Diet on chicken broth. Is it possible?

What methods of losing weight are not ready to try on yourself a desperate woman who unsuccessfully fights for several years with excess weight. One of these labels is a diet on chicken broth. As practice shows, it is really effective. But not everyone can withstand it. Let's consider the variants of "chicken" diets and give an assessment of their effectiveness.

Diet on chicken broth №1

This diet is actively used in fitness. Rather, it is not a diet, but fasting days that help shake the body and get out of "stagnation." The fasting days are as follows. Take one small chicken and cook until ready in 5l water.

After the chicken carcass is removed and given to eat households, and the broth in the amount of 5 glasses is drunk during the day. The rest of the products for the whole day should be forgotten. Only abundant water is allowed.

To adhere to this diet you need 1-2 days, not more. Then you need to gradually return to the usual diet.

Diet on chicken broth №2

Chicken broth on a diet can be drunk only in limited quantities. Whatever one may say, a chicken is meat, in which animal fats are present. But they are poorly digested and stored in the body as fat cells.

However, if you cook broth not from the whole chicken, but from the breast, then the broth turns out to be less caloric. It contains about 50 kcal per 100. You need to take two chicken breasts and boil them in 3 l of water. Salting or adding any spices while cooking is not allowed. The only thing you can do is add a little stalk of celery to the broth.

Broth should be divided into equal parts and eat for 3 – 5 meals. With this weight loss for one week, you can lose weight to 10 kg! However, they return very quickly after the end of the diet. Therefore, a special exit from the diet is required.

And the way out of this diet is:

  • on the first day it is allowed to add to the chicken broth a small portion of stewed cabbage in its own juice and one boiled egg white;
  • on the second day you can add to the diet a few spoons of boiled rice or buckwheat 4
  • on the third day, you can add an apple or an orange to all the products listed;
  • on the fourth day it is worth to abandon the chicken broth and replace it with 100 g stewed vegetables;
  • on the fifth day in the diet should appear natural yogurt;
  • on the sixth day boiled chicken or fish, but no more than 200

Diet on chicken broth №3

This diet option is the most mild, but it does not give results as high as previous versions. The diet is designed for one week. Every day you need to drink up to 3 l of broth and eat 200 g of boiled chicken without skin. You can not salt meat or broth.

Together with this, you can eat vegetable salads without salt, dressed with linseed oil, and drink green unsweetened tea in unlimited quantities. Adhering to such a diet, you can lose up to 3 kg for 7 days.

An important rule – the use of salt and any spices is strictly forbidden! This will prevent the accumulation of salt in the body and excess fluid.

If you add weight to the diet, then in the end you can lose weight in weight 5-6 kg. And at the end of the diet should gradually return to the usual menu, trying to use the minimum salt and fat.

To maintain weight in a normal way, once a week you can arrange unloading days on chicken broth, as described in the diet number 1.

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Reviews of the diet on chicken broth

Hello dear pyshechki. Most recently, I left this secret society (the name of which is "glutton"). But first things first. My young man complained that with the growth of 160 I'm too thin (weight 42 kg) and, they say, he likes girls on a rounder, and I do not even have to take it! And he began to fatten me, he took me to fast food, to restaurants and we started such a secular gluttony life. But a couple of years have passed and I recovered to 73 (!) Kg. I looked around as if I did not see a girl with an aspen waist, but slightly bulging buttocks. In the mirror stood a girl with hamster cheeks (and this is the lesser of evils), sweating with fat. At the waist were the folds of fat, although the fact that it was the waist, I remembered only theoretically. And I was interrupted, I could not live in this body anymore, I want my 42 size back. And I started to try different diets, but for a long time I could not, I broke and eaten even more, a few months passed before I came across this wonderful site and this diet on chicken broth. The results of the girls on the Internet were inspired and I decided. Now or never. I did everything right and "unloaded" the body. I ate broth, and my young man is a chicken. But I held on. Do not convey in words how difficult it was. Sometimes I broke down, but in a day I fell into place. Now I have already lost about 9 kg for 1,5 weeks and I'm not going to stop. I already have almost 46 size and I'm proud of myself. The fat was reduced (still) and I feel more comfortable. So girls, beauty is our main weapon! Dare!


I've always been a plump pussy. And there were many attempts to lose weight, and everyone knows the right food, including. And so the diet on chicken broth was for me a real salvation! Firstly, I love the chicken and all the dishes with it, and secondly, I can not endure the feeling of hunger for a long time. Diet on chicken broth is the best solution for me. Yes. the results are not so fast, but I dropped an 4 kilogram on it and climbed into my jeans that did not fit me. I would rate this diet on a five-point scale by evaluating 5

I do not know about you, girls, but I can not sit on diets at all. A constant feeling of hunger, I become nervous and irritated. In the end I find myself at the refrigerator with a cake in my mouth .. (You need to lose weight, but the weight is (So I decided not to torture my body and just do unloading days.) Unloading days with curd did not suit me, after 200, I just see this cottage cheese I could not (I started to spend unloading days on chicken soup, which in the article under №NNUMX goes . I'm shocked simply, because for the whole day I do not feel hungry, on the contrary, it seems that I just ate .For 1, the unloading day lost 1 kg. I will continue to look at the results, now they please me)


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