Diet Nicholas Perricone – "Eternal" youth

The nutrition system developed by the American nutritionist and dermatologist Dr. Perricone was presented to them as a diet that can not only save weight but also preserve youth for a long time.

The essence of the diet from Pericon

Nicholas Perricone's diet is based on the effect of free radicals on antioxidants and on glycemic indexes of foods. Free radicals entering the body with food accelerate the aging process. And antioxidants can neutralize harmful radicals, strengthen immunity and saturate the body with nutrients.

Thus, with the reduction of free radicals and the increase of antioxidants in food, excess fluid is removed from the body, blood flow is stimulated, metabolism and digestion are established. As a result, excess weight is lost, the condition of the skin, hair, teeth and nails improves, energy reserves are increased.

Principle of diet according to Perricone

The diet of Dr. Perricone presupposes five meals a day, of which three meals are basic, and two are snacks.

According to the doctor, rejuvenation is promoted by:

During the diet, you need to drink as much still water as possible. Any meal should start with the consumption of protein foods, then you should eat foods rich in fiber, and you need to finish eating with carbohydrate food. With this diet, the absorption of sugar deteriorates.

To refuse it is necessary from the products causing fast aging of an organism, such as:

Results of the Perricone diet and reviews

The results of the Periccone diet depend on the option chosen: a diet for 3 days or a diet for 28 days. Reviews of the diet of Nicholas Perricone indicate that the three-day option significantly improves skin condition. Over 28 days the body is rejuvenated and lost 5-7 kilogram excess weight.

When combined diet Pericon, physical training and intake of vitamins can always maintain the figure and appearance in excellent condition.


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