Diet Maggi: pros and cons, menu

The Maggi diet is one of the varieties of the egg diet. It refers to protein low-carbohydrate rations. The popularity of this system of losing weight brought a departure from the constant counting of calories and starvation, which is present in almost all other diets. In addition to the fact that for four weeks of compliance with the Maggi diet can be reset to 20 kilograms of excess weight, a person all this time will feel quite satisfying and comfortable. A competent way out of the diet and compliance with all its rules will help to keep the result.

The basis of the Maggi diet is based on a specially selected diet, with the observance of which in the body there are certain chemical reactions leading to the burning of fatty deposits and the removal of decay products, poisons and toxins. This diet requires strict and strict observance of the meal schedule and the specified menu, otherwise the whole process will not make any sense. It is strictly forbidden to change lunch and breakfast or replace some products with others, even if in your opinion they are identical.

In extreme cases, you can remove any product from the diet, but you can not replace it. When you use products that are not included in the menu, the diet will not bring the desired result, and after a while it will have to start again. The drinking regime here is also an important factor. The recommended amount of clean drinking water per day is 2 liters. This is necessary to avoid constipation and dehydration. It is also allowed to drink coffee without sugar or tea.

It is allowed to add onions, garlic, various seasonings and salt, but alcohol, meat broths, mayonnaise, oils and fats should be completely excluded from the diet. Of the fruits are recommended citrus, apples, pears, watermelon, melon. Dishes from fish and meat are steamed, boiled or baked without the use of oil. The basis of the Maggi diet is the combination of citrus and eggs. Eggs are a rich source of microelements, necessary for the body for normal, full-fledged activity.

In citrus fruits, however, there are many vitamins that promote metabolism and the breakdown of fats. The rest of the diet is chosen to stimulate chemical reactions that accelerate the processing of fat cells. People who are not used to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables are not recommended to immediately sit down on the Maggi diet, first you need to prepare your body a little. Otherwise, a sharp change in diet can lead to an intestinal disorder. Especially it concerns people in mature and elderly age.

To get out of this weight loss system should be gradually, gradually increasing the number of calories in food, this will help to keep the achieved result. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to lose weight on the eve of the holidays, because on such days there is the greatest probability of a violation of the diet. If you suffer from heart, kidney, vessel, or egg allergy, you should consult your doctor before applying the Maggi diet.

The Maggi diet consists of 4 stages, each of which includes 7 days. A slimming person will need to change his diet, depending on where he is at.

First step. At this time, the body adapts to changes in the diet, the electrolyte balance returns to normal, the excess fluid leaves the cells. Fat deposits start to decay from 4-5 days. For the first seven days of the diet, you can lose 2-4 kg.

Second phase. The body gets used to the changed diet. At this time, a person needs to consume more eggs.

The third stage. This week the weight continues to go away, but more slowly. Therefore, the body needs a shake. However, this stage is easily transferred.

The fourth stage. It is necessary in order to properly complete the diet and consolidate the result achieved.

Foods that can be eaten on a Maggi diet:

Raw, boiled, baked, steamed or steamed vegetables. There are no bans on them, you can eat carrots, broccoli cabbage, zucchini, beans, etc. Frozen vegetable mixtures also do not fall into the list of excluded products. If necessary, vegetables can be seasoned, but only those seasonings that are not prohibited. Vegetables can not be fried.

Fruits and berries. Be sure to enrich the menu with citrus: mandarins, oranges, grapefruits. On the table should also be present kiwi, apples, persimmons, cherries, etc.

Dairy products. The maximum fat content of cottage cheese is 9%, cheese – 20%. Kefir and curdled milk are allowed to be included in the diet only at the fourth stage of the diet.

Low-fat fish: marine, haddock, pollock, and seafood.

Eggs, poultry meat without skin, offal.

Low-fat meat in boiled, stewed and baked form. Sometimes the menu can be varied 2 pieces of shish kebab.

Bread from rye flour, whole wheat bread, or bread or bran. The maximum daily rate is 30 g.

Salt and pepper, soy sauce, garlic and onions, lemon, gelatin, ginger, balsamic vinegar, seasonings that do not contain starch and sugar.

Unsafe tea and coffee. Milk in the drinks can not be added. Allowed 1 once a day to drink a glass of dietary Coke.

Sometimes you can afford lollipops that do not contain sugar. Sugar is replaced with stevia or agave syrup.

In the list of prohibited products:

All products that have been preserved. Including corn, green peas, etc.

Sweets, including jam, honey, sorbitol, fructose.

Potatoes and beans.

Bananas, avocados, figs, grapes, mangoes, dried fruits.

All oil, all fats.

