Diet minus dinner: the advantages and disadvantages

Diet minus dinner was developed by American nutritionists recently, but already has great popularity both among women and men. The peculiarity of this diet is that it perfectly fits all, regardless of age, sex and employment.

As a basis for this diet, nutritionists took a long-forgotten proverb: eat breakfast, share dinner with a friend, and give the dinner to the enemy. Indeed, the lack of dinner in the diet helped many to lose extra pounds without any difficulty. Consider this diet in more detail and identify all its pluses and minuses.

Diet minus 60 dinner: the basic rules

Diet minus 60 dinner has the following rules:

  • you can not eat anything after 5 hours of the evening;
  • it is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible, especially when there is a strong hunger;
  • you need to eat small portions of 3-4 times a day;
  • breakfast should be dense and contain enough carbohydrates so that the body is charged with energy for the whole day;
  • Eat more grapefruits and pineapple, especially after eating an extra piece of sausage or cheese. These fruits contribute to the burning of fats, and besides they contain many useful substances.

In addition, remember that:

  • to the choice of foodstuffs must be approached with special responsibility (only ecologically clean products should be used for food);
  • food should be balanced and contain the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain the body during the period of weight loss;
  • from "unhealthy" fats should be abandoned once and for all, because they not only affect your weight, but also contribute to the formation of cholesterol and the development of various diseases.

Menu diet minus dinner

Menu diet dinner minus can be composed personally by you, based on your eating habits. And take as a basis you can menu, which is set out below.

Breakfast – here you can eat everything your soul desires. Even chocolate with alcohol is permissible, which distinguishes this diet from others. For lunch, you can eat a vegetable salad with a piece of boiled beef and drink a glass of fruit juice. For a snack, you can eat yogurt and drink a glass of yogurt. As you know, dinner in this food system is completely absent.

As you can see, the diet minus dinner does not have strict restrictions on food. However, remember that if you exclude dinner, but at the same time you'll be eating cakes and cakes for lunch, it's natural that the process of losing weight will not begin.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then you need to give preference to fruits and vegetables, and all meals cooked steamed or baked in the oven without adding oil.

Remember that this diet does not give amazing results in just 1 or 2 weeks. Losing weight is a long process that can last for months, and in some cases even for years. It is not necessary to count calories every time and worry about the fact that today you used 1500 kcal instead of 1700 kcal. This is ridiculous, and besides, it never led to a positive result.

Even if you decide to exclude dinner from your diet, in order to lose weight, you will need to establish a process of proper nutrition throughout the day. And it implies a fractional diet and compliance with the regime. You need to accustom yourself to eat at about the same time, while it is desirable to eat portions, the volume is not more than 200 ml.

And lastly, not a single weight loss will be effective if there are no physical activities. They are simply necessary. With the help of them you not only accelerate the process of burning fats in the body, but you can also pull up your body. Therefore, remember, proper nutrition, abundant drinking and exercise – this is the key to success for losing weight, and not any diet there.


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