Diet in pancreatic pancreatitis. Basic principles. Menu


With exacerbation of pancreatic pancreatitis, it will take the first time to observe fasting. This period, as a rule, takes from 4 to 6 days, but in the most severe cases it can last more than one week.

The diet is prescribed in acute form, as well as with chronic pancreatitis in the period of exacerbation. There is no difference in diet for an adult and a child. Only portions for different weight categories vary, in adults they are calculated from the minimum load on the pancreas, and in children from the necessary minimum of calories.

The list of approved food is small, it excludes most of the usual dishes and food. During the diet after fasting is allowed to eat:

  • Stewed, boiled vegetables.
  • Boiled fish, meat, poultry (only lean).
  • Slimy porridge (except for millet, barley cereal) on water or with the addition of milk.
  • Wheat crumbs, stale bread.
  • Baked and mashed apples of sweet varieties.
  • Vegetable and milk soups (without garlic and cabbage).
  • Cottage cheese casseroles and omelettes from protein.
  • Low-fat, non-acidic dairy products.
  • Honey and jam no more than 2 st. l. per day.
  • Compote, jelly, soft tea.

Compliance diet is designed for a long period – up to 8 months.

For the first time, the diet should not include such dishes as:

  • Filled broths.
  • Fatty meat and offal.
  • Sour dishes and foods.
  • Fatty fish.
  • Spicy vegetables: radish, turnip, radish.
  • Sharp and fatty dishes.
  • Smoked meat.
  • Pickles and any canned food.
  • Fresh bread, fresh baking.
  • Sour fruit and citrus fruits.
  • All kinds of spicy spices, including onions and garlic.

Categorically forbidden carbonated drinks, cocoa, kvass, beer, any alcohol, coffee.

The first 2-3 days after fasting the patient appoint only compotes of dried fruits and sweet fruits, jelly, mousses. All food is prepared without adding sugar on xylitol or sorbitol. There is another food for now.

In acute forms of pancreatitis, dieting is the main component of treatment.

Then, with the permission of the doctor, you can use the sample menu shown in the table – it will help to feed the patient in a variety of ways without testing the pancreas:

Oatmeal on the water, cracker

Steam omelet from 2 proteins

Wiped cream soup from boiled chicken, stale bread, jelly

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