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit day. Low-calorie fruit in any number of.

products during the day (at any time): orange, tuna can without butter, 4 tomato, 4 cucumber, toast, 4 piece of meat (boiled)

allowed fruits in any quantity (apples, apricots, pears)

salad, boiled meat

boiled meat slices (lean)

grapefruit, salad, 2 eggs

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – vegetable day. Any vegetables besides potatoes

products per day: one kind of fruit, toast, 4 cucumber, 3 tomato, boiled meat – 200 g

cooked without salt chicken fillet

toast, vegetable salad, 2 boiled eggs, orange

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit or vegetable day (vegetables boiled)

products for the day: grapefruit, boiled vegetables, toast, 2 cucumber, 2 tomato, low-fat white cheese, a little cottage cheese

2 tomato, toast from whole grain bread, skimmed cheese

grapefruit, 2 eggs

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

fish day + salad of leafy vegetables, boiled vegetables

products for the day: orange, toast, 3 tomato, cucumber, half cooked chicken

non-forbidden fruit – 1 type (as many as you like)

low-fat cheese, boiled vegetables, a pair of boiled eggs

salad and boiled meat

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – boiled chicken meat, boiled vegetables

products per day: grapefruit, lettuce, 3 tomato, a couple of boiled eggs

vegetable salad and two boiled eggs

grapefruit, salad, boiled fish

a couple of boiled eggs

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit day (one kind of fruit to choose from)

products for a day: an orange, a pair of boiled chicken breasts, 2 tomato, 2 cucumber, a little cheese or cheese, yogurt

allowed fruit 1 in any amount

Tomatoes, orange, meat

salad and boiled meat (lean)

fruit salad (tangerines, melons, peaches)

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit day (one kind of fruit to choose from)

products per day: 1 grapefruit, boiled vegetables, 1 toast, 2 tomato, 2 cucumber, a little cottage cheese or a tuna can

orange, tomato, boiled vegetables, chicken without skin

grapefruit, boiled vegetables, tomatoes, boiled chicken

orange, chicken boiled, tomatoes, boiled vegetables

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Is alcohol possible with Maggie's diet?

As has been repeatedly said, the Maggi diet is designed to stimulate chemical reactions in the body that promote fat burning. Alcohol also contains alcohol, which alters these reactions, so the use of alcohol on this diet is strictly prohibited. For people who can not refrain from alcohol, other diets with a different diet have been developed. Smoking, by the way, is also not encouraged: it speeds up blood circulation, as a result of which chemical reactions also change.

Interesting recipes for the Maggi diet

Salad appetizing "Red trio"

To prepare the dish you will need the following grocery set:

Cherry tomatoes – 20 pcs.

One large Bulgarian pepper is red.

The head of a red onion.

Green parsley and cilantro.

Salt, lemon juice, ground black pepper. Lemon juice can be replaced with wine vinegar. These ingredients are thoroughly mixed, they will act as a salad dressing.

Pepper should be baked in the oven until the skin is charred. Then peel off the pepper is removed, and the flesh is cut into cubes. Onions cut into half rings, cherry tomatoes divide into 2 halves. The greens are ground. All components are mixed, filled with dressing. The salad is kept in the refrigerator for about a quarter of an hour and is served to the table.

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

Two fresh cucumbers.

50 ml of mineral water.

Cucumbers pass through a blender, add to the resulting mass of mineral water and finely chopped parsley. The cocktail is cooled before serving.

Chicken with vegetables in the oven

The following products are required for cooking:

Wings and legs of chicken – 0,5 kg.

One Bulgarian pepper.

Pepper and salt to taste.

Diced pumpkin and pepper are cut into cubes, carrots and zucchini cut with rings, and onions are cut with half rings. Put chicken and vegetables in a mold, add a little water, salt, pepper and put into the oven. While the chicken is preparing, it will be necessary to water it three times with the juice that stands out.

Tomatoes with curd filling

The preparation of the dish will require the following products:

Tablespoon chopped greens;

Garlic pressed with a press, grind it with greens and cottage cheese. The resulting mass of salt. With tomatoes cut off tops, take out all the pulp and fill with curd filling. The dish is ready.

Salad with cucumbers and chicken

For the preparation of salad will require the following products:

Chicken breast in boiled form.

Two fresh cucumbers.

Hard cheese – 50 g.

Soy sauce – 2 st. l.

Lemon juice – 1 st. l.

Chicken breast boiled, chilled, cut into thin strips. Vegetables cut with straws, cheese rubbed on a large grater. All components are mixed, season with lemon juice and soy sauce.

The preparation of the dish will require the following products:

800 g of boiled shrimps;

Lemon juice – 80 ml.

2 tablespoons olive oil.

3 garlic cloves.

A tablespoon of lemon peel.

A little red pepper.

The pan is smeared with a tablespoon of olive oil, spread on it shrimp. Separately, prepare a sauce of lemon juice, peel, garlic and pepper and pour them shrimp. Place the pan in a preheated oven to 250 degrees and bake for 10 minutes. Ready prawns are sprinkled with parsley and served warm.

