Diet in menopause

Sooner or later, every woman faces a climax, and to reduce the severity of his symptoms, you do not always need to take medications – in a number of cases, it’s enough to follow a simple diet.

Features of nutrition and diet with menopause ^

The most important principle of proper nutrition in menopause is the inclusion in the diet of products that act as follows:

  • They remove edema, eliminate dryness in the vagina, normalize blood pressure, improve heart function;
  • Prevent blood pressure jumps, relieve fever, relieve headaches;
  • They remove irritability and anxiety;
  • Purify the vaginal and intestinal microflora.

What diet to observe with menopause

When tides are often disturbing, your menu should be compiled according to the example of this:

  • We have breakfast with fruit salad, boiled egg and a cup of green tea;
  • For lunch we eat vegetable soup, a piece of boiled meat and a salad;
  • For a mid-morning snack we drink a glass of natural juice;
  • We dine with porridge from brown rice and 100 g of boiled chicken.

Nutrition with menopause to lose weight

If the goal of the diet is weight loss, then the menu should be planned only from non-calorie foods:

  • For breakfast we eat a steam omelet, we drink tea;
  • We are eating an apple for lunch;
  • We dine with vegetable salad and 100 g low-fat cooked meat;
  • Lunch 250 g skimmed yogurt;
  • For dinner we eat baked vegetables.

Diet for weight loss with artificial menopause

If the doctor was prescribed treatment through an artificial climax, then during the 2-6 months you will have to follow a fairly strict diet, limiting the use of sweets, spicy, smoked foods and pickles:

  • For breakfast we eat a salad of fresh vegetables, we drink tea with toast;
  • We dine with vegetarian borscht and stewed vegetables;
  • We have dinner with a dietary plov.

There are no special differences between nutrition after climax after 50 and in the early onset of menopause, so the menu can be approximately the same:

  • For breakfast we eat a plate of oatmeal with fruit added, 1 tsp. bran, we drink tea;
  • We dine with cabbage soup and salad with seafood;
  • We have dinner with baked fish and vegetables.

Recipe for fruit salad:

  • We peel kiwi skin, cut into small pieces, chop the pulp of the banana;
  • We mix everything with pineapple slices and fill it with low-fat yoghurt.

The recipe for cabbage soup:

  • Boil lean meat in a saucepan, add bay leaf;
  • We send the crushed potatoes, onions and carrots to the broth, after shaking 15 minutes, shred cabbage and Peking cabbage;
  • Cook all 15 minutes, then sprinkle with herbs. After 10 minutes, remove from the plate.

It is not necessary to hope that the signs of menopause will be able to get rid of 1-2 days, because the results make themselves felt at least a week later:

  • Stop troubling the tides;
  • Improves well-being;
  • There is insomnia and anxiety.

In addition, proper nutrition contributes to the slowing down of aging, and for many women this is a decisive factor.


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