Diet in pancreatic pancreatitis with exacerbation


Pancreatitis is an inflammatory disease of the pancreas that occurs for a number of reasons, and not only in the elderly. Recently, more and more young people are facing a disease, often due to malnutrition. Exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis proceeds rapidly. There is a blockage of digestive canals, the production of enzymes necessary for digesting food stops. In a similar state, threatening the operation, a person remains dangerous. Diet with exacerbation of pancreatitis becomes an indispensable condition, on a par with medicamental treatment.

Compliance with diet in the stages of pancreatitis is important, with acute form – even more so. This form of the course of the disease is unpredictable, the slightest non-observance of medical recommendations leads to unpleasant consequences. The diet is introduced to relax the pancreas, restore the strength of the body.

Diet in pancreatic pancreatitis with exacerbation

Recommendations for adherence to a diet during exacerbation:

  • The number of meals is increased to 6 once a day, portions of modest size;
  • It is allowed to take special complexes of vitamins;
  • It is useful to consume more protein;
  • It is necessary to exclude fats and carbohydrates (especially – sugar);
  • You can not fry, products with coarse fiber.

The main thing in a diet is to enter into it without fear. Many patients think that diet food means depriving many delicious foods. Pancreatic diet is not cruel and allows you to arrange a diet in a useful and tasty manner.

Chronic pancreatitis is rarely so serious, like a sharp form. Recommendations for this diet will be sparing.

The first days of the sick starvation. It is permissible to eat mineral water. Drinking is not more than five or six glasses a day. The specified volume is sufficient for replenishing the daily norm of the liquid.

Diet in pancreatic pancreatitis with exacerbation

Attitude to food in pancreatitis during the period of exacerbation will have to be changed. The pancreas will need to be unloaded to facilitate the treatment. When manifesting pancreatitis, you need to arrange a hunger strike for at least a day. At the end of the first day, in the absence of nausea, liquids are allowed to drink.

During the period of exacerbation and finding a patient under medical supervision, there is a great chance of introducing special probing injections with energy substances.

The usual diet for pancreatitis is injected more quickly, so that the body does not wear out. Such food is difficult to call ordinary, the menu often excludes a person’s usual food. Products must be low-calorie and less nutritious, it is forbidden to eat full.

Diet for chronic pancreatitis in acute form is prescribed several days after fasting. Most often, a sparing fifth diet is prescribed, suitable for patients of any age. The weakened organism restores strength, improves the condition, balances the balance of nutrients and vitamins in the stomach.

Nutrition for exacerbation of pancreatitis – a list of foods that are allowed to eat in the form of preparation. As a rule, vitamins and substances should be balanced, cooked by steaming or cooking.

Products should be crushed as much as possible, facilitating digestion. Do not hurry with food.

Diet in pancreatic pancreatitis with exacerbation

In the list of allowed products is a food, called healthy and tasty. To eat is allowed:

  • steamed / stewed vegetables. It is permissible to eat whole;
  • lean meat, poultry, fish, steamed or boiled;
  • cereal cereals (except millet) are cooked on water / milk;
  • cooked vermicelli / noodles;
  • Soups from vegetables (with absence of sharp vegetables, white cabbage);
  • dairy products – except for sour;
  • steam omelet;
  • curd casseroles;
  • sweet apples (baked or wiped);
  • jelly and compote without adding sugar;
  • tea (not strong).

The oil added to the dish can not be heat treated. It is desirable to apply in its original form.

The stage of exacerbation does not tolerate excessively hot or warm dishes. It is important to maintain an adequate warm temperature during meals.

After an exacerbation of a pancreatitis it is necessary to keep a diet three weeks. To get out of the regime you need to gradually, without bringing down sharply on the stomach a lot of harmful substances, possibly difficult for digestion. Observe the right diet and follow the doctor’s instructions is important. Pancreatitis is an insidious disease, with disobedience the patient takes heavy consequences.

If the patient is difficult to understand how to make a diet for pancreatitis alone, without medical assistance, we offer an approximate menu for one dietary day.

  • For breakfast prepare raw berries (of course, thoroughly washed), eat with sour cream, eating an oatmeal cookie. Brew a weak tea, drink breakfast.
  • For lunch, cook oatmeal porridge, throw dried fruit in a bowl. Eat with dietary loaves, drink freshly squeezed carrot juice. It is desirable to prepare the juice yourself. In the juices on the shelves of shops there are unpleasant supplements, incompatible with the diet.
  • For a snack, doctors recommend eating a vegetable casserole or an apple and biting with birch sap.
  • For dinner, cook soup-puree from carrots with cauliflower. For flavor, add parsley or other herbs. As a “main” dish for dinner, it is allowed to eat meatballs from fish (necessarily cooked for a couple), diet loaves and light green tea without added sugar.
  • For a person with pancreatitis, it is important to eat a little, but often. After dinner, you can arrange a modest meal – as a second dinner or a snack before bedtime. At the second dinner, eat a banana and ginger biscuits. The refreshment of a glass of skimmed yogurt is washed down.

Diet in pancreatic pancreatitis with exacerbation

A number of products are known that are not implied by diet in exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. It is necessary to exclude from the diet food, digestion of which strongly stimulates the pancreas. Products include:

  • Smoked meat and other fatty foods;
  • meat, fish, vegetable broth;
  • spicy seasonings;
  • sharp vegetables (radish, onions, garlic and others);
  • salted and marinated products;
  • sour fruits and their juice;
  • coffee;
  • cocoa;
  • chocolate;
  • ice cream;
  • alcohol;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • baked pastry.

It is forbidden to eat animal fats in unprocessed form.

Fat food and alcohol as the main causes of pancreatitis

Often an exacerbation of a pancreatitis occurs or happens because of excessive use in nutrition fat or alcohol. Alcoholic pancreatitis is released into a separate form. You can not eat fried foods, which emit more harmful substances into the body than useful. Due to the energy value, fried foods significantly strain the pancreas.

Alcohol stimulates too many processes in a weakened organism. When vomiting, the stomach throws out the only nutrients that have been digested for the day, the patient becomes sharply worse.

What to eat when the exacerbation passes

When the disease has passed, it is important to follow the rules. It is necessary in a short period of time to restore the balance of substances lost by humans due to the disease. A numerical measure has been developed:

  • 2480 calories per day;
  • 90 grams of protein (of which 40 are animals);
  • 80 grams of fat (of which 30 – vegetable);
  • 300 grams of carbohydrates (60 – easily digestible).

Many provisions depend on the patient’s age, the features of the course of the disease. The problem is solved by a doctor.

Of course, the diet will be required before the emergence of an acute form of pancreatitis. In particular, such advise people, with the already observed disease of the gastrointestinal tract or certain stones in the bile ducts. Pancreatitis often develops in parallel with similar pathologies. Proper nutrition is a step towards preventing pancreatitis, in addition to other diagnoses. There are also a number of other methods that prevent the appearance of pathology, but the diet is an effective effective measure.

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