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

One zucchini and one egg.

Zucchini cut into rings, without peeling, the core is cut out. Vegetables are spread in a saucepan and poured with water, boil for half an hour. Ready zucchini crushed with a blender, podsalivayut and served to the table, on top of the puree spread boiled egg.

We can distinguish the following pluses of the Maggi diet:

The diet allows you to saturate the body with nutrients, so the diet can be called almost balanced. During the process of losing weight, you can refuse to take vitamin-mineral complexes. Experts recommend as an additional food additive to use only Omega-3.

Diet can be practiced at almost any age.

The diet is not hungry. A slimming person does not need to calculate kilocalories.

Dishes are prepared very quickly and simply.

If you leave the diet correctly, the result will be preserved for a long time.

Disadvantages of the Maggi diet:

The diet is quite long – it will take a month.

During the process of losing weight you need to eat a lot of eggs.

Adhere to the diet should be very strict.

Contraindications to the Maggi diet:

Gastric ulcer and other diseases of the digestive system.

Disorders in the work of the heart and blood vessels.

Taking medications that are aimed at lowering blood pressure.

Allergies to cottage cheese and eggs.

When following the Maggi diet, the following side effects may occur:

During the breakdown of proteins and fats, toxic compounds are formed. In this process, the most involved are the kidneys and liver. When the protein is fed too much and the fat deposits melt too quickly, the load on these organs increases, which has a negative effect on their functioning.

During the diet, the level of cholesterol in the blood rises. Accordingly, the risk of developing ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack increases.

Possible difficulties with bowel movement, namely – the frequency of constipation increases. Therefore, the risk of hemorrhoids increases.

Since the body receives few polyunsaturated fatty acids, this can adversely affect the vascular walls, which become more fragile.

Against the background of inadequate intake of carbohydrates in humans, headaches may occur. He can become more nervous and irritable.

The condition of the skin deteriorates.

Weak immunity, malfunction of the CNS is not excluded.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maggi Diet

In the first week the weight left very quickly, and on the second it jumps. What is the reason? Since during the 2 and 3 weeks a person eats fruits and vegetables, the body starts to detain the liquid. Therefore, in one day, weight reduction is possible on 300 g, and the next day the gain on the scales will be half a kilogram. This is normal, the body in this way is trying to prevent dehydration. It is not necessary to survive, weight loss will continue. Starting with the fourth week, the weight will decrease more stably.

Very tired of eating eggs, you can replace them with some other products? It is strongly recommended not to deviate from the proposed diet. However, if a person feels that he will soon break, it is best to afford a slight indulgence in the menu. Part of the eggs can be replaced with a low-fat cottage cheese. It contains a sufficient amount of protein and is able to strengthen bone tissue. To replace the 1 egg, you need to eat 60 g of cottage cheese.

Can I eat fried foods, shish kebab, etc.? Cooking dishes can be any way, most importantly, do not fry them with oil. You can even fry the products in a frying pan, but it should be dry.

Are snacks allowed during a diet? If hunger persists, then in 2 hours after the main meal you can eat any vegetable: carrots, cucumber or cabbage.

What is allowed to use as a salad dressing? You can use lemon juice, soy sauce without added sugar, vinegar (wine and apple), low-fat kefir and yogurt. Ideally, salads are best not to fill at all. When the dish is prepared in advance, vegetables give off juice, so you can refuse to refuel.

What kind of cheese can I use? What is allowed to replace it? It is allowed to eat low-fat cheese – up to 20% fat content. It is sometimes difficult to find it on sale, so cheese can be replaced with cottage cheese (0-9% fat content). Cheese grades that can be used to make the menu: Russian 17%, Carat "Home" grained 4%, Valio Oltermanni 17%, Amber 10%.

Is it permissible to eat honey, cream and milk? These products are under absolute prohibition, and in any quantities.

Is it possible to include sauerkraut in the menu? Sauerkraut is on the list of forbidden foods, since it contains too much salt.

Can I eat canned and pickled foods during a diet? Marinated foods and canned food are not recommended for eating during the Maggi diet.

The classic diet of Maggi is based on the use of a significant amount of protein food, namely, chicken eggs. However, vegetarians can not eat eggs, in addition, they can not be eaten by people with high cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, nutritionists offer an alternative method of weight loss, which involves the replacement of eggs with curd.

The Maggi diet is a method of losing weight, based on eating eggs. The diet is called its developer. Losing weight occurs due to the start-up in the body of a number of biochemical processes that occur when you consume a significant amount of protein.

There are many reviews of the Maggi diet on the Internet. There are even separate forums that are completely devoted to this method of nutrition. In people, the diet Maggi called "minus 25 kg per month." And the name of the diet was not without reason, because there are real people who have achieved such stunning indicators for a month.

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