women in the morning it is useful to eat buckwheat or oatmeal.

From drinks in the diet is allowed to include teas. A special value for the body is green tea and mineral water. For dessert you are allowed to eat marmalade, marshmallow, jam.

Special attention must be given to how food is cooked.

Proper nutrition with high cholesterol should include low-fat soups, cereals, fish and vegetables. It is recommended to bake the meat, cook, stew. The same treatment should be in fish, vegetables. Useful protein omelettes, cooked in olive oil.

Any product that increases the level of cholesterol should be partially or completely excluded from the diet. Fried on oil food, potatoes, chips should be completely ruled out. You should also remove scrambled eggs, patties, patties.

All factory sweets, chocolate, muffins, cakes from the diet are excluded. They cause an increase in the blood of harmful cholesterol.

From cupcakes and tori with increased cholesterol should be discarded

You can not eat lard, pork, sausage products, canned food, smoked products. All these foods contain a lot of fat, so they are completely prohibited.

The ban also includes geese, ducks. The meat of these birds is very fat, but it can be included in the menu, after removing the fat and skin from the product.

Another supplier of bad fat is dairy products. It is not completely removed from the diet, but limited: the products should not have a fat content more than 2,5%.

The diet completely clean the alcohol. It can increase cholesterol, it harms the whole body.