Diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation – WHEEL for weight loss

Protein-carbohydrate diet, or BEACH – a food system, which alternates the reception of protein and carbohydrate foods on days.

The bottom line is that, using only protein foods, glycogen begins to be actively consumed and fat quickly burns. But, after a few days, the metabolism slows down and the fat burning stops. To re-activate the process of losing weight, the diet includes carbohydrate high-calorie foods, which contribute to the acceleration of metabolism.

Such a system of weight loss, when the body receives low-calorie food first, then high-calorie – is more effective than the traditional low-carb diet.

Nutritional rules for alternating protein and carbohydrate days

With the diet of the cerebellum alternate 3 phase with different types of menus:

2. High in carbohydrate food;

3. A mixed menu containing both protein and carbohydrate foods.

The sequence of days: 2-4 protein; 1 carbohydrate; 1 mixed.

  • the daily ration should be 1200 kcal, for athletes – 1600 kcal;
  • at the protein stage at 1 kg of weight should be 3 gr. protein and 0,5-1 gr. carbohydrates;
  • at the carbohydrate stage, 1 kg of weight is 4 gr. carbohydrates and 0,5-1 gr. proteins;
  • at a mixed stage, 1-kg weight is 1,5-2 gr. protein and 2-3 gr. carbohydrates;
  • before going to bed it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir, and in case of sports – a protein cocktail;
  • carbohydrate days can return 1-2 kg, but only at the expense of water retention, which will quickly go away;
  • carbohydrates should consume more complex than simple ones;
  • it is not recommended to sit on this diet for more than a month. Nevertheless, in a couple of weeks you can resume weight loss on the system of BUD;
  • the amount of diet for girls should be 2-2,5 times less than for men.

Example menu

When diet protein-carbohydrate alternation BEACH diet should be a fraction, a day for 5-6 meals. In doing so, do not forget to drink plenty of clean water, up to 2 liters per day.

Approximate menu of the protein-carbohydrate diet BEACH for 7 days:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat, mixed with sour cream, green tea without sugar;
  • Snack: scrambled eggs with green onions;
  • Lunch: halibut steamed, 2 cucumber;
  • Snack: yoghurt with cereals;
  • Dinner: boiled chicken breast, stewed zucchini, a glass of yogurt.
  • 2 boiled eggs, coffee without sugar and milk;
  • protein cocktail;
  • boiled beef, salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, dressed with olive oil;
  • grapefruit, unsweetened green tea;
  • steamed fish cutlets, 2 tomatoes, a glass of ryazhenka.
  • stewed in sour cream mushrooms with sliced ​​white fillets, broth of wild rose;
  • seafood salad (shrimp, squid) with the addition of one boiled egg;
  • boiled turkey fillet, cabbage salad and green onions, seasoned with 1. olive oil and lemon juice;
  • a sandwich with butter and red caviar;
  • boiled beef liver, omelet from 2 eggs, a glass of yogurt.
  • rice porridge on low-fat milk, banana;
  • Garnet;
  • buckwheat porridge, braised fish, Bulgarian pepper;
  • grated beetroot with olive oil;
  • boiled white beans, bread, a glass of yogurt.
  • oatmeal, omelet from 2 eggs, unsweetened coffee without milk;
  • toast with cheese;
  • boiled liver, brown rice;
  • salad from grated carrots and leaves of green salad;
  • salad from shrimps and brynza with herbs, a glass of ryazhenka.
  • salad from chopped chicken breast and 2x boiled eggs, decoction of rose hips;
  • natural yogurt with cinnamon or vanilla;
  • boiled beef, salad of bell pepper, onion, cheese;
  • cottage cheese with sour cream;
  • salad of tuna, tomatoes and fresh herbs, a glass of yogurt.
  • toast with red caviar, 1 boiled egg, tea without sugar;
  • protein cocktail;
  • boiled squid, stewed zucchini and eggplant;
  • broccoli with lemon juice;
  • rice with shrimps, a glass of yogurt.

Advantages and disadvantages

Diet with alternation of protein and carbohydrate days BUCH can be very effective if you correctly calculate the diet. But it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of the protein-carbohydrate diet.

Advantages of the protein-carbohydrate diet BEECH:

  • rapid activation of metabolism;
  • it does not take long to adapt the organism to a diet;
  • the energy level does not go down, due to which you can effectively exercise;
  • thanks to carbohydrate days, the body receives more energy, which makes it possible to burn fat, and not muscles;
  • the stress of the diet is minimized, since the diet is rich in ingredients, vitamins, minerals necessary for the body. The man himself makes the menu according to the days;
  • the main plus of diet – it is effective. The result is of high quality and lasts for a long time.

The protein-carbohydrate diet does not imply strict adherence to the menu. You can choose for yourself the allowed products and experiment with dishes. The diet depends on gender, age and personal preferences.

Disadvantages of the protein-carbohydrate diet BUCH:

  • Losing weight does not happen as quickly as with classical diets, but the result lasts longer;
  • there is a risk of developing such diseases as: gastritis, ulcer, gastrointestinal upset;
  • with BUCH it is quite difficult to correctly calculate caloric value;
  • in protein days, nausea may occur from time to time, since it is not easy to consume so much protein food in one day;
  • a similar diet is not easily given to people who are not familiar with the concept of a healthy lifestyle and are not accustomed to deny themselves a sweet, flour, fast food, etc.;
  • alternate protein and carbohydrate days for more than 30 days is not recommended, so if expressed obesity, weight loss will not be fast.

BUCH is contraindicated in people with kidney, liver, heart, pregnant and lactating women.

Be sure to consult a doctor and during the course to consult a fitness trainer.

Effectiveness and results

Combination of the protein-carbohydrate diet BUCH with sports allows you to achieve the most effective result for 2-3 months. The body produces enough energy for training and at the same time fat is gradually, but qualitatively burned. Losing weight occurs even without exercise, but a little longer.

This type of food contributes to the burning of subcutaneous fat, but the preservation and growth of muscle mass. Therefore, it is difficult to say how many kilograms you will lose. Weight may not change much, but the quality of the body will improve significantly.

Compare the results of people before and after the protein-carbohydrate diet BEECH:


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